Skiing in Norway Is The New Attraction For Winter Lovers

Do you enjoy skiing and you are looking for beautiful locations to visit this year? Then this is your lucky day. This article is going to present the beauties of Norway in the winter. Most people who want to enjoy a full skiing experience opt for France. Well, there are other locations in this beautiful world that are worth visiting at all costs. One of them is Norway, that is the host of over ten ski resorts that people can visit at most times of the year.

Norway is a cold country, so don’t think much about what time is appropriate for visiting Norway. Depending on the part of Norway you are going to visit, the temperature may differ. Winter would be the most crowded time to visit Norway, as it represents the peak season for skiing. Here are some of the most popular ski resorts that all winter lovers should visit at some point in their lives:


Geilo is located in Bergen, which is one of the big three parts that you can visit in Norway. Geilo is a very accessible location, regardless of the season. If you want to get closer to nature, enjoy gorgeous slopes and relax at night in one of the amazing SPAs, then Geilo should be your main destination when you reach Norway. Geilo finds itself among the first ski resorts that appeared in Norway. The area is full of high mountains and woods that make the whole sight unforgettable. Going downhill and cross country are both possible here, which makes it a great place for beginner skiers.


Rauland is a small village that is perfect for couples and families that want an intimate skiing experience. It is placed in a mountain plateau in Telemark, another part of Norway that tourists should see at least once in a lifetime. This area should be visited during winter for the most complete skiing experience. You can rent skis or snowboards from one of the many centers that rest at the base of the resort, you can rent sleds, snowmobiles or try snow rafting. Rauland is the host of around 1500 locals, among which many are artists.


This is a modern skiing resort in Norway that is close to Oslo, so if you are visiting Oslo it would be a blast to try the extensive ski trail networks in Skeikampen. This is also an affordable location, which makes it perfect for family holidays. Skiing is a blast in Skeikampen, as it hosts more than 3000 square meters to explore. The resort is located in the heart of the mountains, being surrounded by forests. It is the second highest area around Oslo and it is included in most holiday packages in travel agencies.


Another great resort that’s close to Oslo is Norefjell, which is a delight for people who want to get away from the crowded capital for a skiing weekend. Norefjell is a very quiet resort, as its placed next to a lake and between mountains. For a quick reconnection with nature and an amazing skiing experience, Norefjell should be your top choice. The altitude reaches 1200 meters and the lake at the base tempers the cold perfectly. There are many options for accommodation to choose from, for all sorts of budgets.

Oslo Winterpark

How about visiting the capital itself and enjoy a quick skiing trip in the Winterpark. This is a ski resort right next to Oslo that hosts no less than 18 slopes. This park is equipped with the latest technology in terms of lifts. The slopes are appropriate for children, beginners, and professionals altogether. Cruising and challenging slopes wait for you in Oslo’s Winterpark. Each slope is named so it will be easier to get your way around it. Visit this area if you have your accommodation set in Oslo because it will take only 30 minutes to get to the Winterpark. This way, you have two holidays in a single one.


The weather in Trysil can be quite challenging at times. If you are a fan of harsh winters, this is for you. Trysil is the largest ski resort that you can visit in Norway, and it is very impressive indeed. The highest altitude in Trysil reaches 1100 and the longest slope in this resort is 5500 meters long, the longest you’ll get around Norway. The season in Trysil opens up in April. There are world-class alpine hotels that wait for you in Trysil.


Hovden is another big resort that is located in a different part of Norway – Setesdal. This is great for people who also want to get the best sightseeing in the country. Norway is popular as the fjord country and Hovden offers you the chance to visit some fjords too besides enjoying a smooth skiing experience. Hovden has many luxury lodges that you can opt for in terms of accommodation which will make your stay among the mountains even more incredible than it already is.


Celebrating your Christmas in Myrkdalen is a delight. Great days on ski slopes, traditional food and drinks, a warm lodge and the sky above you should be the perfect recipe for a winter holiday that you won’t forget very soon. Myrkdalen is a heaven for winter lovers and it is located in western Norway, in a small village named Voss. This is close to the Begen International Airport, being a 2-hour drive from there.

This was a list with the best ski locations you could find in Norway. Go ahead and visit one of those for a complete skiing experience and for making unforgettable memories. From entertainment to the nature surrounding you, everything about Norway is truly charming for winter lovers. Manage your budget wisely, choose the period that’s most suitable for you and enjoy all the things that Norway has to offer. You’ll never go back to other ski resorts once you have tried these.

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