Things To Do In San Antonio TX (What To Do In San Antonio Texas)

Whether you are born in San Antonio or have been there before, you’ll realize how rapidly the city is evolving. With such a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, San Antonio has so many cultural centers, amusement parks and gourmet vittles to explore. With a number of military bases and commercial hubs in town, the city produces an eclectic vibe.

So here is what this gigantic Texas city has in store for you.

Check out the Top 31 Things to do and see in San Antonio

Begin with the historic San Alamo

The Alamo is a tribute to Texas’s freedom struggle, displaying artifacts from some of the most popular defenders as James Bowie and Davy Crockett. There is a small museum and a public library for those who wish to dig in deeper.

A stroll in the Brackenridge Park is not to be missed

Texas weather isn’t really pleasant around the year, but this 343 acres of outdoor entertainment venue right in the heart of the town is a perfect escape from the scorching heat. The beautifully maintained Brackenridge park has tidied walking and biking paths along with a playground for the kids, a golf course, a miniature railroad and hundreds of birds to feed.

Live the city at the River Walk

Paseo Del Rio is the most widely visited tourist attraction of the city. There are plenteous cafes, restaurants and boutique hotels, displaying a vibrant aura with the colorful umbrellas. Street performers keep the place hip and happening. Take up a Boat tour to have a closer look at the beauty of San Antonio.

Gawk at the grandeur of San Fernando Cathedral

One of the oldest Church of the country is still an active place of worship. Make sure you visit the website to know the best time to visit.

Tour through the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

This place is a must-see for the history buffs. Establish alongside the San Antonio river, this Park offers you a hiking and biking experience along the Mission trail.

Check out the cultural gem- San Antonio Museum of Art

Not large enough, but this museum houses some of the best collections of Spanish Colonial, Native American, Asian and Latin American art. The place also hosts a bunch of programs such as film series and kids’ shows.

Visit the San Antonio SeaWorld

San Antonio is home to the world’s largest marine park. So a visit is inevitable! Don’t forget to catch up the One Ocean Show and swim with sting rays in Aquatica!

Go to the San Antonio Zoo to witness the most amazing wildlife

If you don’t want to spend a fortune at the SeaWorld, then head on to the city Zoo. With more than 700 species residing here, San Antonio showcases Amazonian critters, a distinct Butterfly Habitat and a hands-on Discovery Center.

Climb up the Enchanted Rock

Mythos claims that Native Americans massacred here continue to haunt the place along with a tribe princess. But aside from the folklore, this place displays absolute majestic beauty with a granite formation that peaks 425 ft above the ground.

A View from The Tower of the Americas isn’t to be missed

Dating back to 1968, this tower continues to be a top attraction for the out-of-towners. This 750 ft tall tower lets you have the most spectacular view of the city from up there. You need to purchase a ticket of the Observation Deck. The ticket includes a free ride on the Skies over Texas 4D ride. The top floor Chart House Restaurant gives you a perfect setting for an ideal date!

Grab a show at the Alamo Drafthouse

Food, beer and zero texters and talkers make this theater the best in town. But apart from all this, what sets Alamo apart is its exclusive classic film showcases, quotes and sing-alongs, Cartoon Sundays Serial Parties and lot of other unique stuff.

Go for a Sunday drive to the Fields of Wildflowers

Although the city gives you a lot of lush and vibrant spaces to enjoy nature, the flowery countryside is always a happy experience. Blanco Farms boast the loveliest lavenders, creating a purple aura around. The Wildseed Farms in Fredericksberg are a delight too.

Cheer for the Sports Teams

When you visit the home of The Spurs, catching an NBA match is mandatory! But aside from that, there are a number of Alamo City’s professional sports teams that display excellent action. The Missions, Rampage, Talons, Scorpions and many more such teams keep you thoroughly engrossed in sports like Baseball, Football and Basketball.

Welcome Home a Soldier

San Antonio holds the laurel of The military City of the States. So take a minute at the airport to salute the Home Service Members as they return from their Boot Camps and Deployments.

Attend a wedding on the Marriage Island

This heart shaped island frilled along the river is respected to bring good luck to marriages. Every year, dozens of weddings are held here. So make yourself an uninvited guest to one of these and enjoy some free lunch and drinks.

