How To Plan a Beach Vacation In The Philippines

No tour package to South West Asia can be complete without including Philippines in the itinerary. Yes, this is what travelers have to say who have been to the Philippines because many of them have returned to the islands time and again. Touring the paradise on earth which is a loving moniker for the huge archipelago that consists of more than 7,000 islands have left tourists in awe because nowhere else on earth they would find such huge biodiversity.

Although Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are the top contenders for attracting tourists, the Philippines is not far behind considering that tourism is the mainstay of the economy of the country. If you have not been to the fun beaches in The Philippines make sure that you be there next time and engage in some of the activities below.

Island hopping throughout the day

It is all about islands and beaches in the Philippines which is no wonder why island hopping tops the chart of activities for tourists. Here you will find the most magnificent beaches in the world which make island hopping almost mandatory so that you can lap up its beauty to the fullest. The stunning lagoons inhabited by sea creatures and curious fishes are the biggest attraction of the beaches, and the surprise and pleasure of discovering new things seem almost endless. Snorkeling and scuba diving becomes a necessity to get the most from the tour.

Whale sharks are your companion

For having a thrilling experience of swimming with the biggest shark, you must be at Donsol located in the coastal province of Sorsogon. The sight of the huge creatures that can measure up to a school bus might be somewhat unnerving and scary, but its looks defy its behavior. Surprising as it may sound but true that the giant fishes are herbivores as it feeds on the small microscopic organism plankton that floats in the water. Swimming with whale sharks is an experience that you must not miss when touring Philippines.

Ziplining in El Nido

Known as the last frontier of Philippines, El Nido in Palawan is the perfect gateway to wild adventure. The breathtaking views of the white powdery beaches and crystal clear water are so attractive that tourists just cannot afford to miss it. It is a favorite place for divers who are engrossed with the marine richness of coral and sea creatures of varied species including whale sharks, manta rays, sea cows, endangered turtles, and dolphins. For a bird’s eye view of the huge natural treasures, tourists can have a splendid time ziplining along a 750-meter zip line.

Kayaking in the lagoons of El Nido

It is a discovery of sorts to land upon the El Nido Secret Lagoon tucked away amidst a rocky cave, and it is one of the hidden treasures for tourists. Kayaking on the crystal blue waters surrounded by intricate rock formations gives you the utmost pleasure of treading into a virgin area where nature is still at its purest best.

Discovering some hidden caves as you sail along the waters provides unmatched excitement that lingers for many years.



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