The Most Interesting Travel Bloggers To Follow

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If you've been looking for interesting travel blogs to follow, then you've hit the jackpot!

The follow list of hand-picked travel bloggers offer something very unique and special.

Whether it's awesome travel stories, useful travel tips, or mouthwatering food, every blog here dishes out top quality travel content.

Something I really love about this list is that it doesn't feature blogs based on traffic stats and social prowess. As you'll find out, there are "lesser-known" blogs who are simply amazing at travel blogging.

You wont even find "rankings" here. Blogs listed at the top are just as good as blogs listed at the bottom.

So poke around and enjoy these dazzling travel bloggers.

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​The Top Travel Blogs

girl vs globe

Girl vs Globe

Sabina travels the world blogging her adventures in a witty and adorable way. She's a youngn' who talks about everything from food, fashion, parties, and budget travel. Sabina is very memorable because she's fun and full of interesting stories, and she is extremely personable which makes her insanely likeable.

Young Adventures

Young Adventuress

Liz is a solo traveling bad ass. She's roamed over 40 countries over a 10 year period and shares all her stories and travel wisdom on her blog. Having lived in Spain for a few years, she's a genuine expert on Spain travel as well as solo female travel. 

Mark Wiens


Migrationology is a blog for people who love traveling to eat. Mark specializes in sampling asian cuisines and shares his mouth watering experiences with you on his blog. His gorgeous food photography will make your stomach twist and turn in hunger should you spend a few minutes on his blog. I've warned you!

Expert Vagabond

Mathews blog is easily my favorite adventure travel blog. He epitomizes getting out of your comfort zone and living life up. Not only that, he's a caring and compassionate man. You absolutely need to follow Mathew's adventures.


The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is one of those girls you can't help but pay attention to. I mean, just look at her picture on the left. She's traveled to over 40 countries and blogs on just about everything travel related. Her fun and outgoing nature, along with her wisdom inspired articles makes her blog extremely enjoyable to read.

Agness and Cez


Best friends Agness and Cez travel the world on extremely small budgets and share their travel tips and trick with you. Their blog is super unique and may be right up your alley.

Brooke Seward

World of Wanderlust

Brooke is a monster of a traveler. She travels around the world full time and shares her experiences on her blog. Brooke's blog features some of the best travel tips I've ever read. Her blog is well written and she's just simply an enjoyable person to keep in touch with. I love her blog to death. 

Charles and Micki

The Barefoot Nomad

Travel couples Charles and Micki spent most of their time traveling through SE Asia, and are now adventuring out west, with children now too! Check out this family adventure blog!

Stephen and Jess

Flying The Nest

Aussie couple Stephen and Jessica want to help you create important life moments by inspiring you with their visual representations of their travel experiences. They're blog is youthful and adventure filled. Check them out.


Adventurous Miriam

Miriam is a little adventure bunny who's always looking forward to the next exciting thing. Her blog focuses mostly on the culture and adventure side of travel. Miriam's blog will inspire you to travel and challenge your boundaries.


A Journey of Wonders

Raphael has transformed himself from dark depressed times to a passionate adventurist exploring the world. Using his travel blog as his outlet, he wants to help you break free from the norm and live life on your terms. Check out his inspiring blog.


Endlessly Exploring

Kelly has already traveled to 25 countries and she's barely over 20. This Melbourne girl is an up and comer in the blogging world, and her thirst for new adventures will keep her blog buzzing with content and interesting stories.


Adventurous Kate

There's about a million great things you could say about Kate. She's a heavy hitter in the travel blogging world, and perhaps the most prominent figure in solo travel. I love her blog because she keeps it real. She's fun, personable, and enjoyable to read.

Simon and Erin

Never Ending Voyage

UK couple Simon and Erin hop around the globe jotting down their life's journey. They take amazing photos and have equally amazing stories to share with you. Definitely worth a follow.


