Montreal Trip Tips: How To Plan A Trip To Montreal Canada

Montreal is a diverse and prosperous island city that favors elegance and style. It is a place where traditional and modern aspects of the world collide on everyday basis. It resembles Vienna in many ways and is a vibrant and glorious place for your next vacation.

Montreal always had an edge filled with great music, delicious food, and sparkling booze. The summer festivals are a celebration of life, enchanted with comedy, beer, and dazzling fireworks. Even on rare weeks, without any pre-planning, a surprise party can begin, carrying on the festivity throughout the season.  Clubs and sidewalks are always buzzing with joyous tourists from late afternoon to early hours in the morning. Whether the temperature is 20 below zero or 10 above zero, this city knows how to blend with weather and continue the festivities like Montréal en Lumière. Months of January and February are filled with concerts, fine food, and balls.

Montreal gets its name from Parc du Mont-Royal, a 746-feet tall tree, covered with igneous rocks, which surrounds the cityscape. This city is not located on an impressive height, as compared to other tourist locations, but it houses one of the finest urban parks with mountains forming a breathtakingly beautiful scenic location.


Old Montreal is home to some of the most fascinating museums in the world connected by narrow network of cobblestones. Are you planning a trip to Montreal? Here are a few reasons to make you more excited about the trip-

  • Shopping Hotspot

Montreal is a buzzing city with many amazing shopping centers all over town. The Marche Jean-Talon is the largest open air market in North America, and city’s oldest market Marche Atwater is also a big hit among the tourists. It also an underground-city with shopping malls and food courts situated beneath the town, and connected with pedestrian tunnels and subway system.

  • Dose of Multiculturalism

Let your wanderlust go wild in Montreal with exquisite range of ethnic neighborhoods and global cuisines. Savor the taste of dishes from around the world at their finest in various hottest restaurants and pubs situated all over town.

  • Vibrant Nightlife

Enjoy the popular nightlife spots of Montreal like boulevard St-Laurent, rue St-Denis, and rue Crescent, along with some traditional pubs in the Old Montreal and the Village.

  • Celebrate the Montreal’s Most Finest Jazz Fest

If you’re looking to celebrate Jazz at its finest, then join Montreal’s biggest party, The Jazz Fest, in the year of late June and early July. Reserve your hotels in advance and take your passion for jazz to the next level.

  • Historic Old Montreal

If you’re someone who loves to walk on cobble streets and enjoy admiring a great waterfront, then old Montreal will be a delight that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! With fines restaurants, buzzing nightlife, and Old Port, your trip to Montreal will become even more popular.


If you want to avoid crowded restaurants and hotels, and at the same time don’t want to freeze in the cold temperatures of Montreal, you can take your trip to Montreal in the short spring season. Fall in this city is not only gorgeous, but also makes this place a living beauty, filled with change coloring leaves and light traffic. You can also visit this beautiful place in early September, just after Labor Day.

how to plan a trip to Montreal Canada



Here is everything you need to know about making your trip to Montreal and pleasant and adventurous vacation:

  • Transportation
  • You can travel by ground transportation in a cab, which charges around C$40 from Montréal’s Trudeau International Airport to the center of the city. The cheapest way to get into the town is through 747 express bus, or 24-hour shuttle service that will drop you at a metro station. Fair to the downtown hotels are C$10.
  • You can travel to Montreal on a bicycle, as the city has multiple bike paths with flat terrain. You can get your favorite bike for C$5 for 24-hours from 300 credit-card operated stands all over the city. You can extend this trip to 72 hours for C$12, or a one-way trip for C$2.75.
  • If you’re driving in the city, things can get expensive real easily. As, garages are pricey and there are no stopping zones during rush hours. Resident-only parking is available for the locals, only, and in winters the road are almost ruthless.
  • Public transportation runs for both metro and bus system, which are quite clean and quiet. Just 15-minute walk from all major points in the city, you can easily access these transport stops. Metro hours are 5:30 am to 12:30 am on weekdays and 5:30 am to 1:30 am for C$3.25 and three-day pass for C$18.
  • The taxi travel runs for the same rate of C$3.45 minimum and for C$1.70 per kilometer.
  • Dress Code

There are many symphonies and events where everyone, including tourists is obliged to follow dress codes. Men can wear black pants and a button-down at events like Opera and theatre performances, and women can wear dark jeans, strappy shoes, dresses, skirts, and other formal attires.

  • Events Information

French-language Le Voir and Nightlife are some of the events that are free and widely distributed.

  • Reservations

Montreal is a city that hosts multiple festivals and events throughout the year. Hotels are consistently booked and visitors may be taken by surprise, if reservations are not done. Events like Grand Prix and World Film Festival are always booked months earlier, and hotels are jam-packed during the months of November to early April.

  • Facilities

Always ask for the facilities that your accommodation will provide. Features like TV, Wi-Fi, balcony, breakfast, private phones, and others.

  • Hotels with Kids

Most of the chain hotels have great pools and charming ambience like Le Square Phillips Hotel, which might be the ideal one for a vacation with kids. You can go for more family-oriented hotels like Centre des Sciences de Montréal.

Montreal is a beautiful city that has everything from food and entertainment to peace. Plan your trip to Montreal with these tips, and you will always make the right move at every turn.

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