The Best Travel Itinerary Planners & Trip Planning Apps

Are you looking to make any of the following easier?

  • Creating itineraries for your trip
  • Getting ideas on “things to do” on your next vacation
  • Keeping your flights, hotels, and other travel documents organized
  • Planning your trip from beginning to end, organized chronologically, each day, and in a easy to see format

If you said yes, then you’re in the right place. Below, I’ve listed the best itinerary planners and organizing apps that truly cut down the time and stress of travel planning.

Most of these are free, with the option to upgrade to their premium version. One of the BEST features of all of these trip planners is the accommodation ideas and attraction ideas it gives you. Many are organized with great maps with clear visuals, making it easier than ever to decide what to do on your next trip.

Check em out.

Flight Trip Planners & Hotel Trip Planning Apps & Websites

1. Airfare Watchdog

trip itinerary maker

Airfare Watchdog is a great little tool you should sign up for. What they do is give you alerts when prices of flights go down or go on sale. Basically, flights get discounted every day and they aren’t always advertised.

Airfare Watchdog keeps up to date on discounted prices of flights and if the flight is relevant to you, they will alert you through their app or send you an email update about the flight discount. I highly recommend using this tool to help plan your trip in advance. We obviously don’t have time to constantly watch for flight prices every day. But Airfare Watchdog can do that for you.

All you need to do is fill in some flight details like what city you are leaving and arriving from, and they will scan for flight price drops and alert you when it happens. It’s really as simple as that. Saves you time and money, and gives you more time to plan your trip instead of scanning relentlessly for the cheapest flights every day.

Along with flight discount alerts, yo can also sign up for updates for hotel discount alerts for the cities you are interested in. When you visit their website, click on “sign up for alerts” to sign yourself up. You can do this for flights and hotels.

How to get airfare and hotel price drop alerts:

To sign up for flight & hotel discount updates, head over to Airfare Watchdog.

Search for a flight or hotel in the box provided and right below it, click on “send me low fare alerts” and enter your email. Once you do this, they will know you are interested in cheap flights or hotels for the departing & arrival city you entered, and they will alert you on discounts and dropping prices once they happen. Once you’re alerted, you have the option to take action on it or not. Enter multiple flight destinations if you are looking for more alerts.

That’s it! try to do this at least a few weeks before you depart, so there’s enough time for you to catch some good discounts.

2. Trip Advisor

itinerary planner with trip advisor

Ahh, good old Trip Advisor. It seems like they have been around forever. Well, actually have. Did you know that Trip Advisor is the worlds largest travel website? This is because they are completely driven by user reviews.

Trip Advisor is a website I ALWAYS use when I book a hotel anywhere. The first thing I do is head to Trip Advisor and look for hotels there. I search for all hotels that match what I need and read reviews of each destination that have been left by real people who have stayed there. I love reading reviews before making purchasing decisions.

I don’t always book through Trip Advisor. I find their prices are very competitive though. But I may search other travel websites for the same hotel to see if the price is different. Most of the time, the price is really close or the same. Sometimes there are differences.

How I always find cheap hotels with Trip Advisor:

I always search for hotels on Trip Advisor first. I find the best bunch of hotels that have the highest ratings combined with the lowest price. And then I start reading reviews of each hotel and filter out the hotels that don’t seem as great. And from there, I’ll have a small handful of hotels that are cheap, have good reviews, and have what I need.

Then I search other hotel booking websites like or to see if there is a cheaper deal elsewhere. I usually choose to book with the website that has the cheapest price.

I use Trip Advisor mostly for researching hotels, excursions, flights, etc. I like to read reviews. You don’t necessarily need to book through Trip Advisor though. Again, use it as a search tool. Once you have your hotel or flight picked, look at other sites like Expedia or to compare prices and go with the cheaper website.

Click here to visit Trip Advisor

3. Priceline

Trip planning with Priceline's name your price guarantee

Priceline is a “name your price” for flights website. How it works is this:

“To name your own price for airline tickets, just tell us the dates you want to travel and the price you want to pay for each ticket. Priceline chooses regularly scheduled flights on major airlines where the airlines have unsold seats. For domestic travel, all flights depart between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. and arrive the same day on the days you want to travel. International flights may depart any time of day. All flights may include up to one stop or connection, though we may ask if you are willing to make two stops on certain international routes.”

