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What makes Ohio every hunter’s go-to destination for prized whitetails?

It was not too long ago that Ohio did not even make it to the top ten states housing big whitetails. Things are changing and fast. Ohio is now one of the prime destinations for the deer hunters and other hunting enthusiasts. It is home to over 600 whitetail deer at the moment. The rapid increase in number was possible due to the one-antlered deer per hunter regulations in Ohio. It has helped in reinstating the buck to doe ratio, and that has been attracting hunters from all across the country during the open season.

Ohio hunting regulations allow the hunters to harvest only one antlered specimen per year. Many states allow the hunters to harvest two or more. That has led to a rapid decline in their buck to doe ratios, and that does not let their antlered deer population reach maturity either. Ohio hunters have to align their goals with the state hunting regulations. Therefore, it is in their interest to wait and aim for the best whitetail in the hunting grounds, rather than shoot whatever they spot first. That not only helps conserve the whitetail population for the next season, but it also helps hone a hunter’s skills.

What’s so special about hunting whitetails in Ohio?

Today, Ohio sports one of the longest deer hunting seasons among all 50 states. The bow season begins in late September and continues till February. Gun season starts in late November and continues till med-December. If you want to make the best of these open seasons, you need to speak to a reputable and experienced deer hunting guides in Ohio. Check out Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunts for more details on the open season for 2019. It is always smart to plan. It will give you time to purchase or rent hunting gear if you do not already have everything in your possession. Any veteran hunter would like to complete their preparation weeks before whitetail hunting season opens in the state.

Why do hunters in Ohio have such a high success rate?

According to the hunting rules and regulations in Ohio, one has to have a hunting permit or license along with a deer permit. Residents typically have to spend significantly lesser than non-residents of Ohio for acquiring valid hunting licenses and deer hunting permits. The process might take some time, but hunters from other states still prefer hunting in Ohio due to the cheaper rates of hunting. Ohio has a glorious of whitetail hunting and statistics predict that any hunter, whether veteran or amateur, will have a good chance of harvesting a splendid specimen while hunting in Ohio.

Here are a few stats that back this claim up –

In the 2017-18 season, Ohio hunters managed to hunt some of the most impressive whitetails. Working in cooperation with a deer outfitter with enough experience increase the chances of hunting monster whitetails that can break all harvest records.

Crossbow – 218 6/8" (NT), 194 3/8" (T)

Longbow – 237 5/8" (NT), 182 4/8" (T)

Shotgun – 234 1/8" (NT), 184 3/8" (T)

Revolver – 166 6/8" (T)

Muzzleloader – 240 0/8" (NT), 185 5/8" (T)

Straight Wall Rifle Cartridge – 194 0/8" (NT), 157 6/8" (T)

In this chart, NT represents non-typical and T represents typical.

What makes Ohio the best whitetail hunting state?

The terrains are ideal for the breeding and sustenance of whitetails, and that makes Ohio heaven for hunters. Apart from the agricultural lands, much of Ohio is still oak and hickory forests. The agrarian areas intersperse the woods to create just enough clearing for the whitetails to graze, and the hunters to spot them. Hunting in the natural terrain of Ohio is thrilling for every hunter. That is one of the reasons there are so many repeat visitors every year from every corner of the country.

The natural habitat of Ohio is a product of intensive care and work on the part of the deer outfitters, landowners, agriculturists, and hunters. With joint effort, they have finally turned Ohio into one of the most rewarding whitetail deer hunting grounds. Selective harvest regulations, along with bag limits, have significantly helped in strengthening the deer population in the area. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has been working relentlessly for years to uphold the interest of the wildlife before the hunters. That has enabled Ohio to become of the best whitetail hunting states in 2019.

Why do hunters need to find deer outfitters in Ohio?

The other challenge many hunters face is finding public hunting ground. 95% of the terrain you see in front of you is private property. Therefore, finding fertile hunting grounds almost always mean approaching a private owner or hunting outfitter to get proper hunting opportunities. It is imperative that you meet with an outfitter, who not only abides by the state rules and regulations on deer hunting but also helps you find the prized antler you have dreamt about your whole life. Since you need to follow the one-antlered deer per hunter policy, it is in your best interest to work with the best outfitter in town. Check their previous records and client testimonials to find out how many prized harvests they have guided in the last season.

Working with professional outfitters, who know the terrain like the back of their hand, will increase your chances to bag the finest antlered specimen this year. Check for both open-range and estate hunting seasons. Ask your outfitter questions about the services they offer, gears they lend to the hunters and type of on-field guidance they provide. A deer outfitter worth their salt will always try to answer all your questions satisfactorily. If you are not the outdoor camping type, make sure that your outfitter offers modern living amenities with running water and food during your stay. The hunting season in Ohio is busier than you think, so it is better to make your inquiries about licenses, permits, and accommodations as soon as possible!

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