Rome To Athens: How To Travel From Rome To Athens Complete Guide

Ah, the beautiful Rome – where classical ruins and ancient Christian places of devotion stand beside – or lie underneath – Renaissance palazzos and Baroque fountains.

But there are also beautiful neighborhood trattorias, fine albergos, world class ristorantes, eccentric shops and an overall energetic ambience. The Eternal City’s mild Mediterranean climate is an added appeal for travelers from the colder regions, adding all these to the animated vigor of a place which lives life as a form of theatre.

A little over 600 miles south east of Rome is the enthralling and rousing metropolis of Athens. Gazing up above the city gives the sight of Parthenon – its honey colored marble columns mounting from an enormous limestone base, and you behold unsurpassed architectural perfection.

To fully experience Athens—Athína in Greek—is to understand the quintessence of Greece: ancient monuments thriving in a sea of cement, astonishing brilliance amid the grime, tradition placed alongside innovation. Athens continues to be a rewarding destination for tourists all over the world.

For whatever reason you want to go to Athens (the first being wanting to explore the old attractions and the great culture of Greece, am I right?), planning ahead should be in mind for a smooth and hassle-free travel.

Even with an aggressive amount of planning, unexpected problems can still arise, but planning and preparing are always good measures.

With quite some transportation mode choices, you should discern well what shall be the most convenient for you. In general, the most prominent transportation options are limited to planes, trains, and automobiles.

Then again, when we are considering here that Rome and Athens are in countries with bountiful (and beautiful) coasts, it becomes understandable that one of the most popular options is via a boat or ferry.

You should put several things in consideration – how much the travel will cost and how long it will take, and your

budget and schedule.

how to travel from Rome to Athens

Athens baby!

Here are options on how to travel from Rome to Athens:

Option 1: Taking The Ferry From Rome To Athens

Italy-Greece ferries transport passengers from four ports: Venice, Ancona, Bari, and Brindisi. From these ports, there is no straight drop off point from Rome to Athens. The easiest choice here is to ride the train from Rome to Ancona. From Ancona, ride a ferry leaving for western Greek city of Patras. Upon getting off in Patras, ride a bus going to Athens. Athens-bound buses are quite plentiful in the area.

For your ferry ride, you shall decide on what ticket class you will go for. Choices of deck only, seat only, dorm bed or cabin tickets are available. On purchasing, consider your travel budget (and consequently, your level of comfort for the trip).On average, €50 to €55 is the asking price for a foot passenger (deck only) with no reserved seat, €70 to €75 for a seat, and just under €100 for a dorm bed class. For the finest cabin available, €250 to €280 is the regular rate.

For ferry schedules and rates, check out Superfast Ferries (Note: This company runs a bus connection to Athens, arriving in central Athens) or Minoan Lines

Surely you’ll delight in the ride since ferries look more like cruise ships with its clean cabins, cinemas, restaurants, and bars.

Important note: If you are in possession of a Eurail Pass, or even a more specific Italy-Greece Pass, the ticket price for a foot passenger on an overnight trip to Ancona from Rome can be consumed by one day on your pass.

Now let’s talk about trip duration. Ferries are for travelers with a little too much time on their hands. Water transport, quite logically, takes longer than air or road transport. Don’t expect a super fast transportation even if you ride the Superfast Ferries because basically, they are still ferries. The average duration of an Ancona to Patras trip is 10-20 hours, depending on sea conditions and delays (we hope none!) you might encounter. Note that most ferries usually depart for Patras from the port of Ancona every day from 13:00 to 21:00. Finally, take a bus from Patras to Athens; this will take about 2 to 3 hours. These are express and ordinary buses which depart every 30 minutes. The main bus terminal is just outside the Patras port entrance.The drop-off point in Athens is the Kifisos Intercity Bus Station. The average fare for the Patras-Athens trip is €15 (one-way).

That about sums up your ferry option. As said before, ferries are for those who have some vacation time to spare. If you are in a rush, you will almost certainly find that flying is still the best option.

