How To Have An Unforgettable Skiing Holiday

When you’re planning a holiday – especially a skiing holiday – you want to make sure that there’s no way you’ll forget it in the years to come. It’s entirely possible for a whole raft of things to go wrong, so you can get caught up in the minutiae of making sure everything goes exactly to plan. When you’re doing this, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture; that a holiday is all about having fun, and that the main objective is to keep everyone enjoying themselves.

There are right and wrong ways to plan the perfect skiing holiday, but there are also right and wrong ways to actually experience it, including experiencing the planning stage. Depending on how you approach your holiday, you could either have the best time of your life or it could be something you never want to repeat again. Don’t let that happen. We’ve compiled some tips on how you can have an unforgettable skiing holiday, whether you’re going with friends, family, or alone.

Pick a good ski school

If you’ve never skied before, the chances are you’ll need somewhere good to learn. All ski schools are not created equal, so it’s crucial to pick a good place to pick up the basics and get started. Facilities like the Matterhorn Diamonds Ski School are excellent places to begin, offering everything a newbie could want from a ski tutorial. It’s also a good idea to pick a school with plenty of surrounding facilities so you can relax after a hard lesson or two.

Go with people above your level

You won’t always be able to control this, and it’s not necessarily the best way to experience every ski holiday, but one way you can quickly learn to become a better skier is to go with people who are above your skill level. You’ll be inspired to up your game by their performance, and you can ask them if they wouldn’t mind showing you the ropes as well. When things get a little too tough, you can retire to the lodge and let them show off their stuff.

Try going in January

Again, your degree of control over when you go will depend largely on when you’re able to get holiday or get the kids off school. January ski prices tend to be much lower than those in December or February; if you can get time off during January or March, it’s much better for your wallet, as the other months are times when everyone is off school and holidays are usually booked. If you pick your time right, you might well be able to enjoy a slope almost totally to yourself!

Get fit

Believe us when we say that you’ll want to be fit for your first skiing adventure. You might not think that fitness is important for a skier, but since skiing is practically a low-impact full-body workout, it pays to be fit so that you can minimize mistakes and lower the chances of falling. Skiing – and many other winter sports, for that matter – can be intensely demanding, and if you’re physically fit before you start then your body will respond to that challenge much better.

Try to borrow gear

You might not actually know if you love skiing as much as you want to yet, so make sure you don’t go all out and buy your gear immediately. First, ask around friends and family to see if anybody has skiing equipment that you can borrow. Many lodges will offer to loan you skis or clothing, so you may not even need to worry about bringing your own in the first place. Failing that, there are many sites that will offer the chance to rent ski gear in time increments to suit you.

Take protection for your phone

Your smartphone is probably not built to withstand extreme temperatures, and you’ll certainly be tussling with those during your time on the slopes. That being the case, you’ll want to acquire some sort of protection from cold weather for your phone, otherwise you’ll risk it shutting down and not working on you. A case will do wonders, as will a warm phone pocket. You should also invest in a power bank so you can charge it while you’re out and about; the battery will probably drain quite quickly.

Have fun

The moment you’re no longer having fun with your skiing holiday is the moment you should stop, go back to the chalet, and take a break. If skiing is becoming more like a moment-to-moment competition than an enjoyable activity, it’s probably time to stop. Enjoy a hot drink; grab some food; do something that relaxes you. Nobody likes that one person who just has to keep going even though they’re clearly not having fun, so don’t let that be you. This is also a good way to avoid injuries.

Take lots of pictures

What better way not to forget a trip than to take lots of pictures? This is another reason you need a power bank and temperature protection for your phone; you don’t want the camera to drop out on you during a particularly important photo session. Capturing those memories means you’ll be able to relive them later, so don’t neglect pictures. If your phone just isn’t feeling up to it because of the weather, it’s a good idea to try and recruit one of your party to take them instead – just don’t forget!

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