5 Most Luxurious Airports In The World


If you ask someone to name associations related to an air trip, most of the people will forget about mentioning the major venue of this activity. No, it is not an aircraft but an airport. This spot is both a beginning and end of your trip. Nevertheless, it does not obtain a due attention of passengers. However, it should.

As a rule, customers who opt for business class flight deals and those who fly in the top class cabin cannot evaluate an airport of departure on its merits since they are provided with specialized lounge areas. At the same time, the bulk of air travelers have no access to lounges and have to enjoy the general facilities found in the airport. To your attention, a list of five luxurious air hubs on the globe is introduced.


We start the review of the best airports from the west to the eastern direction. The first venue is the major airport of the UK capital city. In fact, if you fly to or from London, you can opt for six airports depending on your destination. Heathrow operates the bulk of international routes including most of the transatlantic direction. Besides, the terminal No.5 has a title of the best on the globe. Do you wonder why? Let’s start with catering. More than 100 restaurants can be found in this the air hub of the capital city. Shopping opportunities are another attraction of this place. Versatile stores and personal shoppers are available for everyone who wants to spend time for buying various stuff.

These are the 5 most luxurious airports in the world every day people can access. Have you been to any of them?


This name is not as widespread as the Zurich Airport. This venue in Switzerland can be called one of the health-promoting air hubs in the world. However, if you are tired of riding bikes or sweating in a fitness hall, you may try an alternative represented by the cigar lounge that can be found in a rather extraordinary place called Runway 34. This bar/restaurant is located beneath the Soviet aircraft Ilyushin Il-14. If this fact has not impressed you, make a trip from one terminal to another and enjoy ringing of Alpine bells during the way.


Although the capital of Bavaria cannot boast of the busiest airport (Frankfurt has taken the lead), it is still deemed to be the most attractive in Germany. The venue is not large but incredibly beautiful. Do you know other places with roofed-in beer gardens? If you do, consider that this one is the largest among the others. Those who like beer will appreciate the availability of an on-site brewery. At passenger’s’ disposal, there are also more than 50 other dining venues.


Meet the holder of the title of the world’s best place for boarding and leaving an aircraft. This venue in Singapore is also the biggest transport hub in southeastern Asia. In the last year, this venue was visited by a number of people equal to the population of Italy. All these people had a chance to visit a swimming pool, versatile shops, cinemas, gaming zones and other entertainment options. Moreover, in the next year, a 40-meters waterfall is expected to appear in the ‘Jewel Complex.’


The most eastern destination on our list belongs to the South Korean trans-border airport. An interesting fact is that the first duty-free store by Louis Vuitton was opened exactly here. If you are reluctant to go shopping, make a visit to spa complexes offering versatile services to relax. Another place to visit in this venue is a tranquil garden. Perhaps, you like golf, gambling or live music concerts. All these options are available for guest of this transport hub. The list of entertainment solutions provided in the airport is very long.

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