13 Adventurous Things To Do While Traveling


What’s a vacation without some heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping adventure to set you free from the monotony! Traveling is fun; it’s liberating, but not as much as letting your crazy out and defy your physical and mental limitations.

Adventure holds varied connotations for everyone. For some, driving fast is no less than a breathtaking dare. While for others, even a bunjee-jump would be a buzz-kill. But there are a few crusades that qualify as the perfect adventure for every man.

So whether you are a gutsy traveler or not, here are a few bold activities that you must try at least once in a lifetime:

  1. Try a Boat Adventure

Some of the world’s greatest cities have been founded near a water source, from Sydney to New Zealand, to the holy waters of Varanasi (India)…. And exploring these by a boat gives you an entirely proxy perspective on its history and culture. Talk about the Amsterdam Canal cruise in Netherlands, a Gondola ride in the romantic Venice waters, a Catamaran experience in the Hawaii Sail excursions or a water-ski adventure in Lake Tahoe, US – it’s a whole new doing amidst every water body. Boat Rides are one of the most basic forms of adventure that surely give you beautiful memoirs, if not an adrenaline rush!


  1. Invest in a 4×4 Adventure

It’s a one-time investment; you need to buy a 4×4 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). And hence begins you off-road adventure diaries. Traverse into the wilderness and experience the bumps and turns of mountain roads or test your driving skills while exploring the arid, dessert areas of Arizona.

If you are not up for such a splurge, go for one of those rental adventures offered by private and Govt. agencies. Take for instance Leh Ladakh Road Excursions to drive on the highest road of the world, in India. Ladakh offers you a world of thrill, being the only place with snow desserts in the world. Park your rental near the serene Pangong Lake and absorb the vistas of nature.

A Desert Safari in Dubai in the gorgeous sand dunes is another rare encounter. You may not be able to afford a Hummer, but you surely can drive one on rent here!


  1. Gawk at Fiercely Animal Encounters

There is so much to explore in the animal kingdom. Seeing these adorable creatures on National Geographic is one thing and getting to see them live in front of you is altogether a different emprise.

The first name that comes to our mind with an Animal Safari is Africa! The vast lands of the Amazon forest may take a whole lifetime to be explored thoroughly. But if you need to prepare yourself for such extreme encounters with the animals, begin with feeding the Orangutans at the Singapore Zoo. Who knows, your love for animals may eventually take you to spending a day with the Penguins in Antarctica!


  1. Go Biking!

Well a lot of people aren’t aware that like Walking Tours and Day Tours, many cities with labyrinthine alleyways and intricate architectures offer you a varied insight into their cultures. Biking! Yeah you read it right! Rome, Barcelona, NYC Central Park, Paris and many more top-notch touristy cities offer you a tour of their interiors on bike. you can easily check the rental options online and book one for yourself in advance.

So embrace the peddle power this vacation, while also keeping your fitness in check. You may park your joyride whenever you wish to take a break or gawk at a beautiful scenery.

  1. Hike into the Nature

There is no better way to breathe in the vistas of nature than walking through it. If you are a mountain person, trekking and hiking are the best adventures for you. Take the trails amidst the mighty Himalayas of Asia; the one connecting the 5 town of Cinque Terre in Europe or the fancy Hollywood Hills in the States- every scenic beauty creates a unique story for you.

Hiking takes your holiday emprise to yet another level…literally. Seeing the sprawling cities from atop, with a bird’s eye view, makes you wonder how the world is at your feet! Don’t forget that a good walking cane can make your trip more comfortable.

You can also participate in outdoor activities like hunting if that is something you are interested in. You’ll definitely want the right gear, so check out these good quality crossbows for deer hunting.


  1. Test your Driving skills with a JetSki

Your need for speed may go down to drains once you experience the Jetski ride. Phuket, Thailand, offers you an offbeat experience wherein you can hop islands on a rental jet ski! This speeding boat cuts through the water in a blink and can leave you awe-struck!