A Globe Well Travelled

Ashlea is just as colorful as her oddly spelled name. She likes to share travel tips, budget travel ideas, and her fun silly travel adventures. And she's pretty big on photography, too!


The Culture Map

Shing's blog focuses on life north of the world, namely London, Scandinavia, and the Arctic. She's always sharing her latest travel experiences, and her wide range of blog topics keeps me returning to her website. Check her out.


Be My Travel Muse

California girl Kristin loves culture, adventure, and anything off the beaten path. She's traveled mostly in Asia and her blog recounts many unusual experiences there. She also takes great photos of her adventures, so make sure to pay her a visit.

Lloyd and Yaya

Hand Luggage Only

Lloyd & Yaya are two boys who just like to have fun. Their blog topics are literally as random as it gets. So if you're looking for a completely new topic every time you visit a website, look no further than Hand Luggage Only.


The Love Assembly

Aubrey's cool blog is about travel meeting fashion. Though she's an expert on traveling in style, I feel the best thing about her blog is how inspiring and passionate it is. A lot of her content is geared towards lifting you up off your butt and living life up!


The Travel Hack

Monica's travel blog is geared towards keeping travel stylish and affordable at the same time. She's learned a lot of tricks to get the most out of traveling and has generously shared her tips with us on her blog.


Alex In Wanderland

Alex is a wonderful gal who's full of personality. Just look at her smile! She bought a one way ticket out of New York a few years ago and hasn't looked back since. Her blog is inviting and filled with adventure, culture, and photography. You'll probably end up loving her too when you visit her blog.


Wandering Earl

There is so much I can say about Earl. Let's just begin with the fact he's been traveling since 1999, and has visited 85+ countries. He's an authority in the travel space, and his blog is filled with knowledge and useful resources to inspire your own travels. 


Dangerous Businesses

Amanda is an ordinary small town Ohio girl who wants to show you that foreign adventures (especially solo female travel) doesn't have to be lonely or scary. Her journeys around the globe are generously documented for your reading pleasures.



Molly is an English gal who moves to Spain in 1998. Her blog is one of the best ones on Spain travel. She aims to help you experience Spanish culture through a locals point of view. She likes to talk about food, culture, and history. Make sure to check out her blog to learn more about Spain.

colleen travel mama

Travel Mamas

Travel Mamas is a family travel blog teaching you how to keep travel fun, practical, and as stress free while traveling with children. Colleen runs the blog along with her 3 mommy travel writers. One of the best mommy travel blogs on the internet.


Travels of Adam

I like Adam's blog because he's very real and writes things as he see's it. He enjoys blogging on everything related to travel. You're bound to find something to connect with when you visit his blog.


That Backpacker

Audrey is a backpacking genius. She's been to more parts of the world than most travel bloggers, and shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences on her gorgeous blog.

Nellie and Alberto

Wild Junket

Nellie and Alberto have been traveling the world together for over a decade. As you can see from their skydiving picture, they have a flair for adventure travel. They dish out unique travel topics from around the globe. Definitely check them out.



You instantly know a blog is unique when their tag line is "backpacking in heels." Travelettes is a blog run by women inspiring other women to get the most out of travel. You'll find travel tips, tricks, and other fun womanly shenanigans here.

Cam and Nicole

Traveling Canucks

Canadian love birds Cam and Nicole are travel experts, having roamed over 65 countries. They are living proof that you can build a career, have children, and still travel around the world. Follow their adventures to learn how they do it.


Breathe Dream Go

Mariellen is a Toronto based writer who has spent a considerable time in India. Her blog largely recounts her time and experience there. Naturally, she's an expert on Indian travel. She's also an amazing human being. Check out her blog.


Monkeys & Mountains

Castle loving Laurel is all about adventures off the beaten path. If it involves animals and quirky places, even better! She's writes interesting articles on many countries, however my favorite are her unique topics about Africa.


