The Best Exotic Restaurants Near Lax Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) provides you the best service for a luggage storage facility. LAX luggage storage is at a walking distance of 5 minutes from the airport.

Being in a flight for a long period of time makes it irritating, and then there is a need of beautiful places with yummy food to compensate for your tiredness. But it is annoying to carry your luggage wherever you go. So, go for LAX luggage storage facility.

In LAX luggage storage, you have to pay about $10-$15 per day per piece, and they also charge individual fees of $5 per bag. The LAX storage facility has the capacity and the security to hold and secure your luggage. So, it is quite natural for you to visit the city and LAX will store your bag.

Now let’s see the list of restaurants where you can find all the delicious food.

  • »Zam Zam Market

Zam Zam Market is a local favorite that serves Pakistani favorites like chicken biryani that is full of spice and redolent, and kebabs down the street.

  • »Fishing With Dynamite

This is a tiny seafood spot in Manhattan Beach. This spot is the ideal place for you, especially if you want to have Prosecco and the Peruvian scallops. Have fun with your friends in Fishing with Dynamite. You can’t walk away from the ambiance and delicious food.

  • »Jame Enoteca

Soothing environment, peaceful time!!!

Who doesn’t want it…?

Having traditional Italian food after a hectic flight is the best feeling. The best food here is pasta with the modern Californian twist.

Located at a distance of 10 minutes, here is the address have a flavor of Italian and delicious food with an exceptional guest experience

Address: 241 Main St., El Segundo

  • »In-n-out-Burger

Cheese is just the love for all. Who doesn’t like having the pleasure of cheesy burgers? This restaurant offers you simple cheeseburgers. Wondering why it is so famous? Why are people crazy about it? Do try this burger with the pleasure of fresh cheese in your mouth.

  • »Phanny’s

Boring early morning flight and after that, it’s time to have coffee. Phanny’ provides you the best breakfast.

The coffee filled with carne asada, the power booster.

  • »Otafuku Noodle House

When it turns out to be a terrible day; there is a need for soba noodles. This place gives just a decent in-house feel.

  • »Al-Noor

The best late-night dinner and a Subway for you inside a gas station. This place is the best traditional family-owned spot where you can have the Indian taste of tikka masala, saag paneer, and the best garlic naan just like you’ve ever eaten.

  • »Coni’Seafood

After a long flight, Coni’Seafood is perfect for having a long lunch. The exotic flavors of Mexican seafood and washing it down with shrimp.

Just feel the vacation mood in coni’seafood.

  • »Aliki’s Greek tavern

You will find excellent Greek food at an affordable price. Aliki is a great place if you want to have dinner. This place has a passive menu. But here the best option is Greek salad with lamb gyro.

  • »The Tripel

Delayed flights and long checkouts are a headache.

And after that, you need a healthy cold drink and some food to power up your body again. Then, the Tripel in Playa Del Rey is your real destination. It is a place with an open table with a fantastic craft beer and burger and fries is just your requirement.

  • »ASAP Phorage

ASAP Phorage is the Vietnamese café that will make you feel good. They provide excellent customer service, and you will love to go back.

  • »Cinco

Just want the robust food menu after an evening flight?

Happy time begins when you enter the restaurant. Here you get all the Mexican food like chicken mole, ceviche, and tinga taquitos that you will never forget.

  • »Romanista

This is a simple place with few seats, but you can enjoy roman style pizza with Italian toppings. Isn’t it yummy?

Have a peaceful time here at Romanista.

  • »Front Page

Great Jamaican food at this tiny, family-run place located in Inglewood. Enjoy the menu along with a lot of long-time no see talks with your friend.

  • »Playa Provisions

Coffee after early morning flight is the need.

Playa Provisions is a large restaurant with good spicy breakfast options and excellent coffee as well. Sit and relax with fresh winds as this spot is in the middle of the forest.

  • »Two guns kitchen

Breakfast, being the highest priority of two guns kitchen, they serve you delicious breakfast. This is a New Zealand based cafe, and you will find French toast, salom bagels, and much more yummy food in the morning.

  • »Pann’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Old pan shop since the 50s, right in the middle of the city adds the flavor to your way.

This place is not a vibrant, classy restaurant but yes, since so many years maintain its taste, it has best pulp fiction.


Food is the first thought that comes to your mind when you go out of the airport; the area around LAX is full of yummy foods around. From Thai to Mexican, all tastes are available here.

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