Momondo Flights: How To Find Cheap Flights With Momondo

Momondo is one of my favorite places to search for cheap flights to anywhere in the world. One of the biggest reasons why I love using them so much is their flight search engine is one of the funnest ones to use, and their prices are always competitively priced when I compare it with other flight search engines.

Here are the steps I take to find cheap flights using Momondo. I’m going to use a flight from NYC to Barcelona as my example here.

1. Go to Momondo and enter your search criteria:

Get a discount flight with Momondo

2. Momondo will populate your search results. Notice that they will display the cheapest flight first. In this case, it’s a fairly cheap flight at $545 dollars. That’s pretty good for a flight across the ocean!

low prices flights with Momondo

3. All you need to do now is scroll down the list and choose the best time that suits for you.

Something really nice about Momondo is that they clearly show you the cheapest flights by “non stop” and flights with “stops”. You’ll notice that non stop flights are a bit more expensive because they are more convenient. In this example, it’s about a couple hundred dollars more.

Depending on how frugal you are and how much you favor convenience over money, you could choose the more expensive option and get to your destination quicker :).

Momondo search engine

Momondo’s Premium Search Functions

Momondo has some of the most premium search functions out of any flight search engine out there. Most flight search engines have these features too, but the way Momondo shows them on the left hand bar makes it really really easy to find the best priced flight for your needs.

A few things they have are:

  • Max flight duration – you can choose how long you want each leg of your flight to be, or in the case of a non stop flight, the full flight. What you’ll need to do is move the little bar thing to change the max amount of time of your flight. You will do the same thing to adjust the values of the other selections.
  • Time of day (outbound and return) – One of my favorite features is the time of day you want to depart. Again, many search engines will let you filter by this, but Momondo also gives you the option of choosing the time of day for return trips too. Yay. I personally like to fly during the day when I fly overseas, because you’ll land in your next city (In Europe somewhere) during the day and you just need to stay awake for another 12 hours or so so you don’t die from jet lag.
  • Original airport and destination airport – This can matter a bit, depending on where you live and where you are going. But generally, you want to choose an airport that is closer to home and that is closer to your end destination. Some big cities will have several airports and it will be cheaper to fly into some of them. You can easily figure this out by keeping everything else the same and selecting each individual airport and check the flight price that way. Or, if you just simply leave everything to default, Momondo will give you the cheapest flight ticket available from your departing city to your destination city for the dates you’ve chosen.
  • Airlines & Alliances – Another really nice feature Momondo offers is the ability to choose the airline you’d like to fly with. I know I prefer certain airlines over others and I’ll bet you do too. Another nice feature is the ability to choose the alliance you want to fly with. This is more important if you have status with an airline and can get some freebies flying with them or if you are accumulating points with them for free flights and other goodies.

In general, Momondo is very much like the other search engine flight searches in that they will search all available flights and find you prices that match your criteria. I think Momondo really shines when it comes to a user friendly website and I almost always find the cheapest flights with them.

Momondo doesn’t have every flight in their system. They can’t, and no flight search engine can. But they have a huge selection. You can definitely search many flight search engines to “check around” and compare. Some popular flight search engines include Expedia, Orbitz, and Priceline.

Anyway, by carefully using Momondo’s search and filtering functions, you can narrow down the flight that is the cheapest for what you want. Sometimes I go on their website just to check random flights to see what prices are in the current market. Their website is one of the most user friendly websites around which is why I love using them so much.

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