Travel the World by Visiting These Ethnic Neighborhoods in Queens

Anyone who travels at all knows that New York City is known for its cultural diversity. In fact, you can find a small version of almost every nation in the world somewhere in this great city. However, not everyone realizes that Queens contributes much to this miniature globe.

The following recommendations are only a few of the many neighborhoods that have considerable culture to offer. When visiting these neighborhoods in Queens, look for hotels close by so that you can experience their settings. Make sure that you bring both your wallet and your appetite because you won’t want to miss out on all the ethnic goods and foods.

Chinatown, Flushing, Queens

Image via Flickr by terryballard

Of course this Chinatown isn’t the only Chinatown that you will find in the Big Apple. However, it is the second largest Chinatown in New York City, smaller only to the one in Manhattan. The Chinatown in Queens includes many cultures, such as American, Irish, and Indian. Yet, if it is Chinese culture that you’re after, this neighborhood will not leave you wanting for more.

As you explore the neighborhood, you’ll find everything from specialized bookstores to bubble tea cafes and authentic furniture shops. Several herbal shops and pop culture vendors can be found here, leaving everyone with something unique. While you do your shopping, you will find a myriad of enticing places to eat both snacks and meals. Many of the restaurants center around authentic seafood, but some vegetarian choices are available. If you’re more of a snack-and-shop person, many alluring bakeries fill that need as well.

Little India, Jackson Heights, Queens

While many cities across the United States boast their own Indian cuisine offerings, it doesn’t quite compare to the Indian food you will taste in Little India. This neighborhood has a high proportion of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi individuals who know their spices and cooking techniques.

However, their cultural expertise doesn’t stop there. In Little India, you’ll also discover a large market for Bollywood movies, fine textiles, and jewelry that you truthfully won’t find anywhere else. Spend the day shopping at the neighborhood’s fine goods market, and when you have shopped up an appetite, follow your nose to the delicious food.

Little Guyana, Richmond Hills, Queens

The country of Guyana consists of a mixture of several cultures, as most of its population is a variety of Indian and Afro-Caribbean individuals. Queens has fully embraced this diversity, and the Guyanese have quickly become the fifth-largest group of immigrants in the city. In the neighborhood of Little Guyana, you will find a vast mixture of extraordinary clothes and spices. Additionally, Little Guyana hosts a number of bakeries and restaurants that you have to try while you’re in the area.

While the above list of neighborhoods certainly includes some of the must-visit locations in Queens, you’ll find many others. Get started with one, or three, of the locations listed above, then keep going. You are sure to get your fill of culture in Queens.

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