10 Tips For Sleeping Comfortably In A Tent

Summertime is here again. This is the time of the year that you have been waiting for to go camping. There is nothing as rejuvenating and pleasurable as bonding with nature as you let go of all the modern day conveniences.

However, this does not mean compromising on your beauty sleep. While camping is a very pleasurable activity, the key to enjoying your camping is finding the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent. Yes, it will be worth your while to know the best way to set up camp to enjoy your stay by sleeping well. So here goes


This is the first thing you should look into before setting out for your camping trip. Make sure that you have the right bedding with the appropriate amount of cushioning to keep you comfortable. Even the best of terrains will not be enough if your bedding is below par. For some people, pillows are an essential part of sleeping comfortably. Thus if you are one of these people, make sure to carry your pillow from home.

However, in case you are not able to carry your pillow or if you have forgotten it, improvise. Get a clean dry t-shirt and stuff in soft clothing to make your pillow. A fiber jacket is best suited because of its texture and softness. It is advisable to do a test run of your bedding at home. Select the option best suited to you as there are several options available in the market.


Location is a definite priority if you are to enjoy your time sleeping in the outdoors. You need to take time to look around at your location. Set camp on high grounds if possible to avoid flooding in case it rains. Find a terrain that is relatively level as rough ground may cause you uncomfortable sleep.

Also, set up camp at a comfortable distance from water sources if you are camping near a river or a lake. The tide may rise as you sleep putting you in a precarious position. Select a place that is easily accessible to the amenities you need like the bathroom and a water source. You wouldn’t want to walk a mile in the night just to get to the bathroom. It beats the purpose of relaxation.


Seeing that there are no modern amenities, like electricity, make sure you are equipped. Carry a source of light for your navigation at night. You may opt to have a lantern that can provide light at the campsite. It is, however, important to have personal light sources like flashlights and headlights.

It is not a good thing when you have to wake up at night and walk around blindly just to make a wee. The outdoors can be dangerous at night. Having a light will not only improve on your safety but will give you peace of mind too.


The outdoors may be fun for you, but remember you are not the only one having fun out there. The outdoors is prime with bugs. Yes, mosquitoes and insects thrive in the environment. It is quite inconvenient for one to spend all night swatting away ants and mosquitoes.

Thus, make sure you have netting to protect you from mosquitoes. If sleeping in a tent, make sure there are no holes that let in the bugs. You can alternatively use insect repellents. Alternatively, you can look into having natural repellants or setting camp close to natural repellants.

Keep warm

Nothing is more miserable than trying to sleep when cold. Keeping warm is very important when you are out camping. I know summertime may seem like it’s going to have warm nights all through. But sometimes it gets a bit chilly when you are out in the wild. You must take this into consideration as you settle in for the night. Here are some tips to keep you warm at night.

Make sure to eat light before bed as digestion generally warms your organs keeping you warm. Do not take alcohol as it encourages heat loss. Wear dry, warm clothes to bed if possible sleep with a warm water bottle near the core of your body. Some bedding comes with the option of adding liners which increase the temperature. You may opt to use these liners. Remember to tuck in well.

Manage the noise

Select a serene environment for camping this will provide the quiet you need for a good night’s sleep. However, even the most serene environments during the day may have a lot of noise at night. The sounds of bugs chirping and singing seem magnified at night when it’s quiet all around. So, if possible wear ear plugs to keep the nose away. Alternatively, you may opt to bring along your favorite music and use your earphones to drown the noise away.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. Make sure that your tent is clean at all times. Imagine slipping into bed only to realize the smell of the onion rings you had for lunch is stifling. Not a pretty picture right? So make sure that you clean out your tent anytime you eat inside. Rather, opt to have your meals outside to avoid the smells and insect infestations.

Be prepared

Keep a light in handy for the times you need a bathroom break. If you get thirsty at night, sleep with a bottle next to you. If you are easily distracted by light, carry an eye mask to help you sleep better.

Final Words

Camping is a time for relaxation and bonding with nature. Needless to say, the atmosphere must be conducive for the total rest. Total rest begins with how well you sleep. that is why sleeping comfortably in your tent is important. With the right sleeping gear, you will comfortably sleep in the outdoors. You are probably amongst the people with social skills, independence, leadership qualities and self-esteem, or so says The American Camps Association.

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