Your Guide To SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is a theme park based on aquatic life. With a wide range of thrilling rides, attractions and shows, it is indeed a place where the marine world comes alive. When you purchase a SeaWorld Parks Ticket, you buy yourself and your family a day filled with excitement and sensational fun, all in the proximity of aquatic animals. You get a chance to meet the penguins and swim with dolphins, something you really can’t do unless you travel all the way to Antarctica. Some of the most exhilarating attractions at SeaWorld Orlando are highlighted below:

This is Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest rollercoaster. It is not just any rollercoaster; instead it is inspired by the most deadly predator underwater – the shark. This 200 feet tall hyper coaster leaves the riders breathless and enthralled. As you rise to a height of 200 feet and fall down at the speed of 73 mph times the gravitational pull, you will certainly have an experience of a lifetime. This is the most spectacular attraction in SeaWorld. Spread over an area of 2 acres, the shark-themed rollercoaster is indeed the centre piece of the great theme park.

Mako is just the beginning of excitement as you enter the SeaWorld. It is full of other attractions too, including Manta. It is a next generation thriller which takes you to an exciting journey where you end up being a part of your surroundings. The roller coaster is designed to resemble the way rays appear through the water. Reaching a maximum speed of 56 mph, this thriller definitely combines the best of what is underwater and on the land.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
SeaWorld Orlando is not just a place for adventurous youngsters. Instead, it is a place where every member of the family, regardless of their age, can have a fun adventure-filled time. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin gives you a chance to meet the penguins. The sights and sounds of the place closely depict the environment of the polar regions. It is your chance to experience the mystery and wonder of life on the icy cold continent of Antarctica.

Dolphin Days
As you move on, you will see many more exciting rides and thrillers but meanwhile, you will surely want to sit back and relax while watching the most impressive performance by the marine favourites; dolphins. The unique show is designed to showcase the ocean’s most playful creatures. The show is an example of the investment of the trainers for the betterment of their pet animals. It also demonstrates the special bond between the two. If you are in SeaWorld Orlando, the dolphin show is definitely not to be missed.

From high-speed rollercoasters to getting a chance to meet the most unique aquatic species, SeaWorld, Orlando is a fun filled attraction for the entire family.

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