How to plan a golf trip to Portugal

When it comes to golf courses, Portugal indeed is the best place for it. The country’s all-year-round wonderful weather, and a long history with golf (since the sixties) makes it worth a shot. Portugal is home to more than 80 golf courses and of course all of them are world-class. Today, Morgado Golf Course, one of the longest golf courses in the Algarve region and a pleasing attraction to players, is now catching global attention.

So, in brief, a golf trip to Portugal won’t disappoint you at any cost. Now that you know the most popular destination to make a visit let’s move on to “how can you plan a golf trip to Portugal.”

Plan the location

Portugal is not a small place. So, it’s important to first decide where you want to be. There are numerous golf courses and many wonderful spots with breathtaking views. So, it would be better if you decide which part you want to visit. Talk to travel agents or try searching online or maybe consult a friend who has been there before.

Well, in our opinion, if you want to spend most of your time playing golf, then the Algarve will be best for you. It has most of the numbers of golf courses with pretty good facilities, including wonderful resorts. However, there are many popular cities that you can choose based on your interest, for example, if you are interested in learning about the history, then you would want to choose Lisbon, and if you are into wonderful views, then Madeira will be perfect for you.

Plan your calendar

After being sure about where you want to visit, be sure at what time of the year you want to visit. Of course, as we mentioned above, there are plenty of golf courses, and you can be there all year round, but it can be a bit crowded at times. So, it’s better to check your calendar.

Schedule your events

Planning your visits prior to your landing can be a good option, especially if it’s your first visit. Checking and comparing which resort nearby will make your trip easy and will save your time there too. After all, you won’t stay on the golf course all day long. So, these activities will keep you entertained when you’re not on the course. Now the next part for you to decide is whether you want to take your club along or not. Trust me; you need to think about it very carefully, as it too has its own perks and cons.

Get in touch with travel agencies

It is always better to know about the place you’re visiting unless you are way too adventurous. So, talk to local travel agencies or tour guides and gain as much information as you can. The internet, of course will be an option for you always, but the travel agencies and local people have much more practical knowledge as compared to the info available online. So, get on your work and ask around.

Plan your budget

Another important aspect to keep in mind is your budget. You need to choose whether you’d like to travel on your own or have a packaged golf deal. Again, both have their pros and cons. When it comes to the packaged deal, try comparing prices at different operators before booking it online.

However, if you’re visiting Portugal for the first, a packaged deal will be a better option for you, especially if you’re are with your family. That sure will make things easy and budget-efficient.

Last and the very important part is to plan well. It’s always good to plan things beforehand. Check about the local weather there and undulation of course and many such tiny things.

To conclude, if you follow the above tips, it will be of great help to you while managing your tour. Once you’re done following all these, you’re all ready to set on your wonderful golf trip to Portugal.

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