15 Must Have Travel Gadgets To Make Life Easier On The Road

Be equipped, and travel better. Travel worry free. Memories. Adventure. Experience. Just a few things that come to your mind when travel is mentioned. Today we are covering 15 gadgets that are essential for long-distance travel full of safety and comfort.

  1. Energi + Backpack. Doesn’t matter what it is that you have, you need to store it. Something durable that isn’t too heavy but yet that makes your life easier. The availability to charge sure makes life easier. I mean, we all need some extra juice at times. Stop worrying about having enough juice to request an Uber after you land. This backpack provides dedicated laptop and tablet compartments, a headphone pocket and of course, the charger.

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  1. Noke.

Would you carry a camera, would you carry a MacBook without any protection? You might, and you might think a lock is not necessary, but that’s until someone steals something from your backpack. That lock investment could be vital. The problem with key locks is that the methods of opening them are pretty outdated. Keys get lost. And numbers? They get forgotten. Phones, on the other hand, we tend to take greater care. This padlock will help you save time, save you stress, and also make you safer.

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  1. Sleep Sheppard.

Travel. Long distance travel. The first thing that comes into someone’s mind when traveling? Time change, jet lag. There is a way to fight it. It’s called Sleep Sheppard. It optimises your sleep. Studies show 4 out of 5 people sleep better with Sleep Sheppard. Not only is it effective, it’s also super helpful. Here’s the thing, jet lag kills time, it also kills chances to experience. The smart alarm will wake you up, but not just wake you up. It will wake you up effectively. It’s a slow graduate waking up process compared to a quite disturbing process of a typical alarm which sure wakes you up, but it doesn’t wake you up in a way that you easily get up. Sleep Sheppard helps you sleep, and to fall asleep. And it tells you how well you sleep. You can’t ask more than that.

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  1. LaCie 2TB Rugged Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 External Hard Drive.

Storage. Entering 2017, the era in which so much content is in 4K, having storage is vital, not only as a backup but because you never know how many picture or video opportunities you will get. This product not only provides protection, it also provides an insane amount of storage. Two TB will make sure that all of your travel content is saved. It will not only store your data, it will also protect it. It’s made to last. Speeds of up to 240 MB/s. Water and dust resistant.

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  1. Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger.

Battery pack. Long distance travel often means a long time without any sockets. While phones are getting thinner, battery life isn’t getting much better. Whether you are listening to music, taking pictures or simply chatting with your friends back home, there’s no smartphone that doesn’t need some extra juice, therefore, a battery pack is essential. A battery in a backpack is great, but you can’t take your backpack everywhere. This portable charger will provide numerous charges, making sure you will definitely have enough juice to keep you going during the day.

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  1. All-In-One International Travel Plug Adapter. Speaking of sockets. This universal plug from Ceptics is an essential for travel. Different countries have different plugs. On long distance travels, this product really helps. Not having an adapter can cause a lot of trouble. A great thing about this adapter is that it also has two USB ports so you can also charge your devices.

| Buy Here | $11.99

  1. Anker 40/W 5-Port USB Charger.

The problem with that adapter mentioned, when travelling, one adapter will more than likely not be enough. If you are bringing a tablet, your phone, battery banks, cameras, all that stuff will need to be charged. This Anker 5 port USB charger allows you to charge more at once. This will make sure you will always have enough battery on all of your devices, meaning you will never have to worry prior to going to the next part of your adventure.

| Buy Here | $23.99

  1. Huawei Mobile WiFi.

Technology is worthless without the internet. This Huawei product can help with that. Instead of hot spotting from a phone, and using up battery, this router acts as a hotspot. Put a SIM card in it and it will do the rest. Of course, you first need to buy a SIM card with data in the country you are currently in. If your phone is locked to a network, then this is also a great solution. It will make your phone work better, save its battery, but also make connecting other devices more effective.

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  1. Garmin Virb Ultra 30.

Bringing us to essential gadgets for people that document. Evidence that you have witnessed a moment, or perhaps simply a great memory saved forever. Garmin is a very widely known company for their GPS systems, but also for their watches. This camera is one of the best, covering the best statistics action cams cover. A camera that will provide the best insights into your adventures, and of course, document them. 4K recording, GPS, sensors that measure the likes of heart rate, elevation, and even G-force. Touchscreen. And it even has voice control, perfect for hands-free footage.

| Buy Here | $399.99

  1. Sony Alpha 6300.

Sometimes an action camera won’t be enough, sometimes you need that quality that a mirrorless camera can deliver, perhaps less angles, cinematic video, better pictures. This Sony camera is the best in its category. So small but yet beats the bigger competition. Absolutely loved by its users. This camera doesn’t disappoint, as a matter of fact, you will fall in love with it after one use.

| Buy Here | $1,148.00

  1. Roku Streaming Stic Turn your hotel TV into a smart TV. Check out your clips from your trips via this device. Access the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. A great device for trips. A way to make something that isn’t of much use, a device of entertainment. Works with almost every TV.

| Buy Here | $47.96

  1. Jaybird X3.

When traveling, you will go through boredom, you will sometimes feel lonely, whether it’s on your plane, or perhaps a long bus journey. A great pair of earphones can isolate any unnecessary noise and create an enjoyable feeling, whether you are listening to music, or educating yourself. Jaybird X3 delivers quality. You will not want to take them off.

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  1. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Bluetooth Speaker.

Wherever you are, having a speaker gets you respect. Sometimes, laptop and smartphone speakers just won’t cut it. Whether going to a party, or a gathering, this Bluetooth speaker will get attention, it’s loud, it provides quality sound, but it also is waterproof and shockproof. An essential for a successful day. You never know when it’s going to rain.

These are the best technology to bring on your travels. These travel gadgets will help you travel safer and more cheaply. And they are super cool and fun. Click here to check out the list!

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  1. Fitbit Charge 2.

Travelling is great, but sometimes you can fall into a trap of sitting too much instead of experiencing. Fitbit Charge 2 reminds you to move every hour with a set of goals. It tracks your heart rate throughout your day, but also your steps and distance. It takes care of your sleep tracking too. A great device that will make sure you will stay healthy on your travels, as when you are healthy, you feel better. The more you do, the more energy you get to do even more. This new version of the Charge is a major improvement over the so widely loved Charge HR. A great battery life, interchangeable bands to suit your style. A bigger display than the Charge HR. You really can’t go wrong with it.

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  1. Tile Mate. Don’t forget anything in your hotel, or wherever you are. Tile Mate is this handy gadget that you place on a product that you don’t want to lose. It tells your phone when you are going out of sight of the item, it rings to help you find the item. If you lose your phone, tap on the tile and your phone will ring. An awesome tool to have, especially if you lose things often, also a great item to have for safety. If someone is getting away with your item, you will get informed that you are getting away from it.

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These 15 products will make your travel a more comfortable experience. Whether by helping you be more secure, safer, faster or more relaxed. Have a great worry free travel time, improve your sleep, safely store and share memories, be more protected and don’t be afraid to explore and enjoy in your surroundings.

Whether you’re backpacking around Europe or driving around in a camper, or going around RVing, maintaining your RV or wherever you may be, travel gadgets are super important to get the most out of your trip.

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