Skiing in Colorado: Where to Stay and When to Visit

Are you planning to go on a skiing trip for the first time in Colorado? Keep reading to find out the place and time of year for that perfect winter vacation!

When the sun starts feeling a little less harsh, and the weather becomes chillier, we’re almost towards the end of the year; spooky season (a.k.a. October and Halloween) is right around the corner, and so are all the other holidays. Soon enough, you’ll be bidding farewell to your office colleagues or friends in school because it’ll be a while before you see them again – probably at the end of the winter break.

A lot of people may argue that year-end vacations aren’t as eventful or thrilling as summer vacations, but I beg to differ. Not only will you be giving your house a seasonal makeover but you will also be able to enjoy the winter snow. And what better way to make the best out of the snow than flying out to Colorado and going skiing?

Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes. Upon visiting, you’ll be feasting your eyes upon a state that’s enveloped by mountains, forests, canyons, high plains, and rivers. On the snowy mountain tops, of course, is where all the skiing resorts reside. When it comes to winter getaways, there is certainly no other alternative to Colorado.

If you have visited before, then you probably already know everything there is to know about the place and have nothing to worry about. However, if this is your first time on a skiing trip, then you might want to consider a few things; make sure you do an ample amount of research to find out the best Colorado ski resort for beginners. You want to make the most out of your time with a view of the snowy mountains contrasting the blue sky.

What Should First Time Skiers Look For in a Skiing Resort?

To help simplify your search for the most suitable skiing resorts for beginners, we’ve put together a list of things to look out for.

Offers Skiing Gear Rentals

If you’re going on a skiing trip for the first time, you most likely won’t know which gear would be best for you. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a hefty amount of money on expensive gear when you’re first starting. The basic setup will do. This is why you want to make sure the resort you check into allows you to rent out gear when it’s time to hit the slopes. They will usually have everything you need to get you up and running. You don’t want to be going downhill without the proper equipment. They may also offer gear that is beginner-friendly. Also, you might want to keep the price in mind; compare which resort has the best rental prices.

Provides Skiing Lessons

In my opinion, every skiing resort should have a group of trained individuals who can instruct newbies. Unfortunately, not all resorts are beginner-friendly, as we already know, and do not have such services if you’re facing an issue. Therefore, when you are trying to find a place, make sure they offer basic or intermediate lessons and tutorials.

Has Beginner Friendly Terrains

A beginner-friendly resort is one with forgiving terrains that will treat new skiers kindly. You want to find resorts with a lot of bunny hills and gentle green slopes.

Bunny hills are usually inclined which are only slightly tilted – not too steep and not too flat. Its sole purpose is to get beginners used to skiing. Green trails or green slopes are usually terrains that are wide and shallow, allowing beginners to practice freely without having to worry about causing any major accidents.

Offers Off-Mountain Activities

When you travel to Colorado, you should always try and look for packages that offer some great off-mountain activities. In this case, you might not be staying at the ski lodge; your lodging could be situated in a different place from the actual skiing range. Given your hotel provides some extra amenities, you should be able to go shopping around town. This package also includes food, drinks, and other recreational services (e.g., a spa service).

If you are visiting for the first time, then make sure to keep an eye out for good offers at a decent price.

When Should You Go on a Skiing Trip to Colorado?

Since skiing is a sport centered around gliding down the slope of a snowy mountain, the best time to visit a skiing resort is when the snow is in optimal condition. This means that the snowy blanket spread across the mountain should be thick and firm enough for you to carve on it smoothly.

However, there are several other factors you need to think about when you’re planning your trip. Will it be crowded? Will the weather be harsh or at least suitable enough for beginners to enjoy without hassles? Is it too close to spring to visit?

Let’s try to answer those questions so that you can schedule your vacation at the best time possible. This might be between December and April.


December is a fantastic time to travel to Colorado if you’re thinking of an exciting way to spend your Christmas Holidays. Taking your family on a skiing adventure sounds exciting enough right? Not only will you be able to enjoy the slopes, but you will also be able to go sightseeing; there’ll be a lot of beautiful holiday decorations to gaze upon. It’ll get you into the Christmas spirit!


The month of January is when winter is at its peak in Colorado. This means that there will be a lot of snowfall around the mountainous areas and the weather will be cold enough to keep the snow in prime condition. At the same time, snow will be generated continuously, so you don’t have to worry about missing the best layer of snow. Furthermore, the holidays start around the beginning of January, so everyone’s calendar is pretty much empty and ready to be filled with vacation plans!

However, even though it sounds like a good time to schedule your trip, keep in mind that the Colorado winter is the harshest during this time of year. You might have to spend most of your time cooped up in your lodging near the fireplace if the weather gets too fierce. Unless you can handle the bitter cold, settle for a later date.


During February, the weather begins to settle a bit. The winter winds become gentler, and the snow on the mountain tops is at an optimal depth. Snowfall is also consistent, so the powder content is always being replenished. Right around this time, all the mountain areas are fully opened up. This means that you will have more terrain to explore.

You should also note that February is the peak season for skiing resorts, so expect the skiing areas to be very crowded. Try to book your lodging at least a week or two before your trip to avoid any inconveniences.


In case you don’t find time to visit Colorado in February, you can consider going in March. The temperatures around this time are a little higher, making the environment warmer and sunnier. This will not hamper your experience and the sun will make it easier for you to handle the snowy terrain.


Around April, the snow starts to melt. Due to the wet conditions of the skiing terrain, a significant amount of skiing grounds are shut down. Slippery slopes are not at all ideal for skiing, regardless of the amount of experience you have. If you still insist on going, however, consider going at the beginning of the month. You will be able to find a resort that’s within a good budget.

In Conclusion

There is a time for everything. Just as no one visits the beach when it’s raining, no one goes to skiing ranges when the weather isn’t suitable. So to summarise, a good time frame to make the most of your ski trip is somewhere between late February and early March. It will be peak season, so you can expect to get all the services you need during this time. It’s also great for beginners – there will be a lot of people around so you will receive a lot of encouragement from the sidelines.

If you are convinced and are planning to fly to Colorado to find some adventure, then be sure to pack appropriately! Use our tips for selecting the right resort and try to book in advance. Bring lots of warm and waterproof gear that will keep you cozy and dry while you glide down the slopes. For your first time, there’s no need to be worried. Skiing can seem a little bit intimidating at first, especially when you’re maneuvering yourself around the edge of a very high mountain. With the proper guidance and a little bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Lastly, remember to carry a helmet and a pair of goggles. Happy skiing, and good luck!

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