Then there are Jet Boat Tours in Niagra Falls and Sydney as well, where you and a bunch of other tourists are taken on a speedy ride amidst the waters.


Fun adventurous things to do when you travel


  1. Scout the Grand Canyon

While unearthing the beauty of the West Coast, you are bound to come across the grandeur of Grand Canyon. In reach from Arizona, Utah and Nevada, this geological masterstroke has rooted history to explore besides the impeccable adventure options.

Nothing beats the sunset experiences you can have here. The legendary Grand Canyon Skywalk can run a chill through to the fiercest hearted. In fact, simply gawking at its beauty can leave you speechless.


  1. Lose yourself in the Rainforests

Rainforests are a gorgeous combination of nature, adventure and sightseeing. And the best part is you don’t have to go too far to rejoice in these wonderful ecosystems. Explore the El Yunque Rainforest Tours in Puerto Rico, Daintree Rainforest Excursions in Australia or the Bali Jungle Adventures in Indonesia.

Rainforests are sprawling in every continent, every neighboring country. All you need to do is ignite the daredevil in you. You need to be a lot too brave to be in such a close contact with nature, where a snake or a leech may come by to say Hello anytime!


  1. Surf in High Tides

Remember those tanned hunks talking the Surf Lingo, always waxing their boards and playing with the tides with such a breeze! Well, their finesse at surfing might leave you thinking ‘Let’s try it!’ But Surfing demands professional training; it’s no child’s play.

Talk about the gigantic Floridian waves to leave you breathless or the enormity of tides at Bondi Beach, Sydney; the crystal blue waters can give you a hard time. Surf on a full moon and you’ll be amazed at nature’s weird ways.


  1. Go Underwater!

Even the spunkiest stouts can be caught off guard, if asked to go in the sea. The enormity of the ocean along with those fierce creatures down there can leave you sweating. But the world beneath is both magnificent and bizarre.

Scuba diving, snorkeling and under water walks are some of the common adventures to try underwater. Underwater scooters in Hawaii are a latest development for the non-swimmers. Explore the sea world, the unique fishes and gorgeous corals. You can even go extreme by trying your luck in the Cage of Death, a face to face encounter with the gigantic crocodiles. Then there is shark-feeding in South Africa that lets you feed these killer machines while keeping you in a safe cage.

  1. Shoot the Zipline

This is a rather modish development in the world of adventure, mostly adopted from that scrap tire turned swing hanging in your backyard. At dizzying heights, you are made to go zoop at break-neck speeds, while hanging in the air with a safety harness. You can experience this in Hawaii, Las Vegas and many other places. VooDoo in the Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, offers you a return Zipline tour too, a rare sight!

Ziplining is definitely not for the faint hearted, or the ones with Acrophobia.


  1. Try a Leap of Death

Nothing beat the ultimate adrenaline rush you get with a dive in the sky! Go for Extreme Skydiving in Vegas; the party capital is also the skydive capital of the earth. Not to mention the epic, scenic dive in the land of Kiwis, New Zealand. These professionals offer you several packages with whatever height you want to jump from.

Skydiving can now be experienced in a lot of other countries like San Francisco, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai.


  1. Practice the Ancient Action

To a lot of people, adventure seems to be a contemporary phenomenon. Except that it isn’t. Think about the millennial old Gladiators, Ninjas and Samurais. You can relive such history by attending the Roman Gladiator School in a Skirt uniform. Be a Ninja for a Day in Tokyo or hoot at the Mexican Wrestling- Lucha Libre in Mexico City.

Well, that’s not all. There is a whole different set of adventures that you can try once you are done with the above list. For instance, Nude Beach hopping in Mexico is truly an adventure. Then there is the Mt. Everest climb in Nepal. Even if you think you are not up for such extreme thrill, you can go for a trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. That in itself is no less than a ‘do or die’ adventure. There’s Running of the Bulls in Spain, to give a close encounter with death, not to mention a Volcano walk right next to the slowly flowing lava.