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25 Fun Things To Do In Orlando Florida (free things to do Orlando today & this weekend)

Orlando is the perfect vacation spot for friends and families, solo travelers, couples and adrenaline junkies alike. Pulling over 50 million visitors every year, it is unarguably the best theme park capitol of the world. If you are visiting Orlando for the first time, there is a whole bunch of theme parks, water parks, and […]

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30 Fun Things To Do In Dallas (Best things to do in Dallas this weekend)

Once you unravel the wanderlust in you, it’s no more about going in the right direction. You find something worthwhile anywhere you go. This is exactly what happened with me when I decided to travel across the States. Despite my well organized ‘top places to see in US’ list, I got ahead of myself to […]

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25 Fun Things To Do In Atlanta GA (This Weekend & Beyond)

Frankly, Atlanta wasn’t really on my bucket list until I came across this travel blog that displayed amazing pictures of it. In the past few years, this place has morphed from a mere commercial hub to a mecca of entertainment. Travelers who tried to move out of the city, even country to experience new things […]

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27 Fun Things To Do In Chicago Today (Free Chicago Things To Do)

My visit to Chicago was all strategized before I left. But I was surprised and quite frankly, awed to see how much more this commercial hub had to offer for travelers. There’s History, Culture, Sports, Nightlife, Beach fun, Shopping Extravaganza- it’s an endless list! But with so much to explore comes all the more confusion. […]

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13 Adventurous Things To Do While Traveling

  What’s a vacation without some heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping adventure to set you free from the monotony! Traveling is fun; it’s liberating, but not as much as letting your crazy out and defy your physical and mental limitations. Adventure holds varied connotations for everyone. For some, driving fast is no less than a breathtaking dare. While […]

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Fun Things To Do In Singapore (Singapore Things To Do)

Amazing Places and dishes to mark your stay in Singapore Modern Singapore is a fantasy.  A small city-state but richly endowed with technology, it is often described as a playground for the rich. But Singapore is simply more than just the luxury hotels, high-end shopping malls or the elegant dining areas. Singapore has a vibrant […]

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