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Airbnb Coupon Code – Get Up To $100 Discount

Use this link to get $25¬†USD off your next Airbnb purchase. $25 USD is the maximum coupon code you can get under their coupon code program. Airbnb’s coupon code program is very simple. This is how it works: 1. When you book an accommodation with Airbnb, you’ll receive $25 USD discount off your booking. This […]

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Travel Tipping Guide: Learn How To Tip Around The World

Being a Canadian, I am used to tipping for just about everything service related. As I travel the world, I noticed I continued my tipping habits across the world…. to the pleasant surprise and joy of every person who happens to serve me. I would meet people around the world who get super confused about […]

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How I Save Money ($1,000+) Every Month For Travel

I grew up in a super frugal environment. My parents had no money and all my clothes were “hand me downs” from my brother. If you can believe it, I was 6 years old when I had my first piece of gum. I didn’t even know what gum was until then. All my parent’s money […]

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