City Of Culture: What To See, Do, Eat In Pecs?

When traveling to Hungary, most of the people usually choose to visit Budapest instead of other cities in the country. The city split in two by the Danube, the thermal baths and the food that you can find there make the tourists forget about the beauty of discovering other sides of Hungary as well and spend most of the time, if not all of it, only in Budapest. However, since Hungary is a country with an interesting history, breathtaking countryside places, and fascinating culture, you need to broaden your horizons and see beyond the amazing, yet incredibly touristic capital.

One of the most worth-visiting cities that Hungary has to offer is Pecs, a city located next to the Croatian border, which has been selected in 2010 to be the European Capital of Culture because of the beauty, culture and amazing places that can be found there. After the year when Pecs has had this famous title, various improvements and beautifying projects took place there that made the city a place that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Only three hours away by train from Budapest, Pecs has an amazing and rich cultural scene that is bringing more and more tourists each year to discover its beauty and the historical combined together with the modern atmosphere.

Know the currency of the country

Before you go to Hungary, no matter which city you choose to visit, you need to know that the currency if the country is Hungarian forint. You do not have to worry about whether you should exchange money before going to Pecs or not because you are going to find there many ATMs from which you can easily withdrawal money in the local currency and many exchange places that offer you good exchanging rates. Moreover, paying by card is also possible there in most of the places.

Find a suitable accommodation

Finding the most suitable accommodation is surely something that you need to consider before going there. Pecs has many places that you need to visit during your holiday, which is why depending which are the main attractions that you are interested in exploring, you should visit and get all the guidance that you need and the best offers for accommodation in Pecs.

Visit Pecs Cathedral

The foundations of the Pecs Cathedral which are from the Roman period, in the fourth century, are going to take you back in time in an incredible experience. The Cathedral is a religious building of the Catholic church and serves as the cathedral of the Diocese of Pecs and it is also known as the St. Peter and St. Paul Basilica. Apart from the fact that it is a great value of the Hungarian culture, visiting the Cathedral will give you the opportunity to admire the unique medieval architecture and sculptural fragments which have a strong Italian, German, and French cultural influence in that region. The four 60 meters tours make the Cathedral one of the most impressive buildings in Pecs.

Have fun on Kiraly street

Kiraly street is the most beautiful pedestrian area in Pecs, located in the heart of the city. The amazing contrast that can be observed there make it incredibly famous. There are many baroque-styled buildings together with fashionable shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes. Being close to various main attraction such as National Theatre, a former monastery, and the famous Art-Noveau-styled Palatinus Hotel, makes the street to be one of the most visited areas from the city. Moreover, on Kiraly Street, there are to be found many places where party-loving people, mostly students, can have a lot of fun such as bars and clubs that ensure the best nightlife in Pecs.

Try the Hungarian cuisine

Like any other city in Hungary, Pecs is also offering a various choice when it comes to places where you can try the delicious Hungarian cuisine. Apart from the famous goulash, you absolutely need to try all the other amazing traditional and modern dishes that will make you fall in love with the cooking skills that Hungarians have. The Hungarian cuisine is famous for using many spices and fresh seasonal vegetables for a unique and delicious flavor of the food. No matter what are your preferences, you will be able to find the perfect restaurant in Pecs because there are many fancy places, modern and cozy ones.

Listen to the music at Kodaly concert Hall

One of the most astonishing improvements that have been made in Pecs after being selected as the European Capital of Culture is the spectacular Kodaly Concert Hall which has been claimed to be one of the most famous music venues in Hungary. The technological and musical advancement made the building embrace the modern musical culture and combine it with the traditional one. From opera to pop, the Kodaly Concert Hall hosts numerous events that attract many tourists. The building is able to hold three major events at once, including music events and conferences.

Visit the museums

The various number and the wide variety of museums and art galleries have made Pecs be known as a city of culture. If you are interested in gaining more knowledge and finding out interesting facts about the history and culture of Hungary, Pecs is the best place for you to be able to do it. The vivacious cultural scene is going to make you fall in love with the city, Hungarian culture and its fascinating historical stories that you can see, feel and hear in all the museums. The most popular places that you need to visit for a touch of art and history are the Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art, the Vasarely Museum, the Pecsi Gallery, and Csontvary Museum.

If you are a person that appreciates refined things such as art, culture and high-quality wine with a delightful taste, Pecs is the right place for you to visit in your next vacation. The city has all that it takes for you to have plenty of experiences that will satisfy your interests completely.

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