5 Surprising Things You Should Always Wear in Summer

When the temperature rises, your first thought may be to grab some shorts and flip flops but think again. Surviving the hot summer months means more than wearing fewer clothes to keep you cool and comfortable.

While you’ll need specific clothing for different activities — like a wetsuit for surfing — you also need certain items that may not be top of mind.

Here are a handful of surprising items you should wear in the summer.

1. Always Wear a Hat

First, always wear a hat, particularly one with a brim. Whether you find them ugly or fashionable, brimmed hats will help you avoid getting a sunburn on your face. Brimmed hats can also make you more comfortable if you get caught in a summer rainstorm. Generally, you’ll want to choose one that has a neck cord, as it will help prevent you from losing your hat in a strong gust of wind.

2. Know Scarves are Necessary

You might think scarves are just for winter and hipsters but think again. A lightweight scarf will protect your exposed skin from the sun, as well as mosquitos and other flying insects. Just make sure you choose one that is big enough to cover. You may also opt to wear a large scarf to drape over your head if the sun becomes too much or if you encounter a bug infestation.

3. Realize it Will Rain

Keep in mind that while the sun may be shining, summer often means rain for many parts of the country. Storms can creep up quickly and leave you drenched. While the rain may help cool you off, walking or running on wet feet is never a good idea. Prevent blisters and be prepared for whatever the weather brings by wearing waterproof shoes or boots. You may also want to bring a waterproof shirt, umbrella or poncho to be prepared.

4. Understand Tech Material is Best

For the summer months, cotton is not your friend. It may be the fabric of so many T-shirts and sundresses, but cotton has a rather big flaw. If it gets wet, it takes quite a while to dry, leaving you having to wear your rain-soaked (or sweat-soaked) shirt stuck to your back.

Not only is that uncomfortable, but it could also make it difficult for your body’s temperature to regulate itself. Tech materials take all of that away. They can be moisture-wicking or water-repellant, but that’s only the beginning. Some tech fabrics work to help your body cool down.

5. Know Jackets are Not Only for Winter

You might think jackets, especially insulated ones, are designed for the coldest months. While some of them are made to withstand sub-arctic temperatures, a lightweight insulated jacket that has some sort of durable water repellent coating.

These coats are suggested while outside any time of year, as they’re both water- and wind-resistant. Aside from the fact that summertime can be cold depending on where you live or are traveling, an insulated jacket can protect your skin from wind, sun and summer rain alike.

Be Prepared During the Hot Summer Months

When the temperature rises, break out your shorts, but remember you need many types of garments in the summer months. A hat and scarf will help you avoid bug bites and sunburns, while waterproof shoes will keep your feet comfortable in any weather. Add some tech material clothes and an insulated jacket, and you will be ready for all your summer adventures.

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