6 Most Useful Travel Apps

There are so many travel apps in the Android and iOS markets, it becomes difficult identifying the most relevant of them all. Some are actually terrible to work with, while others can be quite handy. Before installing any of these apps, it is important to do some groundwork search to establish which ones can be useful, and which ones are not. Convenience is the name of the game.

Having a reliable app in place allows you to go on with your business comfortably, and if you are into sports betting, or casino games, you can visit for all the fun you can master. It is just one of the fun ways of engaging yourself as you await confirmation about a scheduled flight, or an accommodation booking.

Maybe you are planning to go on a trip in the coming days, so why not use our selection of the best travel apps.

#1. LoungeBuddy – If you’ve ever gone through the pain of being denied access to airport lounges due to lack of membership cards then you should try LoungeBuddy. You only need to enter your credit card, status of airline, and lounge memberships, then the app will do all the dirty work to inform you about the lounges you can access in any airport. It is a free, easy-to-use app. Travel in style as you play some casino games with Betway88.

#2. AirHelp – A delayed or a cancelled flight can be extremely inconveniencing. Even worse, is being denied boarding due to overbooking. While there are provisions for compensations in US and EU, laws differ and you might end up not getting any compensation. AirHelp comes in handy.

The simple app makes processing of the compensation swift and stress-free. Something to take you only a few minutes waiting around the lobby. All they need is flight details and cause of the problem, then the company responsible takes it from there. There is a 25 percentage charge, but it is all worth it. 

#3. Hostelworld – If you’ve ever used an accommodation booking app before, Hostelworld picks all the positives from those apps. It searches for accommodation, gives you descriptions, including a clear full-screen map showing whether your preferred hostel is near your destination. It is available for both iOS and Android. Get the best accommodation and enjoy to the fullest doing things you love like betting on Betway88 at the comfort of your hotel room.

#4. Airbnb – This app will let allow you to rent individual rooms, or an entire apartment from locals. Basically, it is an easy link between hostels and hotels, besides, it gives you the opportunity to combine the socializing with the locals with a hostel experience. It has been designed to work like a website, only that it is simplified and easier to navigate.

#5. Skyscanner – If you’re looking for the cheapest flights, there is no better app than Skyscanner. The app will search more than 1,200 sources for millions of flights, giving you the best available options. It features a chart where you can view the cheapest days or months to travel, and will send you timely notifications whenever there are price changes.

#6. HotelTonight – You won’t have to move from one hotel to another searching for empty rooms when you have HotelTonight. It will give you amazing discounts on empty rooms, fast. It is easy to use, and gives you options to search on the map, or by a particular attraction or city. Customer reviews from other travelers can help you identify the best spots where you can relax as you enjoy other personal activities.

Other helpful apps include TripIt, OpenRice, Trail Wallet, and Detour.


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