6 Free Travel Brochure Templates And Examples

If you are looking for a free travel brochure template, you’re in luck today.

I’ve put together a nice little list of 6 travel brochures that you can download and use immediately.  The really great thing about these brochures are the fact that they are completely free.

Most travel brochures cost a significant amount of money, but the ones here won’t cost you a penny. Just remember that because they are free, they may not be the most gorgeous or in depth brochures for traveling.

For the most part, they are nice simple templates that will help you quickly explain what your tourism thing is all about easily. If you are looking for in depth brochures that are many pages long, filled with graphics and details, then you will need to look for a paid option.

You will also be able to use these to get ideas for what a travel brochure example should look like. The ones here are simple examples of 1 page brochures that are usually give quick snippets of company information or touristic info. These travel brochure examples will help give you ideas for text placement, picture placement, and colors that work well together.

6 Free Travel Brochure Templates

1. Tidy Forms travel brochure templates

Tidy Forms has long provided us with simple and good looking spreadsheets and templates. It’s the usual here with their travel brochure templates. They offer 3 of them for free. They are simple try-fold templates that are meant to be folded in 3 spots. You’ll probably realize pretty quickly that it’s a one-pager type template that delivers quick info about your travel company or tour. They are downloaded in pdf format and have information filled in already that you’ll need to edit. You’ll want to convert the pdf format into an editable format in order to edit.

2. Think Stationary Travel Template

Think Stationary offers an incredibly good travel brochure for Word. It is a one page brochure that is folded in half. It is meant to be used to advertise your company, with your company logo and address on it, and information about your travel resort, touristic business, or anything else relevant to your business on the inside. It’s simple and effective, and free! You can download it and edit it right away in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Then simply print it and distribute.

3. Brother travel templates

These brother travel brochures are some of the nicest and colorful ones you can get for free. They actually offer 6 brochures to choose from, and they all have their own little theme to choose from. They are titles accordingly, but you can choose whichever and edit it to your liking. For example, they have a vacation brochure template, and a world travel brochure template. You will edit these templates on their website and can the download them and print. Just make sure you have the latest version of flash because this website used it to display and edit things.

4. Microsoft Office Travel Brochure In Word Format

Where else to get travel brochure templates in excel format then from Microsoft themselves? This template is a simple one pager that is completely customizable. You can change the text, pictures, and insert your company information in there. It is downloaded in Word format and you will edit it in Word or Apple Pages if you like. The only thing about this template is that you need a Microsoft account (it’s free) to download the brochure.

5. Microsoft Tri-Fold Travel Brochure In Powerpoint

This tri-fold brochure template is in Powerpoint format. It is a one page brochure that you fold into 3. I like it a lot because it has a red gray wintery design to it. But you can change it to look different if that’s not what your travel thing is about. Again, it is completely customizable. You can change the text, pictures, and insert your company information quickly. It is downloaded in powerpoint format and edited in powerpoint as well. Like the brochure above, you’ll need a Microsoft account in order to download it.

6. Google Docs General Brochures

There are not very many free travel brochure templates to download. Everyone wants to charge money for them. That’s why this list isn’t very large. But if you want to rummage around  a little, you could find a gem of a brochure. Google docs offers general brochures that people have made and uploaded for others to download. These brochures can be anything from a science project brochure to a city event brochure. You can go through them and see if there are any really good brochures that would fit your tourism thing well. They are editable in google docs so simply edit away and change it to your liking. It could just take some time sifting through the various docs until you find the right one for your business. It’s a great place to go if none of the above brochures fit your needs. Good luck!

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