Ultimate Travel List: Must Travel Destinations Before You Die

All travel enthusiasts have a wish list, a list of all the places they want to visit before they die. Unfortunately, human life is too small, small enough that it’s difficult to explore all the touring places on the list. It is hard to take time out from work and make your travel itinerary for completing the wish list.

Our earth is a gorgeous place and has many spectacular places waiting for us to discover. Some are already popular places of attractions while others are not. But we have listed all of them in our travel list. Let’s hope you like the list, and try to cover some places, if not all.

Before we proceed, one vital thing to point out is the weather conditions. As the places on the list are from around the world, you better check the weather conditions before traveling. One good source to check and compare the weather of different places is at

The Ultimate Travel Wish-List

  1. Plan a Trekking Tour to Machu Picchu, Peru

Explore how the Incas managed to assemble those stones flawlessly together. That is 2400 meters higher than ground level. Built in the 15th century and suffered Spanish attack in the 16th century still, Machu Picchu was undiscovered to the Western world up to 1911. If still, the place doesn’t attract you, travel 400 KMs southeast, and you can explore the highest city in the world, La Rinconada.

  1. Enjoy Swimming at the Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Swim at Victoria Falls, considered as one of the most scenic natural wonders globally. A magnificent touring spot in Africa. The Devil’s Pool is a lake situated at the extreme end of the fall. The scenic views will make you realize why it’s called nature’s wonder.

  1. Visit the Live Volcano – Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Cerro Negro is an active volcano and a famous tourist place for decades. Adventure lovers enjoy surfing from the top on a wooden sled. It’s a thrilling experience to surf down from a 2350 meters height, at 40 miles/hour.

  1. Witness the Pink Spring in Japan

Witness the gorgeous springs in Japan. They start in March and last up to May. It is the season of ‘Sakura’ that also means cherry blossom season. During this time, Japan looks like a scene from an animated movie.

  1. Plunge in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Situated on a lava base, the Blue Lagoon is a natural spa. 30% of the Lagoon is freshwater while 70% gets filled by the sea. The water temperature is a warm 38 °C, and the presence of green-blue algae makes it vibrantly colorful.

  1. Discover the Amazon Jungles, Brazil

Spread across 2.3 million square KMs, the Amazon is an ecosphere of its own and filled with distinctive species. It is a natural marvel of the earth, and exploring through it requires lots of guts. Undoubtedly, a life-changing experience that has its unique place in my travel wish list.

  1. Visit Cappadocia and the Famous Hot Balloon Ride

The place has its place in many traveler’s wish-lists. It looks like a movie scene where the army of hot air balloons rises into the sky and fades in the ombre sunset. Cappadocia also has some finest vineyards to explore.

  1. Petra – The Lost City

It is a neglected prehistoric city with a historical location between the Arabian Peninsula, Phoenecia, and Egypt. The main highlight is that the lost city is hand-crafted inside a rock. Many Hollywood movies have shown this location, popular being the Indiana Jones.

  1. Spend a day at the driest site in the world – Atacama Desert

The desert is spread across 41,00 square miles and has golden sandbanks, gushing geysers, and cliffs. If you want a clear view of the Milky Way, then the Atacama is the place. Starting April up till September is the best time to notice the shining group of stars. It is the site to witness the mesmerizing Lunar Eclipse. Enjoy the stunning nature’s light show that our planet offers.

  1. Walk Over the Great Chinese Wall

This marvelous piece of architecture spreads across 13,000 miles of wall. The wall has an everlasting feel that hardly any other place has on this planet. It provides you a glance into Chinese history and their culture.

  1. Climbing the Mount Everest

It’s always going to be a good feeling of achievement to climb the topmost point of the world. The travel wish list can never be complete without Mount Everest. Every year many people lose their lives to conquer this feat.

Make Your Plan and Start Your Travel

Did you like the travel wish-list to these famous sites? What places do you have on your wishlist? This article might have encouraged you to make a tour plan and try to cover a few of these exotic travel destinations.


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