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With its alluring culture, ancient ruins, fabulous beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, dynamic cities that have colonial architecture, Mexico is truly a marvel to see. The country is beautiful, exciting, diverse, and quite challenging. As a result, there is a lot on offer regardless of what tourists are looking for. Whether it is a week of partying, city escape, beach vacation, nature retreat, foodie haven, or cultural immersion, Mexico has all of these and more. However, if still in doubts about whether to visit the country, below are reasons that will convince you to visit Mexico.


Mexico is among the most affordable countries to visit. Several airlines that fly there have fantastic travel packages that make the trip cheap. The flights are even less expensive when there are no major holidays, as the demand to fly is less. Their currency the Mexican Pesos is not strong, and hence with foreign currency, you will accomplish a lot. The conversion rate is excellent, and it is easy to negotiate with vendors for goods in the market. In addition, many of the natural sites in Mexico do not charge anything.


The unique thing with Mexico’s dishes is that it differs by region. Most of the recipes are a mixture of Mayan and ancient Aztec dishes of the Spanish conquerors. Even though they serve international foods like quesadillas, tacos, and tamales, they also have food not found anywhere else. The northern part of the country offers unique goat, beef, and ostrich dishes. Central Mexico combines the influence of other places that provide barbacoa, tamales, and carnitas. In southeastern Mexico, they have the Caribbean influence and use many spices in their dishes. There is extensive use of fish in the Gulf of Mexico.


Everyone who has been to Mexico agrees that the weather is terrific throughout the year. Towards the beginning of fall after the rainy seasons, temperatures’ are refreshing, and the plants are at their greenest. In the south of Mexico, temperatures range between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This weather is the perfect temperature for hiking and going out to explore the ancient Mayan ruins.  The northern regions are quite cold during winter, with temperatures of between 20 to 24 degrees Celcius, which is still warm, compared to other destinations during winter.

Ease of communication

The majority of the residents speak Spanish; however, many of them have some knowledge of English. For this reason, it is easy for many tourists to communicate with the locals and get whatever assistance they may need. It also makes joking and laughing with the locals memorable. The vendors also get an easy time negotiating with visitors when selling their products. The Mexican people are very welcoming. They understand that tourism plays a pivotal role in their economy, being one of the top foreign exchange-earners.

Best beaches

While there are many options in Mexico for tourists, it is apparent that the most popular choice is the sandy beaches. The Royal Holiday Vacations Cancun is one of the most popular. There are other things to do in Cancun apart from visiting the beach. Visitors take a jeep tour through the jungle and visit a turtle farm in the area.

Low risk of contracting coronavirus

A spike in the deadly coronavirus has the whole world on its edge. It is spreading fast, and there are over 3000 deaths reported to date. Many of the cases of the coronavirus are in Asia, and the countries most affected are China and South Korea. The virus is not a threat in Mexico as there is no reported death in the country. Lack of corona makes the country an ideal destination to visit, as there is no immediate threat of contracting the virus.

There is hope that the tourism industry in Mexico will keep growing steadily. Investors from all over the world are pumping billions of dollars to get a share of the ever-expanding tourism industry.  The number of tourists visiting the country crossed the forty million mark, and this number is set to increase.

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