5 Road Trips to Try in Georgia

Are you looking for the top road-trip destinations for your next vacation? Georgia is an excellent choice full of diverse tourist attraction sites that include mountain views, lush forests, and beautiful coastlines. Additionally, the state has many freshwater bodies of water which allow for an exciting getaway for every visitor.

Georgia is a favorite road-trip destination for adventure lovers, countryside seekers, history buffs, and photographers. Explore the following five road trips you should try in Georgia.

The City of Atlanta

One of the most excellent road trip destinations is Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia. During your travels, you can stay in fabulous hotels and motels in Alpharetta, about 23 miles from Atlanta. Atlanta has a host of diverse tourist attractions and world-famous sites such as the CNN Center, College Football Hall of Fame, and the World of Coca-Cola.

U.S. Coastal Highway Route 17

Naturally, you can drive the 100-mile Georgia coast for a few hours, but it can be more exciting to get acquainted with scenic places such as the U.S. Coastal Highway Route 17. The highway passes through Richmond Hill, Liberty County, the port city of Brunswick, and the southern parts of Darien.

The Coastal Highway Route 17 road trip is an excellent getaway as you can stop over at Liberty County to have a historic experience at the Midway Museum or at the Geechee Kunda. The highway serves as a scenic drive leading to the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, which is known to be home to more than 300 bird species.

Enduring Farmlands Scenic Byway

The Farmlands Scenic Byway features routes through the historic towns of Hawkinsville, Rochelle, Pineview, and Abbeville. You can also experience the rural setting and the pastoral landscapes in Wilcox and Pulaski, which encompasses an attractive agricultural heritage.

The byway also passes through scenic pecan groves; farmlands that grow cotton, corn, and grape fields; farmers markets; festivals; Civil War heritage sites; and Hawkinsville’s historic architecture.

Savannah Getaway

Savannah as a destination is a favorite among tourists and residents of Georgia as it has excellent warm beaches and marshes. You can stroll down the Riverwalk along Savannah’s River Street which has excellent clubs and shops to explore.

Savannah boasts the most significant Urban National Historic Landmark District in the United States with more than 1,600 historic structures. The getaway also has exceptional eateries, such as Back in the Day Bakery, a place where you can grab a cheese sandwich or a red velvet cupcake for your journey.

Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway is a 40.6-mile trail that winds through the mountains and valleys of the Southern Appalachians in Georgia. It has beautiful natural features where you can experience refreshing mist waterfalls. Alternatively you can visit the Brasstown Bald Recreation Area, a perfect place for a picnic and relaxing.

Taking a road trip in Georgia will give your family and friends fulfilling memories and experiences. You’ll find numerous attractions throughout Georgia, including beaches, marshes, attractive coastlines, mountain views, and outstanding resorts.

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