Go nuts with Cascarones

The King William Fair brings you the opportunity to crack confetti-filled eggs on someone’s head. Tradition says it brings good fortune.

Take up an eerie Ghost Tour

In a city so replete with history and tradition, ghost stories are bound to exist. San Antonio offers more than 15 horror destinations downtown to unwind. That demands a lot of (spooky) spirit!

Try some underground adventure

Explore the Natural Bridge Caverns where you are lowered underground by a rope into 160 ft well shaft. You then have to climb, crawl, rappel and explore with a guide on your side and light on your head.

Explore the city on two wheels

The city hosts over 30 or more bike sharing programs  to help you keep your fitness in check while traveling. So whether you want to roam around, go shopping or maybe have a meal, your ride is ready!

Attend a Festival at Hemisfair

World’s Fair with its lush landscaping, water cascades, historical spires and the epic Tower of The Americas is ideal to organize and enjoy a Festival. The month of March is the peppiest one. Among many festivals, Luminaria is the most popular, hosting an annual art’s night. Here you can enjoy theatrical performances, music, literary, visual, dance and other media arts.

Shop for antiques in a Flea Market

The Alamo city offers you abundant options to find the real antiques out of their junkyard. Then there is Bussey’s Flea Market, Ironside Market, Trader’s Village, Back Alley Antiques and many more.

Read an Ebook at the nation’s first Digital Library

Without a single paperback, Bexar County’s Biblio Tech is the first digital library of the country that offers digital books and audio books. With so many laptops, e readers, tablets and computers around, the facility is surely worth a visit for the gadget and reading freaks.

What’s Texas without a Rodeo!

You’d be the luckiest Rodeo fan if you plan a visit to this Texas city in February. San Antonio’s Stock Show and Rodeo is one of the largest Rodeos in the country. But even if not this, Tejas Rodeo holds engaging events from March through November every year. So giddy up!

Useful list of things to do in San Antonio for your trip.

Ride a Coaster at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas

There is no better place to go air bound than the legendary Six Flags Fiesta. It features not one, but a number of high-octane rollercoaster like Iron Rattler. Apart from these, there are a bunch of less-scary, family-friendly rides too.

If you are not a museum person, check out the street arts instead

San Antonio has so much art that museums wouldn’t suffice; hence the street art! Check out F.I.S.H by Donald Lipski that features glowing fish floating over the River Walk near Camden Street. If you keep your artistic eye open, you will come across hundreds of murals across the city.

Explore your Zen at the Japanese Tea Garden

If you are a fan of the Asian culture, then this cute little Tea Garden in the heart of San Antonio welcomes you. Located in the Brackenridge Park, you can relax here by the waterfall, watch the swimming Koi or may be just stroll around in the garden.

Grab a slice of the authentic New York/Chicago Pizza

For the New York style lovers, there is a thin crust, foldable Brooklyn style waiting up at Florio’s in Alamo Heights. Alternately, if you wish for a deep dish, a classic pie is waiting to be galloped at the Kennedy’s.

Plan a First Friday feast

Every month, the area brings something new to the floor. There’s Blue Star Arts Complex rolling out new exhibits every now and then. Then there is a lot of live music, drinks, shopping, artisan work, etc., going on. The next month may bring you a Pub Run or may be a fancy dress party.

Sip a cocktail at the Menger Bar

Ever imagined all the history happening in a bar? The famous Menger Hotel Bar is where President Roosevelt recruited hi Rough Riders. Sip in a classy cocktail in this historic setting while you explore the Buckhorn- kitsch filled in with wide collection of horns, hunting trophies and many other exhibits.

Go down the Texas Wine Trail

San Antonio, in its northern edge, is home to about 30 Hill Country Wineries. Head on to Lampasas or New Braunfels for the most crisp wines and a peaceful atmosphere.

Visit the Downtown on a Tuesday

Drink and dine, see a show or maybe just stroll by the river. Downtown area may seem to be way too touristy, but it has earned this accolade for all the right reasons. The place aims to attract both tourists and locals alike with free parking lots, business discounts and much more!

The most redeeming quality of the place is that it is home to the nicest people on the planet! Plus you can have the most amazing family, educational and adventure experiences here.

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