Increasing Leads and Sales Through a Remarketing Campaign

Internet marketing is a data-driven approach to targeting a specific audience. In the context of remarketing, data plays an even more integral role in identifying marketing campaigns that have become effective in attracting customers in the past. These depend on web cookies, which are basically crumbs that you leave when you visit websites. Good marketers follow these crumbs to understand a web user’s behavior on the Internet.

But really great marketers do more. They invest inarchiving system software that permanently preserves their websites and social media content. This content can be accessed as if they are still live. It gives marketers the information they need to understand what campaigns worked in the past and how to rework these campaigns.

Remarketing to People Already Familiar with Your Brand

There is a reason remarketing is one of the most successful strategies for businesses. You don’t need to raise brand awareness. People you are remarketing to are already aware of your brand. They know what you offer. They didn’t continue with the purchase because of many reasons, but disinterest is probably not one of the reasons.

Here’s a statistic to remember about remarketing: Customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert. You can build a more tempting campaign after you have identified your audience. For example, you notice that a certain percentage of your customers have abandoned their shopping carts after they have reached the part about shipping charges.

So the reason they aren’t pushing through with their purchases is that they don’t want to spend too much money on shipping fees. Take a look at your charges. Are they reasonable? Can’t you find another courier that can lower the fees? Once you find a solution to this predicament, you can create a campaign that targets people who have left your website after seeing the exorbitant shipping fees. After you have reduced or cut the shipping charges, what’s going to stop them from making a purchase?

Selling to Current Customers

You should have a list of your existing customers. These are the same people who will most probably make another purchase from your company. Make them feel special by offering a new discount or promotion to them. Make them the first ones to receive notification about these promotions. Give them a heads-up so that they will feel that their loyalty is being rewarded, too.

Remarking to current customers isn’t as hard as retargeting those who had a slight interaction with your brand. With your current customers, you have to make offers depending on what type of transactions they had with you previously. You have an idea of the items and services they have purchased. That gives you enough data to make an offer they cannot resist.

Remarketing is a smart investment that has an almost sure return. You just need to be careful about analyzing the data and segmenting your audience. The best results come from a thoroughunderstanding of your marketand what they expect to get from your company.

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