Tips on How to Travel with CBD Products

Flying with CBD is a topic many cannabis fans would love to discuss. But, of course, there are many reasons why people might want to travel with their favorite brand of cannabis oil. For many cannabis users, their CBD-derived products might help them fight jet lag and motion sickness. Others simply prefer to stick with their favorite CBD oil on arriving at their destination. These reasons vary.

Cannabis and its derivative products, including CBD oil and CBD capsules, are strictly regulated in many parts of the world. This explains why you must consider many factors while traveling with cannabis products, including CBD oil and capsules. Most importantly, a few useful tips will help you avoid legal complications when traveling internationally with CBD.

This review has highlighted the most useful tips to consider if you decide to travel with your CBD oil product.

Understand Local Regulations on CBD Products in Your Host Country

Is it legal to travel with CBD to my host country? This is perhaps the first question to consider.  The local laws regulating the possession and distribution of CBD products are different in many countries.

Currently, many countries have decriminalized the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis and its derivative product. However, in many countries, especially in Africa and Asia, CBD products are still prohibited. Since the legality of CBD varies in many countries, you will need to research if it is legal to travel with CBD in the country you are visiting.

Make Sure Your CBD Oil is Farm Bill Compliant

For many users, the Farm Bill is the standard point to examine legal CBD. To be Farm Bill compliant, your CBD oil must be extracted exclusively from hemp. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, making CBD oil extracted from it legal. If your CBD oil is extracted from a plant that contains more THC than specified, it is technically classified as marijuana. Make inquiries from your supply about this.

Keep Your Records

This is especially important if your use CBD oil is for medical purposes. You might need to keep your prescription or other documents verifying your legal possession of CBD oil. If you are traveling with a large quantity, you might also need to keep your procurement records. This will help you answer any questions posed by Border officials.

Preserve, Not Hide

The rule here is simple; package and preserve your CBD oil, but do not try to hide it. Many times, travelers are expected to declare the contents of their luggage at border control terminals. Officials might also be required by law to conduct a thorough search. You should keep your CBD oil where it can be easily checked. Hiding your CBD-derived product might raise a red flag. Be upfront about it.

Bring it Onboard and Keep it Safe

You should bring your CBD oil in hand luggage. Packing it with much other luggage in the cargo hold might affect the integrity of your product. If the temperature is higher in the cargo hold, some useful cannabinoids might be deactivated. Bring it onboard also reduce the risk of theft, loss, or damage to the packaging.

Final Thoughts

The list of tips above is not exclusive. CBD laws are fluid, and many times, you are expected to fulfill many requirements to travel with CBD products. These requirements depend on the jurisdiction of your host country. If you need to find out more, we advise that you make further inquiries from embassy officials or customs officers.


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