5 Reasons to Consider a Small Ship Cruise Experience

Ask anyone who’s been on a cruise, and they’ll tell you that they would happily do it again if given the chance. But also, if it was an ocean cruise they were on, they’ll also tell you that there are a few massive problems. You’ve got a lot of (somewhat wasted) time on open waters, getting a staff member to help is oftentimes nearly impossible, and you don’t get much of a personalized experience.

If you’re good with the idea of a cruise, but would like to avoid these things, we’ve got the right solution for you – head out on a charter cruise on a small ship. A small ship gets you the pleasure of going on a cruise and enjoying exotic destinations, without the issues of a large cruise ship, so let’s take a look at why this is something to consider.

You Always Have Something to Do

The main advantage of a small ship is the fact that you’ll spend a lot less time getting from one port city to another, and a lot more time actually having fun. Whether that’s exploring one of the port cities that are a part of your destination or visiting a wildlife park that’s in the middle of the jungle, you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

To make things even better, even when you’re on the ship, a small ship means you don’t have to share any onboard activities with hundreds of passengers. Yes, there are others, but it’s a much more private experience, and you have the ability to choose whether or not you want to be alone.

There’s Always Staff Available

Most of the good cruise companies out there, when organizing a small ship cruise, tend to have a one-to-one ratio of staff to passengers. While a part of that staff is always busy keeping the ship running, there’s also the fact that you can always get a staff member to assist with whatever you need, within a few minutes.

To add to this, when you ask a member of the staff to help you with something, they can usually do that right away, due to the fact that they don’t have a hundred other guests asking them for something, too. This goes a long way towards making you feel like you’re on a private cruise rather than one you’re sharing with others. And while we’re on that note …

You Are Getting a Tailored Experience

This is probably the main reason to go on a small ship cruise – you can easily get a tailored experience. Because nothing is done at extremely large scales, like cooking for a thousand people at once, you can ask staff to adjust most things to your liking (or needs).

This does include things like the menu, for example, but also activities like shore excursions. If you and your group have something you prefer to do, the staff will usually be able to cater to your needs and offer exactly what you want.

The Room Definitely Has a Nice View

This is another one of the issues of a large cruise ship – getting a room that has a nice view and is close to all the things you’ll need on a ship is not just almost impossible, but also expensive. On a small ship, all the rooms have a great view, and they’re all within walking distance of the food area, entertainment area, and anything else you might need.

While we’re talking rooms, you’ll also be able to get a room that’s better suited to your needs. For example, if you’re traveling with family, a small ship will be able to get you two rooms that are next to each other. With a large ship, that might not be possible, and you might have to spend half your cruise walking through the ship trying to get to your group.

Everything is More Accessible

The last reason to opt for a small cruise ship is the actual size of the ships themselves. Yes, a larger ship is able to cover a larger distance more easily. But what if you want to get to a place that can’t really fit a large cruise ship? What if you want to get close to the hundreds of islands that are part of the Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia? Good luck doing that on a massive cruiser.

On the other hand, while smaller ships are slightly slower on open water, they can also get you pretty much anywhere. River cruise? Check. Docking in a small port city with a lot of cultural significance? You got it. There are a lot more options, and if you’d rather visit exotic locations that aren’t all that accessible, you’ll be much better off with a small cruise ship. 

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