Luggage Set Reviews: Where And How To Find The Best Luggages

Luggage sets are designed to make it easier to find everything you need without shopping around for respective pieces. If you choose the right one, you would get everything in one piece. These luggage sets are generally available for entry level luggage, although some high-end pieces might also be available in sets.

Buying luggage sets can save your money instead of buying individual pieces, as they are less expensive when purchased together. If you buy respective pieces, it would cost you more. Luggage sets range from two set cases to eight or more. Some of the features of these sets is such that it cannot be purchased alone.

Luggage Basics

Before buying luggage sets, you should understand the basic purpose of it.

  • »Purpose of Luggage: You must decide the purpose of the luggage set and how you will use it. For instance, luggage for airplane travel has certain rules and restrictions you need to adhere. If you are buying luggage for road trips, choose pliable bags to maximize trunk size. For a cruise, always opt for rigid and flat luggage.
  • »Storage Considerations: Before buying luggage sets, consider having storage space for the same. While hard-sided luggage’s are unforgiving, soft-sided ones are better. You cannot squeeze hard luggage sets into any storage space, but the soft sided ones are easier to store.
  • »Size: Size matters when it comes to luggage sets. This depends mainly on the length of your trip, flying restrictions, and other important factors. It also depends on habits and preferences.

Luggage Set Reviews: How important is it?

Once you plan to buy luggage sets, it is crucial to read some reviews. Only after taking reviews of various products can you find out the best one for your needs. So, where should you look out for reviews?

There are only a few places where you can find genuine reviews from users. Usually, user testimonials and reviews are far more practical compared to expert reviews. Therefore, here are your options:

  • »Visit Review Websites: There are plenty of websites online that provide a genuine review of luggage sets. You can check out some of those websites like my travel luggage to know more about different brands, different types of luggage sets, sizes etc.
  • »Travelers Blogs: Travelers blogs often have genuine reviews of luggage sets. As you Google, you can come across plenty of such blogs with genuine reviews from avid travelers. These websites entail a detailed review of luggage sets and performance in tough terrain or locality.
  • »Amazon: Amazon user reviews are trusted all over the world. You can also find a wide variety of luggage sets in Amazon with user ratings, reviews, and a detailed guide. In fact, Amazon is the only marketplace where you can find not just one but more than hundreds of reviews of the same product. It is the best way to decide what you want. Choose luggage sets wisely, as these are likely to last a lifetime.

DIY Tips to Fix Luggage Sets and Handles

Luggage disasters can happen to anyone in midair, during train journey, or on a trip. From holes in bags to handles falling apart, these problems are daily nuances of life. While luggage sets, suitcases, and bags can be expensive, you must know how to fix these minor problems with finesse and ease.

Holes and Worn Suitcase Handle

Whenever you see a single hole in a luggage, expect a few more. Therefore, it is best to take a close look at the bag to find some more holes. To fix holes, you can sew it with dental floss quickly and use a duct tape to finish the job.

Handle Issues

If the handle is worn out or stuck, you have to be more careful. Sometimes, luggage handles may be stuck in extended position. In such cases, the handle does not push back into the bag’s body. Although the issue seems to be grave, it is not. It is, rather, a common issue. Reasons could be many, but here are two noticeable reasons for handle problems:

  • »The shaft located inside the bag was bent and retractable rod did not go back down
  • »The button on handle did not connect with the trigger mechanism to lower rods

Fixing the second issue on your own is much easier than the first one. In order to find out the triggering mechanism on the bag, you have to remove the bag’s handle. The handle has a set of multiple screws, which you have to remove.

Push the handle piece down to see if it moves freely. If it does, probably the triggering mechanism has failed. Usually, one side breaks and you can identify it by the side sticking out.

However, if the handle does not go down, the tube may be affected. You may have to grease the pole and see if it slides easily. Nevertheless, you must remember that none of these methods is permanent.

The Second Way

Another way to fix luggage handles is by realigning the release rods. Most of the wheeled suitcases and carry-on-bags have handles attached to the case through two telescopic metal tubes. This mechanism is a culprit, prone to failure. It leaves you with luggage handle that does not retract or extend. Luckily, it is quite easy to fix it:

  • »Take two small screwdrivers and remove the screws on the handle
  • »Look deep into the two exposed ends of the tubes. You can see hollow thin metal rods. These rods are meant to transfer movement of the release button on the luggage handle down the telescopic rods for lock and release mechanism
  • »Grab one end of the release rod and lift it out of that tube by at least 20 cm. Take the free handle piece and depress the button
  • »Now, look into the open end of handles and, you should see small holes fitting the end of release rods. Push the rods firmly back into the hole fitting the end of release rods. You have to push the rod firmly back into the hole. Hold the rod in place and repeat this process for the rod in the next tube
  • »Hold both rods in place in the handle section lowering the assembly back onto the tubes. Secure it in position with screws you had removed in the first step. It works!

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