Alaska Honeymoon: Best Honeymoon In Alaska Ideas & Packages

Couples who have adventure in their blood definitely have Alaska on their honeymoon list. What’s better than celebrating the new chapter of your lives in a grand and offbeat destination as Alaska.

This State is a gift of nature, from majestic mountains to untiring rainforests, from glaciers to fjords, not to mention the picturesque vistas and gorgeous backdrops for that perfect click. You can spend hours when the sky begins its Lights show with the Aurora Borealis (northern lights).

Alaska is huge. The cities are entirely different from each other in terms of lifestyle, tourism and geography. There’s commercially viable Anchorage and then there is tucked away Juneau. So it’s always good to have enough time in your hands to explore it well.

A lot of people don’t know much about honeymooning in Alaska, except for the fact that it offers excellent Cruise options. So here is a detailed note on what to expect in your Alaska honeymoon. Enjoy these Alaskan honeymoon ideas.

When and How to Visit Alaska

Alaska experiences best weather conditions from mid May to mid September. The average temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. You can strike a good deal if you book in early May or late September.

Couples who are visiting the State exclusively for the Northern Lights should plan a winter vacation. The lights are best reflected when the skies are dark for a good length of time. Then, the best season would be from late September until February.

Anchorage is the main gateway to enter the State. The closest major city would be Seattle, which is a 3.5 hour flight from Anchorage. Vancouver is another close option to reach Anchorage.

Alaskan Cruises

The Gulf of Alaska offers one of the greatest views for Cruises across the globe. Then there is the Glacier Bay National Park exhibiting the lovely Polar Bears in their natural habitat.

Dozens of cruises make their way through the frigid glaciers and pine forests every year, carrying thousands of passengers. Some of the most famous brands are Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, Holland America, and Princess Cruises. Most of these depart from Vancouver and Seattle.

Strike a deal for a Honeymoon package at one of these cruises and get ready for an exotic service. There are so many restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, spa and fitness facilities on the cruise itself. It’s like a whole city moving on the waters.

Best Things to See in Alaska On A Honeymoon

Denali National Park

In the north of the Alaskan range, between Anchorage and Fairbanks, is this largest National Park of USA. You can explore magical river valleys, alpine ranges, mountains and glaciers- all in this one entity. The adventurous couples would love such an intimate experience with wilderness. There’ll be bears, elk, reindeers, wolves and many other beasts.

There are many thrilling activities going on here, like hiking, mountaineering, biking and rock climbing.

Inside Passage

Inside Passage is best explored on a Cruise, or if you are too opulent, a private yacht. This part of Alaska is extremely beautiful, like a fairytale. There are mountains and ocean and glaciers and wildlife, everywhere you see.

Don’t miss the Tongass National Forest located along the coastal passage. The forest houses the epic Prince of Wales Island, famous for its thrilling caves.

Kenai Fjord National Park

The Kenai Peninsula, stationed near the town of Seward. offers some of the rarest and most exquisite sightseeing spots for a romantic holiday with your spouse. The exotic Harding Icefield, the uninhabited coastline and the sight of giant grizzlies munching on a few fat salmon- everything here leaves you awestruck.

If you are planning a summer honeymoon, nothing like it. The seas are calmer and days, longer. Although if you two are into skiing, then winters wouldn’t pose any threat either. You could ski your way through the the Exit Glacier.

The most amazing experience would be a Flight-seeing trip to get a bird’s eye view of the fjords. If the weather favors you, you could actually be seeing the gorgeous gift of nature from up there.

Alaska Highway

This one begins from the British Columbia (Canada), through the Yukon territory, and goes up to Fairbanks. For road travelers, this sojourn is an absolute bliss. On the way, you will come across many restaurants and motels to take a break or switch seats.

Adventurers claim it to be the best way to travel to Alaska. You will encounter gas stations after every 30-40 miles.

Tracy Arm Fjord

This narrow inlet circumscribed in sharp cliffs near Juneau is best experienced from a Cruise, although Boat Tours are good too. Fringed with glaciers, you will come across so many icebergs here, that form when waterfall tumbles down the edgy rock walls and glaciers.

You could be one of those lucky couples who caught a glimpse of whales or seals. Besides, there are grizzly bears and moose. All in all, if you haven’t spared much time for Juneau in your itinerary, just take this one place into account and it’s going to be worth it!

honeymoon in alaska

Aurora Borealis

For some love birds, The Northern Lights are the only reason to visit Alaska. These glowing lights sprawl across the sky on a dark, wintry night. You can get a glimpse mostly after midnight.

Fairbanks is the most popular city to view this magnetic field play. Park your vehicle while on road, and experience these lights while in the middle of nowhere. It will be just you two and nature at its best.

Iditarod National Historic Trail

This one is a network of trails, totaling to about 2300 miles. Most popular for its Dog Sled expeditions, this historic trail reflects maximum beauty in winters. This place is also known for Skiing and Snow-machining.

Seward, Alaska

It’s like Switzerland in America. This cute little town , with tiny huts at the foothills of gorgeous snow-capped mountains, is a perfect resting spot for your honeymoon, when you need as break from all the hiking and fishing experiences.

Besides, Seward is a gateway to many major sightseeing spots like Kodiak National Wildlife Refugee, Exit Glacier and many other Kenai Peninsula attractions.

Mendenhall Glacier

This gigantic begins in the Juneau Icefield and winds up at a small lake. Take a picture with the glacier and ice-dotted waters in the background. The trail to the roaring Nugget Falls is a must try for the thrill seekers.

Try Rafting and Kayaking if you wish to float with the bergs. The serenity of this place is absolutely magical.

Arctic Circle tours

You reach the imaginary line of the Arctic when summers are 24 hours day and winters, a perpetual night. You can take a day tour, if not longer, to the alpine tundra on the Dalton Highway. Check out the Beaufort sea for its unparalleled wildlife and beauty.

Where to Stay in Alaska

Alaska has Anchorage and Juneau as its two most popular honeymoon destinations. Naturally, the two places attracts maximum brands in the hotel business. Besides, the state has recently gained attention for luxury lodges and resorts springing in and around the major cities.

Ultima Thule Lodge, Chitima

This extremely secluded lodge is a dream come true for honeymooners. Stationed near the Chitima river, with majestic mountains in the backdrop, the lodge gives you an unparalleled experience for a honeymoon.

Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa, Juneau

This romantic resort is located in the rainforests of Juneau. The place offers whirlpool tubs and gorgeous water views. Try their Spa bath and En-suite dining facilities to experience luxury at its best.

Hotel Alyeska, Anchorage

Located in the small town of Girdwood, surrounded by the Chugach State Park, Alyeska is also a premier Ski Resort in Anchorage. Enjoy a luxury couple spa here while the property arranges for you, some amazing day tours.

Bell in the Woods, B&B, Seward

This lovely small inn creates a lovey-dovey aura in the exotic town of Seward. From customer service to interiors, everything is wonderful here. Book a room with all the extravagance like a luxury bedding, teak furniture, jetted tub and a scrumptious breakfast.

Marriott Anchorage Downtown, Anchorage

The name speaks for itself. There is an indoor pool and an amazing fitness center. The property may leave a hole in your pocket, but is worth every dime.

Honeymoon celebrations are once in a lifetime experience. And for people who wish to do it in style, there’s nothing more distinct than Alaska. After all, what’s better than getting cosy in the chilling weather, literally all the time.

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