5 Questions To Ask A Vape Store Owner

Vaping is trending everywhere, and it’s been popularized as an alternative for smoking. There’s usually a lot of confusion before the first vaping experience. It’s essential to understand the functioning of a vape device, basics of vaping, and how it is a replacement of cigarettes. Many new vape shops have come up that offer new vape flavors, accessories, vapes, and e-cigarettes. It’s easier to buy vape now more than ever before, but so many choices can confuse you. Remember that knowledge is power, and asking the right questions can help you in getting the best out of you.

These are five essential questions you should ask a vape store owner before trying vaping for the first time –

Which vape should I start with?

The vaping market is flooded with thousands of options. It’s essential to ask the shop owner to guide you in the selection process to determine what is best for you. You can choose between a refillable tank system or a disposable e-cigarette. Be transparent and proactive, and ask your questions without any hesitation.  Understand the basics of vaping, how long will the vape liquid last and the process to go about it.  Selecting a vape can be tough, and you need to go through a lot of options before finalizing a product.  Explain your preferences to the owner and let him recommend what is best for you.

Do your vape juices contain nicotine?

Vape juice is primarily composed of water, Propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavor. Some vape juices have nicotine added to them. It’s crucial to find out the composition of vape liquid and the concentration of nicotine in them. The level of nicotine in your vape juice sets the bar for the experience you will have. You need to state your priorities to the vape shop owner clearly. If you use a vape to cut down on cigarette smoking, it’s essential to go for local nicotine content.

What is the correct way to use a vape?

This is the top mistake many new vapers in the community make. Do not trust the internet to teach you the ways to vape. Be aware and ask your vape shop owner to demonstrate the correct way adequately. If you have any doubts, get it cleared promptly. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. Always ask him the directions to refill, how to store, and how to charge your vaping device correctly. The longevity of your vape depends on how to use it, and learning from specialists will ensure that you use it correctly. You can also ask for a detailed guide from your vape shop owner in case you ever forget how to operate a vape device. This is the crucial step you should always remember.

What is the difference between e-cigarette and vape?

Several vapers confuse e-cigarettes with vaping. These are two separate things, but we are used interchangeably by many.  Ask for a good explanation from your vape shop owner of how vaping is different from e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are generally disposable, and vapes come with refillable parts. In any case, you need to enquire about the differences, the perceived safety, and how it is beneficial over traditional smoking.  This can help, especially when you are fighting cigarette addiction.

Which vape flavors do you recommend?

With so many new and exotic flavors flooding the market, you need to ask the vape store owner of what flavors he recommends. The most popular ones today are chocolate, mint, menthol, grapes, and tobacco. You can also go for vapor solo e-liquid, which is a perfect light flavoring that goes well with all kinds of vapes.

A good flavor recommendation can create an excellent vaping experience for you .. many new vapers due to overpowering aromas give up on vaping. It’s essential to start with a light flavor and then experiment with various options available in the market. Ask the shop owner what will be the best one for a beginner and also give him your preferences. Getting a vape juice based on your choice can increase your pleasure, and you will enjoy it more. Be sure to inquire about their specialties and what they usually sell the most.  You can also ask about deals available on specific flavors.  It’s essential to be mindful of what you are selecting, as this will impact the overall vapors.

Knowledge is power, and remaining equipped with the correct information can take you a long way. Ask these questions today and have a great vaping experience.

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