4 Useful Tips When You’re Planning a Visit to Norway

Norway is a spectacular and memorable place to visit, and it rightly features on top for many people’s bucket lists of destinations to explore. The country has its own unique charms and quirks though, so it’s helpful to keep a few points in mind when planning a trip there. 

Read on for some useful pointers to consider when you’re planning a visit to Norway.

Norway is an increasingly cash-less society

Norway’s currency is the Norwegian Krone, not the Euro, as you might expect when heading to a European country. And while there are numerous ATMs around on most city and town streets, increasingly, you will probably find that you don’t need to handle much cash there at all.

There is no tipping culture in Norway, so don’t expect to add a tip to your bill in restaurants or cafes, or when exiting a taxi. Even paying for a cup of coffee is usually done via card, making it much easier to shop and get around in the country.

It can get cold throughout the year

While Norway does have some fantastic summer weather, with long stretches of sunshine and beautiful bright days, the country’s climate is, in general, a lot milder than other European destinations. That means you should pack plenty of practical clothing to cope with a variety of weather conditions, even if you are travelling during the summer season.

Expect rain, sun, and even some strong winds. Warm and weatherproof layers as well as good hiking boots are a worthwhile investment, especially if you plan to explore the great outdoors when visiting.

It has some stunning natural scenery

One of the main highlights of a Baltic cruise is getting to witness the dramatic Norwegian landscape up close and personal, and the country’s natural scenery really is a sight worth seeing. From deep and clear fjords running with icy cold waters to the striking valley, cliffs, and waterfalls around the country’s mountainous regions, it’s hard not to have your breath taken away.

Leave plenty of time to get outside and take in as much of the country’s scenery as you can, whatever the weather or time of year. It’s a sight that you definitely will not want to miss.

You can feel completely safe 

If you’re traveling to Norway and have never been there before, one of the most reassuring things to know is that it is one of the safest countries you could hope to visit. English is widely and well-spoken all over the country, making it relatively easy to communicate and get around all over.

While popular tourist spots can naturally get a little busier, and mean you should take the usual precautions, overall, you will find the country to be a safe and welcoming society. If you’re planning to explore on your own, you can do so here in the utmost confidence, and know that you will have a wonderful and safe time while you’re there.

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