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Digital Marketing: 8 Things You Should Know

Living in this digital age has shown brands the value of having a clear digital marketing strategy. Even commercial advertisers know the power of eye appeal and giving products much needed exposure using various digital platforms, such as Instagram, WordPress, YouTube, and Facebook, among others is a vital part of making a successful business. After […]

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How To Enjoy A Holiday Trip With Your Friends

Travelling has always been a fun thing to do, especially if it’s with people you love, your close friends being among them. A well-planned trip with your friends is a great way to build your memories and have fun. Imagine going to your favorite destination and getting the best out of it? Amazing right? However, […]

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How To Get Your Money Back If Your Holiday Has Been Cancelled

Cancelled Holidays: What can you do? Your holiday should be something you look forward to a way to escape modern life and get some much-needed relaxation or adventure. However, sometimes the worse happens. Perhaps your flight or accommodation gets canceled or you become stranded abroad. Creditfix will tell you all you need to know about […]

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Five Steps You Can Take to Cut Your Fleet’s Carbon Emissions Right Now

Our global environmental future has never seemed more uncertain. In the UK alone, worsening air quality is becoming the top risk to public health. If your business operates a vehicle fleet, you have the chance to make a significant impact on the initiative for a sustainable future. The following methods will help you lower carbon […]

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Four Keys to Successfully Run Your Small Business as a Digital Nomad

These days, a growing number of employees are looking for work that allows them to enjoy the so-called digital nomad lifestyle. But what if you have a great business idea and would rather be your boss – is it possible to operate a business entirely from home or on-the-go? Here’s a look at four things […]

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7 Habits To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Have you ever thought about how much time office workers spend in front of screens? Per a study in 2018, that number amounts to a total of 1,700 hours in one year. Broken down further, that’s about six and a half hours spent per day in front of computers or laptops. Note that these are only […]

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