6 Useful Tips For Traveling to Seattle By Car

Traveling to Seattle by car might seem like the most convenient option you have. Being able to get from point A to point B without having to rely on public transportation or taxis will allow you to keep up with your schedule and will probably make your trip more enjoyable. However, there are some things that can surprise you once you get there, and not in the most pleasant way. If you are not used to driving in congested areas, the traffic you will stumble upon in Seattle could cause you concerns. As lovely as the city is, driving around can easily get tiring, and might prevent you from actually making the most of your time spent there. What you are recommended to do is look into a few tips on the subject, and learn some insights everyone driving to and in Seattle should know about. Here are your most important guidelines on the matter:

Leave your car parked during rush hour

Whether you have a business meeting to attend to, you want to explore the city, or do some shopping, rush hour is certainly not the time to be driving around Seattle, especially as someone who doesn’t know the city well enough in the first place. Rush hours are particularly overwhelming on Fridays, but you can get stuck in traffic at certain times during the day from Monday to Sunday. If you have the possibility to, simply leave your car parked, and choose to walk or take the subway when the traffic is more congested. You probably don’t want to waste a lot of time in traffic, so ask around, and find out when you should avoid driving – you’ll be glad you have paid attention to this aspect, once you see how slowly the traffic is.

Book a private parking spot online

Parking doesn’t come cheap in Seattle, and when you are in a rush and have to leave your car parked somewhere for the day, you might end up with a bill that is unreasonably expensive. Free parking spots are also extremely limited, and the odds are you won’t be able to find one, and if you leave our vehicle somewhere you shouldn’t, you can expect a steep fine. What you can do however, is adopt the practice of Seattle locals, and book an exclusive parking spot in an area that is convenient to you. When it comes to monthly parking in Seattle, you will come across some appealing deals just by doing a quick search on the internet. A pre-booked spot will be much more affordable than any other option and will also provide you with the location convenience you are seeking. This becomes even more relevant if you are living in the city or will be staying for multiple months. Simply look for offers online, do your research and make your booking. You’ll get peace of mind this way, knowing you won’t have any problems in this department. You can pay even as little as 130 dollars for an entire month, if you know where to look.

Driving in the rain

You know by now that Seattle is a rainy city, and while drivers are already used to unexpected weather changes, traffic still gets a bit slower when it starts to rain. If driving in the rain isn’t exactly your forte, and you aren’t equipped with the necessary tools or patience, you could deal with a few issues. Try to be extra cautious if you do get stuck in traffic when it’s raining.

Watch out for cyclists

Cyclists can often cause issues to drivers, regardless of city, but in Seattle, the number of cyclists on the roads is a bit higher than in your average city. It’s common knowledge that not all cyclists respect traffic rules, and you can’t do much about it, just be highly attentive. Watch out for them when you are driving, just so you don’t get involved in an unpleasant accident. It’s simply better to be precautious on the matter and always respect bike lanes.

Avoid one-way street tangles

There is quite a large share of one-way streets in this city, and getting stuck on one can trigger some inconveniences and delay your entire schedule. Because the city is unfamiliar to you, it can be difficult to avoid these roads without any extra help. Use a navigation system to spot early these types of streets. Ending up on a long, busy street with no left turns allowed is certainly unpleasant, so just use your GPS to avoid putting yourself in that situation. The downtown area of Seattle is usually where drivers are caught in one-way street tangles most.

Be prepared to encounter various driving styles

From drivers that are aggressive in traffic, to extremely polite ones, in Seattle you will discover a wider variety of driving styles than you might have expected. Some might neglect road signs, make unexpected turns, and cause you problems in general. This is why you are recommended to stay alert and be prepared for the unexpected. Things tend to get a bit “exciting" on Seattle streets, and if you are not used to such chaotic driving maneuvers, it can seem tiring. If you know what to expect you’ll be less surprised when facing certain scenarios, and not let your day be affected by a problem had in traffic. If you want to drive in Seattle, you’ll need to go with the flow!

Exploring Seattle can be a pleasant experience altogether, but when you are accessing the city grounds by car, you may also encounter a few inconveniences. Regardless for what reason you are visiting the city, you should be well-informed on how to keep yourself organized and how to tackle potential driving issues that might arise. You probably know by now that Seattle deals with a traffic problem, being a congested city usually, but if you keep in mind the advice found here, you will be able to keep your entire rip pleasant and inconvenience-free.

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