Best Of India: India Points Of Interest (Things To Do In India)

It is hard for me to have an unprejudiced viewpoint about my country. I love India,

and am proud to be an Indian. Having the vagabond spirit in my blood, it has been

my dream to travel across the globe ever since I was a kid. But as I grew up, I

realized that this fascination about traveling abroad is nothing but futile.

India has so much to showcase. Then why not unravel my own land first, before I

head on to the west. So few years back, I decided to look into tours to India to learn more about my country, and found a very good Golden Triangle tour India.

India is HUGE. Really. After so much of traveling, I feel there’s still an endless list to

explore. But amongst the ones I have already set my foot on, about 15 destinations

have captured my heart and soul.

For those who wish to visit India, here is a list of the top 15 attractions that might

interest you. These places are surprisingly discrete, despite the fact that they lie

within the same national border.

Here are 15 incredible points of interest in India – perfect for tourists looking for the best of India

Let’s begin with the North:

1. The Snow Deserts of Leh Ladakh

As a matter of great pride, Ladakh is one of the few snow deserts in the world.

Imagine yourself driving a bike through the windy roads of Leh, at the highest

motor-able road of Asia. The Panoramic Pangong Lake is as dreamy as it can be.

Get ready to travel in the middle of nowhere. Do visit the Buddhist Monasteries to

get a taste of Tibetan culture. It’s time to get flattered by the amazing hospitality of

the locals here.

2. The Heavenly Kashmir Valley

Despite the disputes between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir, and the

endless terrorist attacks besieging the place for years, it still stands out to be as

heavenly as always.

Be it the lakes of Srinagar or the skiing spree at Gulmarg, the beautiful countryside

of Pahalgam or the giant glaciers of sonamarg, from the formidable river Zanskar to

the snow-crowned mountains of Patni Top, everything is exotic about Kashmir.

3. The Majestic Himalayas

There are hundreds of trails wandering across the Himalayan mountains. The

breathtaking Valley of Flowers, the queasy Roopkund Trek, the godlike Deo Tibba

Base Camp Trek- these are some of the names topping this endless list of trails for


4. The 7th Wonder- Taj Mahal, Agra

I cannot put into words what I saw at the Taj Mahal. The stunning monument was

erected by a ruler in tribute to his dead wife.

It’s rather unbelievable that such a thought-over architecture existed hundreds of

years ago, when technology was but a name. Do visit this place to explore how Taj

Mahal changes colors as the day moves forward, and why would this spire never

be affected by any natural calamity.

You can experience the Taj Mahal with a Golden Triangle Tour for a guided tour of

this wonder of the world and many other popular points of attractions in India.

5. The Thrill of Adventures in Rishikesh

The land of Rishis (monks) is world-famous for its river-rafting. The Ganges offers

some really wicked rapids to flip your raft. Be an adrenaline junkie and test your

luck with cliff jumping and bungee.

6. The Highborn Palaces of Rajasthan

Well, this is an endless list. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Chittorgarh,

Khimsar, Mandawa, Neemrana, Bhangarh- all these cities have thousands of

palaces to present.

Many such properties have now taken the shape of exotic hotels and resorts. So

you can now indulge in royal extravaganza and have a taste of the majestic


7. The Hippie culture of Pushkar

Though in Rajasthan, this place looks nothing like the other palatial cities here.

Pushkar is all about hippies and foreigners, permanently settled near the Pushkar


The city possesses the only Brahma Temple present in the world. The bustling

streets may serve you the best drugs available.

8. The Largest Salt Desert in the World, Rann of Kutch

Truly a no man’s land, Rann of Kutch is plain white paint spilled over on land,

covering about everything that comes in your vision. This salt desert turns colorful

during the Kite Festival, when hundreds of colorful kites change the vibe of this


Do visit the Black Hill to have a panoramic view of the land.

9. The Magnificent Hills of Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

One of the most untouched and serene hill stations of India is the town of Tawang.

Located at a good height, the bumpy roads can give you a good back massage.

If you wish to get lost in the snow-capped mountains while walking in the clouds,

Tawang is where you should go!

10. The Living Roots Bridges of Meghalaya

This Bridge has roots up to 100 ft long, strong enough to carry load of 50 people at

a time. The scenery reminds you of the Jungle Book, or the Game of Thrones.

Visit Meghalaya to experience something surreal.

11. The Stunning Dhuandhar Falls of Jabalpur

The clouds rising out of these majestic falls are definitely worth your time. There’s

not much to see in the city, but these waterfalls cover up for it.

12. Goa is always on!

I am not talking about the beaches of Goa (though there are some really nice

beaches). The fact that this place never sleeps makes it a utopia for the party

animals. Goan beaches are lined up with shacks and night clubs. The delicious

food and cheap alcohol are an icing on the cake.

13. The Tea Plantations of Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is heavenly in December. The emerald tea plantations offer a breathtaking

views of the hills. The crazy wildlife, the enchanting forests and pristine beaches,

Kerala is a favorite destination for honeymooners in India.

14. Havelock Islands, Andaman

I highly recommend Andaman Islands for the beach-lovers. The untouched corals,

the clear silica white sands and boulevard of palm trees, Andaman beaches are

replete with sea shells and crabs.

15. Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep has recently opened up for tourists. That’s what makes it more

beautiful and unparalleled. Many big hotel brands have now set their foot on this

tranquil island. Yachting, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, pedal boating, canoing- there

is an endless list of water adventures to do here.

There are still many tourist attractions left to be discovered in India. Being the 7th

largest country in the world definitely works in favor of the travelers. No wonder

they call it the ‘Incredible India’!

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