UK Staycations: What’s Fueling The Rise?

Like with anything, the travel industry has moved in waves over the last few years. Once upon a time it was a trip to the seaside, then came the European budget getaways, and now we’re back to vacations on home soil.

Considering how airplane fares have reduced so much over the years, this is something that has raised a few eyebrows. However, as the remainder of today’s article will outline, there are more than a few reasons behind this development which we will now investigate.

We’ve started to appreciate Britain

Put simply, the novelty of trips abroad has slowly started to wear off. Budget airlines have had their day, and are certainly still enjoying the market, but more and more people are starting to realise that they don’t have to jump on a plane to really get the most from their annual leave.

Traveling to the likes of Reading, Bath, Newcastle and of course London might not bring beaches, but it does still bring plenty of attractions which tourists are looking to find on their escapes.

The flexible-factor

Of course, there is more to the story than simply wishing to stay put and appreciate the beauty of Britain. One of these reasons comes in the form of flexibility.

As we all know, flying anywhere is anything-but easy. Flight prices spike at the school holidays, while the timings are so regimented that it becomes difficult to save on precious annual leave days. This situation then turns on its head when it comes to staying on home soil; suddenly your departure times are completely on your own terms. It can mean that you can comfortably go away for a long weekend – and get almost three full days holiday for the cost of just one day of annual leave.

It sometimes comes down to the dog

It might sound ridiculous, but some people are choosing to holiday in their home country just because of their canine friend.

Suffice to say, taking your dog abroad is difficult to say the least. There are obvious concerns with taking them on an airplane, not to mention the cost implications about doing this as well.

This seems to have been jumped on by local hotels, with many now allowing dogs to sleep in the rooms. Sure, it might come at a small levy, but this is a small price to pay than the alternative of leaving their pets behind for some pet owners.

Pounds, shilling and pence

Unsurprisingly, a lot of it also comes down to the bottom line. We have already spoken about flexibility, and just how much easier it is to venture away when you are staying put in the UK. However, it’s also a lot cheaper.

Budget airlines might be cemented in our culture, but prices are getting a little more difficult. Baggage fees are getting worse and the days of taking a small suitcase on board and not being charged for the privilege are soon going. Ultimately, it means that staycations are turning out to be a more cost-efficient way of going away – and this is always going to be a huge driving factor.

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