Turkish Travel Blog

Natalie's blog is about (you guessed it) Turkey! She's an expert on Turkish travel and shares her unique expertise on Turkish culture and travel. If you want to learn more about Turkey, you need to  visit Natalie's blog.

travel blogger with no name

Bohemian Trails

Bohemian Trails is a very unique blog that blends travel with fashion and lifestyle. Her blog is crisp and edgy in all the right ways. She loves to seek out unusual and off the beaten path places write about. Definitely a cool travel blogger to check out.

best travel blogs


Jeremy wants you to quit your job and travel the world. His blog is all about inspiring you to do something you'd never thought you'd be able to do. He's very encouraging and one rad dude. I highly recommend following him.


Hippie in Heels

Rachel is a small town Ohio girl who moved out of America to get a taste of the world. Her blog is about helping you travel around the world luxuriously without breaking the bank. Rachel has traveled to many destinations around the planet, and is very knowledgeable about India. Make sure to pay her a visit. She's got a great smile, why wouldn't you?

Dan and Audrey

Uncornered Market

Dan & Audrey's blog covers topics like food, culture, and travel tips from all parts of the world. They're one of the coolest travel couples you'll ever meet. They are very experienced and have tons of knowledge for you to soak up on their blog. Get on it!


The Everywhereist

Geraldine is one of the funniest travel bloggers you'll ever meet. Her sense of humor and easy going nature keeps me glued to her next blog post. She writes on everything, from rants to road trips. Pay her a visit, you won't be disappointed.


Fearful Adventurer

Torre is writer who's got the funny side of travel blogging by the coat tails. She is an experienced travel writer who charms you with her wit and interesting blog topics. Now, allow yourself to click over to her blog.


Legal Nomads

Jodi is a lawyer turned nomad. How cool is that? She's a foodie and loves blending her travel topics with food. Her blog is crisp and clean, and her writing is immaculate. Jodi's very influential and someone who's absolutely worth following. Check her out.

Dalene and Pete

Hecktic Travels

Canadian couples Dalene and Pete have been traveling the world together since 2009. Their blog features many large pictures and a wide range of travel topics. The thing I enjoy most about their blog is the history and amazing photography.

Michael Hodson

Go. See. Write

Michael is a true world nomad. Traveling around many parts of the globe, he shares his wonderful experiences in an easy to digest manner. I love his easy going nature. Check him out.


The Professional Hobo

Nora's blog is about teaching you to travel full time in a financially sustainable way. She's become an expert in this field and is a must read for anyone who wants to do the same.


Nomadic Samuel

Sam runs one of the most popular travel blogs on the internet. He is also a Youtube rockstar. Traveling for almost a decade, he writes a lot of interesting content to keep you tuned in. I especially enjoy his travel advice section where I constantly learn new things every time. Sam is a must read. Period.

What do you think of this list? Let me know in the comments below.

best travel blog

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Hi Jack, thanks for including Journey Wonders. Safe travels and hope to meet up on the road one day!!!

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Dina says

Curb Free With Cory Lee is also a very good blog to follow. It is geared towards the disabled traveler.

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I love travel blogs that look at things from a more humorous point of view, and I have found some real gems here on this list, especially Travel Freak, he tells it like it is no doubt and Earl. Thanks for sharing as I had only heard of about half of these! #inspiration.

Pecatu says

Great post! I actually love Mark’s blog because I’m in SEA and I love how adventurous he is in sampling street food.

Anouk says

Thanks for this great list. Some of the people I follow already for some time now and there are also some new inspirational faces! I started my own website The Blank Map in order to map out all the unique places the world has to offer. Would be great if you can check it out and maybe even include it in the list!

Rus & Alla says

Thank you for this list. In May of this year we began our 6-month Tour US. We live in a car and plan to explore all the 48 lower states. Our story and photos live here – Hope you find our blog inspiring 🙂

Cam says

Hey! Thanks for including us in this roundup!

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