Option 2: Flying from Rome To Athens

Wanting to get to Athens fast never mind not sweet idling in the beautiful terrains or coasts on the way there? Then flying is the option for you! Air travel is the fastest and most reliable way of getting to your destination. If time is short in your hands and you want to savor your trip in beautiful Athens, immediately get on a nonstop flight on Italian flag carrier airline Alitalia Airlines or Greek Airline Aegean Airlines from Rome to Athens – or, otherwise, take low-priced carrier EasyJet from Rome to Athens.

Customer satisfaction reviews reveal that Aegean Airlines and Alitalia Airlines offer the best flight deals to Athens. The average Rome to Athens flight time is 2 hours – traveling approximately 1,057 kilometers or 657 miles. There are quite frequent flights from Rome to Athens, 55 direct flights every day to be exact. The average flight price for this trip is €101. Ryanair is the most popular Rome airlines for direct flights from Rome to Athens, offering 38% of the non-stop flights between Rome and Athens. Vienna, Austria is the most popular connecting city when flying from Rome to Athens.

Flights from some cities may be substantially cheaper if you pick a multi-stop airline ticket. Even though these connecting flights may cancel out some convenience, usually, you save 20% to 60% if they pick multi-stop against a direct flight. The average price for connecting flights from Rome to Athens is €183. The average price for direct flights from Rome to Athens is €123.

Described below are some airline companies and their comprehensive flight information:

  • EasyJet offers direct flights from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Athens, Greece. There is one scheduled flight in a day which departs from Rome at 10:40 and arrives in Athens at 13:40. The return flight departs from Athens at 14:15 and the arrives at 15:30.
  • Alitalia offers direct flights from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport. There are 3 scheduled flights in a day which depart from Rome at 08:55, 15:00 and 21:40. The trip duration is 2 hours.
  • Olympic Airlines offer direct flights from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Athens, Greece. There are two scheduled flights in a day which depart from Rome at 10:10 and 19:25, the trip duration is 1 hour and 55 minutes. The return flights depart from Athens at 08:15 and 17:30 (local time).
  • Aegean Airlines offer cheap direct flights from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Athens, Greece. There are two scheduled flights in a day which depart from Rome at 11:00 and 20:20; the trip duration is 2 hours.

Check them out here:

Aegean Airlines:


Alitalia Airlines:

Olympic Airlines:

The closest airport to Athens, Greece is Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH) while the nearest airport to Rome, Italy is Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO).Waiting time at intermediate airports should be between 1 hour to 18 hours.

It is important to note that low priced flights are best available by acquiring between 1 to 3 months in advance; while international or holiday flights may require being bought even further in advance.

Traveling from Rome to Athens? Here's how you do it at the lowest cost possible by air travel or train travel. Check out how to do it here.

Option 3: Driving to Athens From Rome

Similar to taking the train from Rome to Athens is driving to get there, in the sense that it would entail numerous border crossings. What driving from Rome to Athens also requires of you, which train-travelling does not, is your attention on the road (and a lot of it).We here understand that a road trip sounds very amusing but is is very inconvenient. Driving is a laborious and lengthy task, and one that is sure to test you and your car’s limits. (We are hinting that this is not the best idea, hope it gets to you).

Driving from Rome to Athens is an expedition of roughly 2,400 kilometers, and if you were to drive straight through, it would still take you about 24 hours to make the trip. And, according to Michelin’s online map and route planner (great app!), the trip would also cost you a little over €300 in toll and gasoline fees. A trip from Venice to Athens is approximately 1,870 kilometers in the distance, estimated to be a 20-hour journey, and will cost more than €220. If you are on an open-ended road trip and you are planning to rest along the way (which is probably a good idea), the better option is likely to be either to air travel or ride a ferry (upon which you can load your car into the ferry). If you are opting for a road trip, maybe it is better to rent a car in Athens then?

You can also check out Michelin’s map and route planner (preset in a Rome to Athens route).

We wish you all the best in your trip!!

Bon Voyage!

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