Shocks vs Lift Kits: Which Suspension Modification Is Best For Your Truck

An owner may decide to modify a truck suspension system to raise the vehicle and make it more responsive to rough roads. A modification system may also be used to improve vehicle appearances. It is important to understand two different suspension modifications before making a final suspension decision.

Advantages of Shocks

Truck shocks control the rate of suspension movement of the vehicle. This is especially important for a vehicle going over rough roads that jostle a truck and threaten to fracture the suspension system. A good shock system must not be too stiff or provide an uncomfortable ride. An advantage to using shocks is the range options from which a vehicle owner can choose. There are adjustable, load-leveler and air shocks. They are also rather simple and basic to replace. Depending on preferences and budget, these can be a good first step towards a large suspension modification project.

Advantage of Lift Kits

A lift kit requires more work than simply using new shocks. In fact, installing a lift kit often requires also upgrading shocks at the same time. Similar to a shock suspension modification, the goal of a lift kit is to provide a smoother ride. It also contributes to a cool appearance by raising both the front and rear ends while also leaving extra room for larger wheels and tires. A 4 inch lift kit in particular means the next purchase should be a set of big, impressive tires ready to hit the rocks.

Choosing Between the Suspension Modifications

Deciding between lift kits and shocks depends on budget, installation intensity and time. A quick and less expensive option are new shocks, while a lift kit is more expensive and time intensive, but also yield visible results that can be built upon with accessories. After adjusted the suspension of your truck, retractable steps for lifted trucks can help owners climb aboard. Visit 4 Wheel Parts to purchase the materials required for a suspension modification today.

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