The above is taken directly from Priceline’s website. Essentially, you pick the dates you want to fly and you choose the price you want to pay for that ticket. From a planning perspective, it can make searching for cheap flights headache free if you get what you want right from the get go. Priceline searches for flights fitting your search criteria and price criteria. You don’t need to constantly scan for the right flight prices on your own.

Priceline is a tool I would use when I first start looking for cheap flights. But other than that, I wouldn’t spend too much time on it if nothing comes up. Sign up for alerts from Airfare watchdog and wait for price drop alerts instead. But Priceline has it’s place in your travel planning arsenal, because it can be a huge time save.

By the way, you can also use Priceline to name your own price for hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages too. It’s a pretty neat business concept. So definitely check it out. They could very well help you find a cheap hotel for the cheap price you want.

Click here to visit Priceline and see if you can get a flight for your chosen price!

4. Momondo

best travel planners

Before I heard of Momondo, I was like what is that! But Momondo has since become one of my go to places to search for flights. I don’t always end up booking with Momondo, but their flight search engine is one of the best I’ve ever used. I really enjoy how easy it is to use and how everything is laid out nicely for me to plan the flight part of my itinerary.

Here’s what Momondo is really good at:

  • Estimated Prices – Momondo actually shows you what the price of your flight could be for about a 3 week period. This is actually pretty amazing, because if the bar graph shows that its trending upwards, then you know the price of your ideal flight could go up. And vice versa, if the bar graph starts sloping down, it means the price of your flight could decrease and you may want to hold off booking your flight right now. It’s a really cool way to help you find cheap prices for flights
  • Filter Flights By Stops, Duration, Alliances – You can easily tick a box and filter a flight by the amount of stops (non stop, 1 stop, or more), how long the maximum flight time is (like 24 hours for example), and choose which alliance you want to fly with, which is particularly good if you collect airline rewards and want to stay loyal to an airline alliance
  • Filter Flights By Cheapest, Quickest, Best Overall – Maybe my favourite feature that most other flight booking website doesn’t have is the ability to VERY EASILY filter flights by the cheapest ticket, the fastest ticket (least amount of time flying), and the best overall ticket that combines the shortest distance and lowest price. Sometimes you just want to get to your next destination the fastest and don’t care too much about price, or sometimes you just need a dirt cheap ticket even if it means 10 extra hours in transit

Momondo makes this really easy. All you need to do is click a box and they filter it for you. From a travel planning perspective, it’s just an awesome time saver. I use Momondo like I use Trip Advisor is that I find the shortest time in transit with the cheapest price, and compare it by checking directly with the airlines website and other flight search engines. I’ve found Momondo flights are very competitively priced.

I like using Momondo as one of my first websites to search for flights. You should too. You’ll probably find it fun and easy to use like me.

Click here to visit Momondo

5. TripHobo


holiday trip planner

You can create your customized travel itinerary in a few simple steps. All you need to do is choose your destination, select attractions you’re interested in visiting, and TripHobo will optimize (arrange) the attractions for you. You can then share your itinerary with others.

A really cool feature TripHobo has is built in trips that others have created. You can use the itineraries other people have made and also customize them to your own liking. Pretty handy when you only know where you want to go, but have no idea what to see and do there.

Another  useful feature is the ability to string along multiple destinations (cities) into your itinerary. Because.. you know… some people just can’t stay put in a single city :). Like all the itinerary makers here, TripHobo has excellent pictures to help you visualize what you’ll be visiting.

TripHobo is hotel booking tool, but using it to plan your trip is amazing. You can also use it to book accommodations while you’re on there if you like. I recommend checking it out though.

Click here to visit trip hobo.

6. Tripit


trip it travel app and organizer

Tripit is a simple way to keep all your flights and hotel bookings organized into one simple place. It’s a life saver when you have a million flight confirmation emails, hotel emails, and other trip document emails all over the place.

Tripit has a very simple 3 step travel organizing process. 1. Book all your flights and hotels. 2. Forward your confirmed bookings to them and they will create a master itinerary for you. 3. Access your travel itinerary from any device. Tada!

If you want to go “pro”, you get additional features like getting real time alerts of flight delays/cancellations and help with finding alternative flights with open seats. They’ve got a simple and user friendly travel organizing app you can download for free to manage your stuff.


7. Tripomatic


be your own travel guide

Tripomatic is one my favourite travel planning resource of all time. You create your own travel itinerary using their super easy to navigate website.

