7 Stunning World Famous Travel Destinations You Must See

There are many incredible destinations around the world we may be unaware of. With an incredible natural beauty or historical and religious significance, some of these make the real delight of the visitors that set foot in them. Some of them, breath-taking, others jaw-dropping and others popular for their culinary delights, but them all should find their places on avid traveller’s bucket lists. Keep reading below to familiarize yourself with some impressive travel destinations from all around the world.

#1. The Rainbow Mountains, China

Located in the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, these mountains are a geological marvel. The Rainbow Mountains are notorious form their bright colouring and out-of-this-world appearance. With an illustrative name, this rock formation’s colours are varied and bright, making each visitors’ delight. If you ever thought that geology is a boring and uninteresting topic, this rock formation will definitely change your mind.

The most obvious question that crosses everybody’s minds when they first witness the natural wonder here is “what causes the colours?". Well, the various Cretaceous sandstones and siltstones, combined with high-density iron and mineral deposits give these mountains the impressive colour spectrum. In the past, all these layers were horizontally layered, but when the Indian Plate collided in the Eurasian Plate, they raised, resulting in a series of mountains with eye-catching and breath-taking appearance.

#2. The Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

If you want to visit the castle that inspired the castle in Disney’s version of the Sleeping Beauty, then visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, as it is specifically that location. Without a trace of a doubt, this is the most impressive historical landmark in Bavaria. The castle was built to imitate the 13th-century traditional Romanesque style and the main goal of the castle was to resemble an old German Knits castle, as King Ludwig II explained in a letter to Richard Wagner.

Located on a picturesque mountain scenery, the whole architecture and decorative elements of the castle are due to impress the visitors. According to the castle administration, king Ludwig II never saw the castle completed. But luckily for you, if you’re in the area, you always have the opportunity to see the wonderful fairy-tale like construction and the charming surroundings.

#3. Iceland

You only live once, and while you do, make sure that you visit at least once the impressive northern lights. Enjoy the varying colours and the in the arctic sky as well as the midnight sun which occurs during the time of the summer solstice. The northern lights can be seen from September to mid-April. When faced with the beauty of a midnight sun in the middle of nowhere, there are few things that can compare to that feeling. With strange landscapes and an unmatched beauty, Iceland should surely take its rightful place on your travel bucket list.

#4. Venice, Italy

The city on the water surely has an incomparable beauty. The city is built on 118 small islands that are separated by a vast network of canals. The city built on the Venetian Lagoon might soon disappear do the steadily rising water levels, so make sure that you go visit it while it is still possible. The old city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and it is one of the most visited destinations around the world.

Enjoy a gondola ride to enjoy a pleasurable afternoon in the city and make sure that you come prepared to take plenty of pictures as this is the perfect location for artsy pictures.

#5. Makkah, Saudi Arabia

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit this incredible destination. First, it is a religious hot spot for the Islamic confession, thousands of believers coming to visit this destination yearly. With an impressive architecture and beauty, this is the perfect destination to visit if you want a break from your daily life and concentrate more on the religious aspects of your life. The city is located in the Sirat Mountains, inland from the Red Sea Coast. This is the holiest of the cities in the Muslim religion. The founder of the Muslim religion, the Prophet Muhamad, was born in this city. All devoted Muslims come to Makkah at least once in their lifetime. While the main mosques are reserved only for the Muslims, you can still enjoy the beauty and wonder of this city.

Make sure that you visit Makkah during the cold seasons, preferably in the winter. The hot summer weather will prevent you from enjoying the stunning beauty of the city. Plus, even during the winter, you will catch a beautiful bronze. As the destination is incredibly popular in the winter, make sure that you book in advance a room at a five-star luxury hotel in Makkah.

#6. Maroon Bells, USA

These peaks are located about 10 miles from Aspen, Colorado. The Maroon Bells are two enormous peaks in the Elk Mountains. The peaks beautifully reflect in the Maroon Lake, a lake that is securely hidden in a glacial valley.

With a timeless beauty and a breath-taking scenery, this is the perfect travel destination in the summer. Numerous hiking trails are open to all the interested visitors and in the fall, the trees change their colours in surreal hues of green, yellow, red and orange.

#7. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Another location with an impressive natural beauty, the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia are located halfway between Zadar and Zagreb, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This network of lakes encompasses a whole living world, with moving waters underneath and is surrounded by ancient forests. With an endless number of falls that will the air with small water particles, with hiking trails and walkways, this destination certainly won the hearts of all the visitors that set their foot here. The lakes are equally beautiful throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to give this location a shot.

These are seven travel hot spots from all around the world that will most likely make a delightful journey, whether you travel alone, with a group of friends or your family. You will be amazed, you will feel humbled at these destinations’ beauty and importance for various religions and cultures.

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