Why Travel Is Important For Education

“Real life lessons happen outside the class," Nabin Paudyal. This is a very true statement. You see, teachers and books limit you to the classroom. You don’t get to live and experience things on your own. Travelling is an exposure, you see and live what you have been hearing. When students are travelling, they get to learn and understand things better. After all, seeing is believing.

Different parts of the world have different experiences from climate, culture, languages, nature, etc. These different experiences are a great platform to learn something new each and every day. These could be applicable to the classroom. For example when you travel and see mountains, rivers, and hills you learn Geography. When you locate coordinates for a certain place, you learn map work. When you calculate speeds and fuel usage that is Mathematics. When you see and experience different cultures and historic sites that is History.

Travelling to new places gets students out of their comfort zones. This is a great platform to learn how to adapt. You develop creative ways of surviving be it in a harsh environment, learning a new language in a short time or blending with a new social life. Most of these things are not taught in class. It even helps you discover yourself and what you want to do in the future especially for young students. Travelling gives you a different perspective of things in life. It exposes you to problems other people face and slowly you learn to appreciate what you have and other peoples’ way of living. Amanda Machado had this to say in 2008:

These were important lessons for me to learn as a young person in the midst of making important life decisions. It was empowering to know I had experienced a wide range of perspectives and could use them to make choices for myself—that I had been in situations with few resources or comforts, and I was still okay.

Travelling broadens your environment and exposes you to new things. This stimulates your thinking. You meet new people and in the process you get new ideas. This brings out your creativity. Also since you break free of the norm, your thoughts are stress free and your thinking is stimulated. A student has a large scope of new things to explore. This results in improved writing skills.

Writers of essayzoo.org say that during traveling, the student is exposed to a new different set of environment with new people and maybe different languages. One has to learn how to find their way and survive in the new environment. Social skills are key here. You, therefore, get the opportunity to learn from a different culture and to learn about a different culture altogether.

Travelling thrusts you out of your comfort zone. As a student who may be living with one’s parents, when you travel you are on your own. You make your own decisions on everything important. You survive on your own. This is a great way to learn independence. From the problems you face you discover yourself. You discover your potentials as well as your weaknesses.

The world is rich in culture from different communities. People have different ways of celebrating, eating, dressing and behavior. When one is confined to one place, he/she does not get to see the different ways of people on other places. Travelling enriches you with unimaginable culture. If you wish to learn slang, intonation and accent of a different language, all you have to do is visit the place. When you learn through books or tutorials, you never get fluent pronunciation. However, this is only possible if you have a conversation with the locals.

The world has a lot of historic places and sites. In the classroom we only look at pictures of these sites. Travelling however gives you first-hand experience with these historic places. You visit museums, galleries and meet people who give you a different perspective of everything.

The world today is developing at a great pace. Through travelling a student gets to see the world today and the economic, social and political scenarios. You learn the social structure of the world today and what people around the world are facing. This will be very different from how the local media airs out the news.

Learning is not the sole advantage of travelling. It is an opportunity of giving back. Knowledge is power. When you have travelled and learnt, you have the opportunity to impact the world and make it better place to live in. a student can educate the less privileged on how to improve their lives. Through living in less privileged places with no electricity, water or good shelter, one learns gratitude. You appreciate what you have. However, you may go to such places and learn that those people you consider less privileged appreciate their environments. According to Amanda Machado, the advantages he thought he had were not necessarily advantages to everyone.

In conclusion, Saint Augustine said, the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. From the above, this statement is very true. Travelling makes a student look at the world and life from a different perspective. It teaches lessons which cannot be taught in a classroom. It is indeed the most powerful tool of self-growth.

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