Best Men’s Grooming Essentials to Carry When Travelling

Traveling is fun. It gets you to new places and refreshes your mind. But it can be a hectic experience. This is especially the case when you have to be on-the-go for hours on end.

Whether you are driving a car, boarding a plane, or even sailing across the ocean, these journeys can tire you out and, at the same time, mess with your personal hygiene.

Travelling exposes you to dust and sweat for a prolonged period, making you feel uncomfortable throughout the trip. Men have rougher skin and oilier faces compared to women, and these hygiene factors require attention.

Thankfully, there are so many grooming products to choose from while you travel. These grooming products for men are guaranteed to make the journey a fresh and enjoyable one. In this article, we have listed some of the essentials:

  1. A Wash Bag

Commonly known as a Dopp Kit, A wash bag is the ultimate grooming bag for traveling. It can hold most, if not all, of your essential toiletries. Whether it’s your deodorants, shampoo, face wash, comb, etc. they come in all shapes and sizes, and their main advantages relate to their lightness and portable nature.

  1. Body Cleanser

When you are on the go, your body is prone to collecting dust and dirt. Due to this, it’s a good idea to carry with you a body cleanser. They typically come in small packaging, which makes it easy to always keep within hand’s reach whenever needed. In addition, sanitizers are also great at getting rid of any extra dust sticking to your skin.

  1. Lip Balms

Traveling for a long period can cause your skin to dry out. This can be particularly troublesome if you’re traveling by plane. Plus it’s not just your skin – your lips dry out as well. Carrying a lip balm can relieve you from this problem. Give your lips a touch up with the balm to keep them moisturized.

  1. Deodorant/Perfumes

As you are no doubt already aware, staying in sweaty clothes for a long period produces a bad stench. This not only troubles you but also troubles others around you. Some of us sweat more than others, and traveling just makes it worse. It’s highly recommended you carry a deodorant to get rid of the stink, and also to stop those judgmental eyes from looking at you. Faveable recommends using a cologne for a long-lasting impression. Remember, if you smell good, you feel good.

  1. Dental Products

Travelling does not excuse you from avoiding those two-minute brush sessions in the mornings and evenings. Keep your dental products – toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss – in place. Toothbrushes don’t take up much space in your suitcase or wash bag. The same goes for toothpaste and floss. You can purchase them in small packets before making your journey. Keeping a spare toothbrush is always a good idea as they can easily become misplaced. If you want to travel light, it is advised to leave any electric toothbrushes at home.

  1. Shaving Kit

The shaving kit you take should consist of the usual: shaving cream, face wash, aftershave, and so on. If you are traveling via plane, it is advised not to carry shaving blades as these are not allowed onboard. You can always carry electric trimmers or cartridge razors. If you are on a business trip, it is a matter of urgency to keep your face well groomed. Even when you are on vacation, having a well shaven or trimmed face can never cause any harm.

  1. Hair Care Products

Imagine arriving at your destination with rough and messy looking hair. The thought of it is rather depressing. Needless to say, your hair goes through a lot when you travel. Consequently, it’s important to organize your travel-friendly hair care products. Shampoo, conditioner, a comb, gel, wax – whatever products you need to keep your hair looking fresh.

  1. Wet Wipes

Accidents can happen while traveling. You may accidentally spill your drink on yourself while reaching for a newspaper, or the passenger next to you might just ruin your day by pouring water all over your favorite shirt. Wet wipes come in handy in such situations. You can also use them to freshen yourself up if you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Useful Suggestions Before Packing

Firstly, keep tabs on the number of items you have taken. If there is an item that isn’t a necessity, don’t take it with you.Secondly, it’s wise to carry multipurpose products. For example, if you carry a liquid body soap in a small package, you can avoid taking a bar of soap since the liquid body soap can fulfill the function of the bar soap. As a result, it saves some precious space in your luggage.

Thirdly, imagine you have forgotten to take a razor for your trip. Don’t waste time getting another one then and there. You can always purchase it once you reach your destination. It’s wise to keep an idea of what products are available in the destination you are visiting. This can help with planning ahead and traveling lighter.

And finally, go through a grooming process before embarking on the trip. Trim your beard, hair, and nose hair, and clip your nails before the journey starts. This not only helps save time, but it also saves you from having to pack extra grooming products.

Final Thoughts

Traveling light and prepared helps relieve stress and, ultimately, make the journey more enjoyable. It feels good to travel with all your grooming products in place. Anytime you come across discomfort, you can always fix yourself right up. Keep this article’s guidelines in mind can assure a greater experience the next time you travel. Bon Voyage!

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