Here’s how it works: You choose the city you want to travel to. And then a large map pops up showing you the city centre with locations of important attractions. You can then add attractions to your itinerary and create your day of fun filled travel adventures. Another cool thing is that it gives you hours of operation, a short description of each attraction, and information about the attraction, like website, phone number, and Facebook page.

There’s more than that. You can also find and book hotels, flights, and rent cars right off their intuitive website. I think their coolest feature is their map. Even if you just used Tripmatic as a map to see where everything is, and to get hotel/attraction ideas, it’s a highly useful travel tool.

8. Planapple


create, organize, share your vacation plans

Planapple is a travel planning tool to help you collect great ideas for your trip. Stuff like hotels, attractions, and places to visit. It’s great if you’re just getting away for a weekend or if you’re traveling to multiple countries over many months. Basically, you search up ideas and add them to your notebook. You can then discuss your added items with other tripmates and friends to help you narrow down your choices. Once that’s done, you then add them to your itinerary and viola, you’ve got your very own travel itinerary.

You take your itinerary plan with you on your smartphone and you can also share it with friends on social media. It’s one of my favourite research tools. I think you’ll like it a lot, too.


9. Roadtrippers


road trip planning application

Roadtrippers is one of the best (if not the best) road trip planning application available. It works like most of the travel planners listed here. You choose your starting destination, and add hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc. to your itinerary. Once you have that all sorted, you will then have a roadmap of your trip. You’ll want to have a car to get to each of your destination, so keep that in mind. It doesn’t accommodate bus routes.

The value in Roadtrippers is the map it gives you of each step of your destination. It tells you how far each destination is from each other as well. You can use Roadtrippers to plan your trip for virtually anywhere in the world, but I find it to be most useful for USA travel. It’s got more detailed and complete information for the U.S. And of course, you can (should) download their app to track your route!


10. WorldMate


trip itinerary creator

WorldMate is a trip maker that is aimed at travel professionals. The strength in WorldMate is how it stores your important trip information in its app. It’s a trip planner, trip manager, and organizer all in one. Some features WorldMate offers is mobile flight checkin, maps & navigation, and real time flight status.

11. I love Holidays

This is a website to check for flights and hotels, as well as holiday vacations. You can use their tools to search for many travel related inquiries.

There isn’t a lot on their website that shows you how to use their service (compared to the other travel organizers on this list), so I suggest you download their app and you’ll quickly see how it works. I think you’ll really like their easy to use interface and simple design. If you travel professionally, this app will really help you stay organized with your (likely) hectic schedule.


12. The Toorister

travel planner app

Another really useful website I have found for Trip planning purposes is Toorister.

The site currently focuses on sample itineraries for top destinations in Europe. They have plans however of expanding the focus to other top worldwide destinations in the future.

The site is easy to use and visually appealing. All you need to do is provide your travel destination and you’ll get a day-by-day plan (itinerary) of attractions to visit. The itinerary comes with a short description of each attraction, how much time you should allocate to each, and which ones are a “must-see” (in case you are short on time and need to prioritize).

From a travel planning perspective, it is very useful and an awesome time saver. You can use the itineraries as-is or as a skeleton to flesh out your own itinerary.

I highly recommend checking The Toorister.


Itinerary maker and trip planning app


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    Joey – We just released a beta for, which makes organization flexible. Would love for you to be one of the first users and give us feedback.

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Great List! I would however add to this list, which is an all-in-one social travel app that lets you and your friends plan vacations, weekends and evenings in one place. Not only that, you can get the cheapest fares from multiple sites and calculate trip expenses and make bookings from a single app, instead of wasting time comparing pricing across multiple sites. Check out the app on and share your feedback.

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Nice List. is another cool travel planning app, primarily targeted at the road trip enthusiasts. You can create a complete itinerary with suggested attractions along the route in a matter of minutes and share it easily with friends and family.

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If you are looking for a travel itinerary planner which allows you to *fully* customize your trip by time (e.g. 8pm, etc.) and locations (even un-marked ones) .. check out TRAVAA dot com which is now available on beta.

This web app also allows you to print out your completed itinerary and publish trips to the Internet for all to see.

We would love to get your feedback. Thanks.

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The Best app is WETU.COM

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I think you can also add TollGuru to your list. It allows you to quickly look up the price of all toll bridges, roadways, and tunnels from start to destination. It adds up the costs of gas and toll to show you the cheapest, fastest, and compromise routes.

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