How To Vape Like a Pro While Vacationing On Holidays

Going on holiday is a great time of the year to relax and take some time out from the day to day. However, it can be a little hectic depending on your vacation spot of choice. If you are a vaper, then the trip can be more difficult if you want to take your equipment along. Check out these tips before signing up for holiday to make sure you are in the know.

First and foremost, knowledge should be the top priority before ever setting foot on holiday. If you are traveling to a foreign country, research the local and federal laws surrounding vaping. Many countries have a ban on smoking in public places, sales of tobacco products, etc. Most also lump vape products in with tobacco, making it harder to purchase equipment, find reliable shops, or vape outside of the privacy of your hotel room.

Aside from knowing local laws, if you are taking a plane, you will want to follow proper procedures. Check the airport specific laws for this, but most should follow this rubric. You will need to stow all your vaping equipment in your carry-on luggage. Batteries can explode from pressure if placed in checked baggage. Make sure that you clean each piece of equipment and place it neatly in a bag. Remember to keep your vape juice in a separate bag in order to check through most flights. It always help to carry a few of your favorite flavors for travel. For example, if you love naked e juice, be sure to stock up.

While getting your equipment ready for travel, take a moment to take note of inventory. As mentioned, depending on location, you may not be able to purchase vape products easily. In this regard, plan for your holiday appropriately by having spare coils and parts in case something happens. You may also want to take extra vape juice with you, especially if you enjoy a particular flavor. This can be a double edge sword though, package the juice well, as it can be extremely difficult to get out of clothing.

If you are going on holiday by flying, make sure to follow etiquette at the terminal. This means telling security and being patient with them while working through the process. It also means finding vaping and smoking sections before vaping. Lastly, do NOT vape once you are on the plane. This is still a major no no and can get you in serious trouble. The smoke detectors on the plane can pick up vape as well, which could land you in hot water. If you need a fix, try taking a nicotine patch for the flight.

Vaping on holiday can be a simple process if you prepare for it ahead of time. If you are travelling to a foreign country check the rules and respect them. Follow the tips for taking vaping in the airport and on protocol on a flight. Being mindful of others and respectful of the law will make sure you have a in good standing. The rest of the process should just be preparing your vape and juice and enjoying yourself on holiday.

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