5 Great Places to Live in the UK (Outside London)


The UK has so much to offer outside of it’s famous capital of London, and in recent years, many people have decided to flee the capital in favour of other popular cities up and down the British Isles.

The country is beautiful and it offers a myriad of opportunities, and so no wonder you might be one of those considering moving away from the expensive living and housing costs in London, for a more relaxed and low cost life elsewhere.

Any move or relocation calls for a great deal of thought and planning. One of the major decisions is obviously choosing which city might be the best option. The following are 5 great places to live in the UK outside of London, that have so much to offer.

Check out why each of them offers you a unique opportunity to start a new life!

1. Sunderland

Sunderland is a lovely place, and it ranks among the top cities in the UK where one could easily settle down.

First of all, Sunderland is a city which is easily accessible. One should notice that Sunderland can pride itself on a very good transport system. There are a variety of efficient transportation methods you can use in Sunderland, including the metro, train, and buses.

Sunderland is known to offer a nice range of affordable, yet high quality homes. This region is also great when it comes to the relatively low cost of living. According to statistics the average property price in Sunderland is around £120,000, while commuting costs are around £1,500 per year. As a result, Sunderland makes for a great place where one can live, raise a family, and work.

It is also worth mentioning that the region is really nice, since Sunderland is situated right at the mouth of the River Wear. Crime rates are low and in fact Sunderland is considered to be one of the safest places in the UK.

2. Leeds

Leeds is a city which can be described as being prosperous and fast growing. In fact with a population of around 760,000, Leeds is quite a big city. Those who are considering moving to Leeds permanently will surely be happy with the fact that there are good work prospects in this city. It is also worth mentioning that the average property prices in Leeds are quite affordable, at around £165,000.

Commuting costs are reasonable, and despite the fact that Leeds is a big city, it is easy to find your way around. There are various nice areas in Leeds which will easily attract anyone to move there. Some of the best places to live in Leeds include the suburb of Horsforth which is very well connected, as well as Bramhope, Otley, Alwoodley and Roundhay.

Nightlife in Leeds is great as there are many clubs and bars, and there is also a great variety of shopping arcades one can shop at, as well as the famous Leeds City Markets. The city is surrounded by beautiful Yorkshire countryside, and one cannot forget to mention the Roundhay Park which is one of the biggest city parks in Europe.

3. Chelmsford

Chelmsford is a highly favoured city because of its close proximity to London. This is undeniably one of the main advantages of settling in in Chelmsford.

It is also worth noting that living here does not involve such a high cost of living and transport is efficient. Chelmsford is generally regarded to be a safe place to live in as the crime rate is relatively low.

As you plan to relocate and seek the services of a Chelmsford moving company, make sure to consider some important aspects, such as whether the company offers long distance removals, as well as its reputation and credentials.

4. Bristol

Bristol is a relatively large city, which is known for its culture as well as its music scene.

If you are the kind of person who places importance on such aspects then there is no doubt that Bristol is the city for you. Bristol also prides itself as offering impressive business quarters as well as being a hub for creative and digitally oriented people.

Apart from that, Bristol also offers a variety of properties to choose from. Having said that though property prices are a bit more costly than what you will find in other cities. Commuting costs however are quite affordable and there are great transport links.

5. Oxford

Oxford is commonly chosen as a great city to live in in the UK. It is in fact one of the top cities to live in as well as to find work. Job security and a good work life balance can be found in Oxford. There are also good opportunities for entrepreneurship, and the economic wellbeing is regarded as being positive.

Oxford also offers some great housing options which are surprisingly quite affordable. Transport in this city is also good.

There are various excellent schools as well as medical facilities in Oxford, making it an ideal place to settle down with a family. The shopping, entertainment and lovely countryside surrounding it also offer a great deal for everyone and anyone!


These five cities have consistently ranked as being in the top UK cities to live and work. They  each offer a lot in terms of opportunities as well as a pleasant environment. So if you’re thinking of moving out of London, One of these great locations could be worth considering.

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