How To Yoga And Travel At The Same Time

Yoga and globetrotting- one of the most commonly avowed pairs of complementary activities possessed by people from the community of travelers. Both of them share a number of similar distinctions. The most prevalent of them are immense knowledge, stunning experiences, and love of nature. Having taken birth in the scenic lap of the Himalayas, it has given travellers a wide range of options to make their journey even more pleasant. With programs such as Yoga retreat, Meditation retreat, and Yoga teacher training in India, Thailand, Spain, etc., the spiritual science has become a cynosure of nomadic life. Without the shadow of a doubt, traveling embraces multiple beautiful experiences. From adoring the lush vegetation to witnessing the quietness of the Mountainous regions and from living a beach-life to getting enlightened with the historical concept of a particular place, wanderer experiences all those things that a scheduled-packed individual cannot. The delight of Yoga does nothing but doubles the amount of delectation during a trip.

How Yoga keeps you inspired during a travel?

Travelling denotes happiness and bliss but carrying on with the same rhythm is equally challenging. There are times when you feel tiring. Your weariness starts dominating the splendor of nature. Yoga helps you be energized and inspired throughout the trip. When the morning begins with Yoga asanas and spiritual Mantras, you feel an inner force persuading you to enjoy your vacation in the best way and everything looks beautiful during the day. The merger of Yoga with traveling produces some of the most memorable moments in the life.

Yoga builds inner strength for adventure: Adventurers should always keep the delight of Yoga with themselves. Activities such as mountaineering, Heli-Skiing, Paragliding, etc., require a hell lot of courage and one needs to be prepared mentally as well as emotionally to do these. 5-10 minutes of Yoga and Pranayama before such activities liberates your mind from nervousness.

Asanas restore to health in case of minor ailments: Joint pains, headache, backache might affect your delightful journey. Yoga asanas such as Balasana, Sphinx Pose, Reclined Supine Twist, etc., heal those instantly and make sure you enjoy the traveling experience with little trouble.

Yoga helps you be calm and radiant: Nobody can omit the chances of missing a train or bus during a long journey. This might create annoyance which is enough to ruin the whole day. In such conditions, take a deep breath, keep calm, think from within and don’t let the little inconvenience purloin your moments of merriness.

Yogic principles promote mental and physical hygiene: In an unknown place, there are chances that you might end up being sick after having an unwholesome diet. It is suggested to keep an online or offline guide to yogic diets and routine with you during a visit. Following the yogic lifestyle helps you celebrate your travel experience completely.

The art of keeping up with Yoga on a tour

There are travelers who explore a particular place for weeks in order to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture and social aspects. There are also a number of trippers who love nature and wants to spend time in on the beaches or hill stations. Whatever the kind of traveler you are, you can continue enjoying the nurturing power of Yoga. Let’s look at how.

Take a Yoga retreat: Yoga retreats are the best way to make a journey astonishing. One can find Yoga programs in almost every major world city. Along with offering the mesmeric experience of nature, the retreat rejuvenates you to the core. You can also use your phone to google a nearby Yoga studio to join classes there. An hour of Yoga class daily gives you the freedom to spend the rest of the day visiting different places in the city.

Begin your mornings with Yoga: No Yoga classes nearby? No problem. Attend your personal Yoga school and embrace its beauty on your own. Find an open area in your hotel and start practicing the asanas. You can also do so in the room with windows open. The practice helps you remain refresh and energetic throughout the day while you explore various places.

Engage in altruistic acts: Everybody wants their tour to be worthwhile and where better to devote yourself than in Karma Yoga. One of the best ways one can embrace the philosophy of Yoga is donating clothes or food to needy people of the town you are visiting. Spending time with indigent children and teaching them Yoga is another way to remain in the arc of Yogic bliss during a holiday.

Connect with yourself while on flights: Meditate while you are on a flight or train. It will take away the fear of a long air journey out of you.

Yoga is not just an activity, it is your best friend in the company of which you can rule the road leading to the pleasure of backpacking. While we all know that traveling is not a walk in the park, one needs somebody to encourage them constantly. Trikonasana, Pranayama, Balasana, Meditation, etc. are the most common Yoga poses among globetrotters. A number of excursionists utilize the power of Yoga to counsel them while they are exploring the globe. If you want to have a fearless and fruitful holiday, it is advised to be in touch with the purity of Yoga.

Author Bio : Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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