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Kayak has been my favorite web go-to ever since I started with globetrotting. Taking a break from monotony always meant hopping on a cheap flight and going to a new place. And with the reasonably priced options Kayak Explore offers, I am able to tick my bucket-list more quickly and economically. It’s so easy to use and with the number of tools it offers, finding cheapest flights becomes a cakewalk. I have weighed options, tried searching for better alternatives, but nothing has struck as satiating as this site.

I recently came across a few people who weren’t aware of Kayak. It shocked me how such an amazing and resourceful website could be so latent. So I decided to create a blog on it, for my readers.

First, let’s take a look at what Kayak is, and how it functions.

What is Kayak Explore?

Kayak Explore is an open ended search engine powered by Google Maps, that enlists flights based on a number of parameters like budget, flight schedule, weather and geography. It’s website and mobile applications enable easy research and comparison of fares. Based on very general questions like specific time period and destination, Kayak Explore offers unparalleled options to locate the most suitable flights.

The website promises minimal search to book steps and ensures absolute flexibility for its users free of cost. Once users fill in a flight, Kayak directs them to the travel supplier or agency to complete the purchase.

Enough of serious talk. Basically, say you have a two-week holiday and all you want to do is hit the beach, Kayak is the place to be. As soon as you open the site, a massive world map opens up, listing cheap flights all over the globe for you. Now you can easily locate a beach area and book the most budgeted tickets. It has a free app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone7 and Android.

How to Use Kayak Explore?

Kayak Explore brings the whole world on your screen. Interesting, eh? Well, here’s how to go about it.

On the left side of the Kayak Explore, you will see the Options panel. It’s pretty easy to understand. But still, I am briefing the options, just in case.

Airport– This first option allows us to change our Departure Airport. Fares differ immensely depending upon what airport you pick for departure.

I’d share with you a cheat sheet that I use, to locate cheaper flights. Prefer flying from a major travel hub, that is, any major airport, say New York, LA, Chicago or Boston. It doesn’t work 100% but you could get lucky and avail cheaper flights from these cities. Even flying TO these destinations is pretty economical. Breaking up your flight schedule like this could save you up to a hundred bucks sometimes.

Date– You can search both by preferred season or month. The website works best if you don’t have any fixed dates in mind. Also, if you search with specific dates, you will be directed to the regular ?Kayak search website.

Price– Kayak Explore enables you to change the search based on prices.

Flight Time– You can even search Kayak Explore based on the length of flight you need.

How to Use Kayak Explore Tool with Specific Dates in mind?

When you are time-crunched and free only in those 13 days of the fifth month, fret not my friend! Kayak Explore is just a click away. Fill in the details about your airport and suitable dates, type in a budget (if you have any limits), plus if you have any particular flight time requirements.

Play with the dates and airports a little, see what suits your budget. If you get the price you want, congratulations! Else, try using Kayak’s other tools to check if the prices can drop further. I am talking about a deadly combination of Kayak Alerts and Price Forecast that makes Kayak take the pains for you.

Kayak Alerts are the various notifications the website sends you regarding its upcoming offers and deals. For instance, things like Fare Changes, Fats to your Favorite Holiday Spots, so on and so forth. This tools pays off the most if you have about 1-3 months time before your flight.

You can even create your own personalized alert based on exact dates or lowest prices, if your travel is flexible. You will receive a daily mail unless you have finally decided to purchase the ticket or remove the alert.

Alternatively, Kayak Price Forecast is a flight fare predictor that analyzes the latest trends and speculates the future fall or rise in fares. The website flashes a Confidence Level percentage that depicts hoe accurate can its prediction be. Based on its confidence, you can book the ticket right away or wait for a couple of days more.

How to Use Kayak Explore without any Specific Dates in mind?

Let’s take a case where you just need to get out of your boring life anywhere, anytime and at any cost (literally!). So you look for the closes major airport and weigh your options of place. Once you settle down on the place you are going to, look for the departure and arrivals dates for the price it’s offering. If the length of this vacation suits you, good enough. Else, change the dates, but be prepared for a revised rate.

Tricks to Find Cheap Flights on Kayak Explore

  • Flexibility with dates tend to get you flights at cheaper fares.
  • Clearing Browser Cookies before hunting for a flight can fetch you cheaper fares.
  • If you use a VPN to change your location, you can avail revised fares too.
  • January is often considered the cheapest month to buy a flight ticket.
  • More often than not, Sundays are the cheapest days to purchase a ticket, while Tuesdays are the cheapest to fly.

What is Kayak Trips?

This one is your free Personal Travel Assistant that helps you organize all your booking details, loyalty programs, confirmation numbers, etc., in one ‘simple to understand’ itinerary. You can even share your travel plan with other people of your choice.

Also, if you are unsure of the rates flashing on your screen, you can ‘save’ them for later in your Kayak Trips account. Then continue browsing and hit the ball when the best deal strikes.

Kayak explorer explore

Why is Kayak Explore Good?

Kayak is a potent visual tool that helps you search low airfares based on other low fare options on in the previous 48 hours. The mapped display of fares and the interesting search options make it better than its rivals.

No more do you have to worry about travel expenses. If your dream destination is costing you a fortune, skip it for the cheaper options for now. Kayak is there to help you find a holiday spot suiting your pocket. Hence, you can explore the world and make savings at the same time.

Plus, it does all the hard work for you by creating suitable date-airline-price combinations for you.

You can even share your experience with other travelers on Kayak Explore. Simply locate the Share button in the details of your preferred flights and start crowdsourcing away!

Kayak Explore has actually increased my lust to wander. With so many alternatives suiting my budget, I am able to travel more with lesser money. Also, if I have more cash, Kayak helps me to see how far I can go.

Limitations of Kayak Explore

The biggest drawback of Kayak Explore is that low fares are not displayed unless and until you search the route. Besides, the fare displayed is mostly the lowest within a general time frame. So once you have decided on a cheap destination, you can fill in your dates and head on to the main Search pages of Kayak.

Another less liked feature of the website is that Kayak Explore does not allow you to see all the flights from a specific country. You are instead, limited to searching from some particular cities. Also, it lists only Round trip fares.

I am already dreaming of another vacation, thanks to Kayak Explore! I hope you benefit from this site as much as I did. Kayak Explore makes traveling easy as a breeze. So make sure you open the website before scrolling through a number of other time-consuming sites for flight tickets.

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