Backpacking Through Europe Mega Resource Guide

Are you planning a backpacking trip to Europe and don't know where to start?

If yes, then this guide was made just for you!​

This guide ​is a collection of the best "how to's" and "tips" on backpacking through Europe on the internet. 

This backpackers guide is broken down into 10 chapters, each with a unique topic that you'll need to learn about as you plan your epic trip, and links to extremely helpful resources. 

This is also a "live" guide, which means I am constantly updating it with better resources as they are made. So make sure to bookmark this guide and share it on Facebook & Twitter. 

​Have fun reading!

Chapter 1

The Cost Of Backpacking Europe

One of your biggest questions is probably how much it costs to backpack through Europe. It will depend on which countries you visit (Eastern is cheaper than Western), what activities you'll be doing, and places where you'll be staying.

To get an idea of how much Europe costs, the links below will give you real and estimated examples of European backpacking expenses. You'll get an idea of how much to budget for your own backpacking trip after reading these articles.

Chapter 2

How To Save Money For Your Trip Of A Lifetime

You’ll want to save as much moneys you can. You can budget $50/day and still have a blast backpacking Europe, but you'll get more flexibility and options with more money. Learn from these expert travellers who share how they successfully saved lots of money for their overseas adventure.

Chapter 3

Planning Your Backpacking Itinerary & Travel Route

Use the resources below to give you an idea of how to plan your Euro backpacking trip. These people have graciously written down their backpacking itineraries to help you create your own.

How to backpack Europe

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Chapter 4

The Best Places To Backpack In Europe

Not sure where to backpack in Europe? I’ve got you covered. But a warning: You may very well end up with too many places on your travel list! See below for some great backpacking destinations!

Chapter 5

 Packing  Guide For Backpacking Europe

There are two main things you need to remember (and they go hand in hand).

1) Pack light. 2) Only take what you need. Following these 2 rules will keep you a happy backpacker. But how do you pack light? What exactly do you need and don’t need? These packing geniuses below will help you!

Chapter 7

 Europe Transportation Guide (Getting There & Getting Around)

A backpackers biggest expense is usually transportation. There’s no avoiding it, but you can absolutely hack your way to spending as little as possible on commuting costs. The links below will help you do just that.

Chapter 8

How To Find Cheap Hostels & Hotels In Europe

Depending on what part of Europe you plan to travel to and the time of year you go, accommodations can cost $15 - $50+ a night. Backpackers typically stay in low costs hostels rather than pricier hotels. Regardless of the accommodations you choose, you’ll want to learn a few tricks about finding cheap places to stay in Europe.

Chapter 9

How To Backpack Europe Solo & Make Friends Traveling

It’s typically very hard to find a friend who has the time and ambition to backpack around Europe with. Solo backpacking may not be your first choice, but going solo has many benefits you’ll never get if you travel with someone. With that said, these solo travellers have graced us with some words of wisdom about independent travel through Europe.

Chapter 10

Words Of Wisdom From Experienced Backpackers

Learn from those who have gone before you. The resources below are filled with best tips and practices about backpacking through Europe. A Goldmine of information here.

Got a resource you think would fit well on this page? Let me know about it here.

​My goal is to make this the best resource to help you backpack across Europe. You can help me achieve this by sharing it with your friends. 

​Also, share your thoughts in the comments section. Did you find this guide useful? Is there something missing? Your comments will help me improve this guide. Thank you.

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Cheryl cole says

Wow thanks so much for this useful guide. It’s really helping me get my head around backpacking for Europe. There’s just so much to plan for! Ahhhhh

    Expat Jason says

    There is! Backpacking Europe is no easy feat. You could just roam around and go with whatever happens, and that’s cool too. But if you are on a short budget and need to be back home in a couple weeks, you want to do it properly.
    And that means maximizing your time.

    So plan plan plan! The useful links here will help you. Good luck!

Kimberly Quick says

Cool guides.

Sammi says

What kind of backpack should I get? There’s so many. I’m going to backpack Europe in the summer and I don’t know where to start.

    Expat Jason says

    Hey Sammi,

    I’d consider getting a backpack that you can carry onto the airplane over a large one. It will be easier to carry around (obviously) and you save on any luggage fee’s your airline could charge.

    With a smaller backpack, you’ll want to PACK LIGHT! bring just enough clothes. You’re in Europe, and there are tons of shopping opportunities (cheap ones, too!)

    Bring multi coloured clothing that you would wear any day of the week. And a few bottoms that you can rotate. With just 3/4 tops and bottoms, you have enough clothes to look different for more than a week.

    All you gotta do is pack small detergent packages to wash your clothes in a sink and you’re set. It’s way cheaper than using the wash in hostels.

    Start going through the links in this backpacking guide. I know it’s a lot of reading but it will help you tremendously.

    Good luck sammi!

Kelsi says

How much cheaper is eastern europe compared to western europe? thanks for the guide too, it’s super useful.

Joannie Jackson says

When I backpacked Europe, I took the train everywhere. It’s the best way to get around. I bought a rail pass instead of buying point to point tickets because it helped me not freak out about booking trains and stuff while I was there.

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