The 3 Best Ways To See Europe

Europe is my favorite place in the world, and I’ve been pretty lucky with the amount of time I’ve been able to spend there.

Canada is a pretty far away place, and finding the time and money to get across the ocean is no small task!

There are so many ways to see Europe, and there are so many different ways to experience it all.

Here’s my take on the best way to see Europe:

1. Go on a tour of Europe

The most fun I’ve had in Europe was when I was on a tour. I’ve always enjoyed being on tours because I don’t have to plan anything or think about logistics. Planning and organizing a trip is a BIG task. I’ll take this burden off my shoulders any time I can.

I love doing tours of Europe because it’s so incredibly rich in history. I wouldn’t know very much of anything if I just stood in front of a Church. I can appreciate certain things just by looking at them, but I’ll never be able to truly appreciate it until I hear a little history about it.

Tours have tour guides. That’s a huge benefit. Tours also have other (hopefully) like minded people who want to share a lot of the same experiences with you.

You definitely pay more for tours. Europe is a country you can visit and plan on your own. Tours don’t make sense for everyone, especially the independent traveller, but it can be a wonderful option for people who want to be guided through Europe without any real responsibility.

And on the bonus side, you get a chance to meet a lot of interesting people from around the world, and hopefully some good friends too.


How To visit Europe


2. See Europe By Train

If you aren’t doing Europe by tour, then you are likely doing it by train!

Europe is connected extremely well through train services. You can get from one side of the continent to the other without much of an issue. It’s this convenience of transportation that makes Europe such a great place to travel by rail.

An often missed benefit of seeing Europe is through train travel. Just look out the window and you’ll see some of the most amazing landscapes you’ll ever see. Wineries in France, hilly slopes and cows in Switzerland, windmills in Germany… and the list goes on and on.

There really isn’t a better way to get around in Europe than by train. If you are traveling further distances then taking an airplane will start to make sense…. as you probably don’t want to be traveling by rail for more than 24 hours. Otherwise…. get those train tickets and get to your next destination!

3. See Europe On A Cruise

I didn’t really think seeing Europe on a cruise would be that great, but it actually was! I suppose this would depend on which type of itinerary you take, but many cruises in Europe ride along the coast line. This offers you really nice sideline views of Europe’s landscape.

It’s particularly pretty when you sail the mediterranean area. Houses on the hills, rocky mountains, and the glamour and richness of villas all bestowed onto your eyes.

Cruises are also a “no brainer” type vacation. You don’t need to plan very much or worry about logistics either. When you port, just make sure you get back on the ship in time. While you’re in your port city, roam around and take it all in. Plan for anything you REALLY want to do while in port, and go do it first. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about running around and seeing everything. You won’t be able to, and you’ll burn yourself down.

If you’re considering visiting Europe, just do it!

Sometimes you gotta just like the yolo life. It’s very cliche and played out, but it’s almost like a way of life.

You really only do live just once. I remember the first time I went to Europe. It was for a long trip that was split into a tour and time by myself.

I was nervous and worried about being outside of North America for the first time.

I didn’t know what to expect or much of anything really.

I just wen’t along with stuff… and did whatever I felt like was fun, and it ended up being the trip of a lifetime. Since then, I’ve travelled extensively to many parts of the world. But you wanna know what? My first time in Europe was still the best time I’ve ever had on vacation anywhere.

So if you are contemplating going to Europe, you need to get your ass over there!

If you’re a first timer, consider seeing Europe on a tour. You’ll meet many like minded people on your trip.

If you’re a do it yourself person, then start looking at places you think you’d like to visit. It will be really long! But narrow it down and create an itinerary that isn’t too crazy, or you’ll get stressed the heck out.

And if you want to try your hand at cruising around Europe, why not! It’s affordable and fun. Plus, being on a ship is pretty cool.