Four Keys to Successfully Run Your Small Business as a Digital Nomad

These days, a growing number of employees are looking for work that allows them to enjoy the so-called digital nomad lifestyle. But what if you have a great business idea and would rather be your boss – is it possible to operate a business entirely from home or on-the-go? Here’s a look at four things you may need to make this work.

A proper workspace

You may be running your business entirely out of your home or at random cafes along your travels. But even though this sort of convenience is one of the major perks of being a digital nomad, it’s still vital that you put some effort into identifying and setting up a proper and secure workspace.

You may occasionally need to hold meetings with clients on a video call or entertain them in your home office. Distractions can abound if you don’t take the necessary measures – be it kids or other family members moving in and out of the room, or a high level of background noise in the co-working space. See to it that your chosen office space remains a professional environment to run your business out of.

The right cloud-based solutions

Most small business ideas that allow the entrepreneur to work remotely will require some form of cloud-based software. Products like Google Documents or Microsoft Office 365 are standard options for the digital nomad to collaborate with others, allowing you to backup, share, modify, and track changes to different file types along with partners operating anywhere in the world. More specialized tools such as Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud are available for specific functions such as graphic design or photo editing.

Reliable communications

While you may be able to get by at the beginning with your mobile phone and an internet connection, at some point, it will be well worth considering an upgrade to your communications options. On-the-go business can make it hard for people to contact you – and you don’t want to leave a negative impression on your existing or prospective clients and partners.

Business systems such as call center VOIP solutions can offer the complete flexibility of call management for your business, whether you’re at home or taking your work on the road. VOIP mobile app features keep you on your network via the cloud so that getting a hold of you will never be a problem.

Administrative assistance

Running a business remotely doesn’t mean you have to be a team of one. Handling a hefty workload can often be the trade-off for the convenience and flexibility you get. You can always use some help when it comes to dealing with time-consuming, repetitive, but necessary administrative work.

Whether you hire a virtual assistant to be your number two or use automated solutions to deal with specific workflows such as email management, event or appointment scheduling, invoicing and bookkeeping, taking some of the load off your shoulders by streamlining these administrative tasks is an excellent way to free up your time and energy to focus on the aspects of your business which will drive success.

In today’s world, it’s possible to run your business out of a suitcase. But beyond a laptop, mobile phone, WiFi, and power source, these four considerations will help significantly boost your productivity and reliability as a nomadic digital entrepreneur.

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